What things you need to have in it for Preparing a Car Cleaning Kit?

Preparing a Car Cleaning Kit:

Taking your car to an outlet every weekend is not convenient for everyone so, the other way out is to maintain the car perfectly clean with your personal car cleaning kit. Check out the below listed must-have products to complete your cleaning kit and keep your car clean, maintained and organized.

A car is an asset that is frequently used and is more prone to any external and internal damage and dirt. No matter how busy schedule you have, maintaining your car is a demand and you need to fulfill it. A clean car is an important status symbol so keeping it clean makes a good sense. If you are regularly cleaning your car and maintaining it, you will get a good resale value of your car. Taking the car regularly at car wash outlet can affect the paint of the car, so in between regular schedule you can clean your car by yourself but conditions applied. A DIY cleaning kit for a car can help you out with cleaning chores and accommodating the products at one place. This blog presents must-have items that you need in your car cleaning kit.

Must-have things for your car cleaning kit:

  1. Bucket:


Must-Have Things

It might appear obvious but a clean bucket is very important for washing the car. It not only helps in washing the car but even accommodating other cleaning products when not in use. Using bucket in place water pipes helps you water consumptions. Always prefer to have two buckets, one for washing mitts and the other one for holding water.

  1. Car Shampoo:

people often possess a misconception that cleaning process is restricted to soaps. Soaps are often considered as the best cleaning agent but when it comes to car cleaning, it might not be a suitable option. Car shampoo is the alternative of soap and using shampoo safe to use on the car body. Car shampoo is designed especially for cleaning the exterior part of the car. The shampoo composition is friendly to clear car coating. Strongly resist the urge to use any soap or other product for cleaning your car.

  1. Hose Nozzle:

Having a hose for cleaning your car is a wise decision and is an ideal method. Give your hose some cleaning power using a power wand or fire hose nozzle. A properly working jet spray will help in getting your car washed, rinsed and cleaned with perfection.

  1. Grit Guard:

Car Cleaning Kit

Grit Guard

A grit guard is a plastic screen to put in soap bucket. Scrub the sponge against plastic for removing grit and dirt which might bring scratch to the exterior surface of the car if the sponge is used for the next time while washing it. Some bucket which is mainly designed for car washing turn up with in-built grit guard. So, you have different options like a bucket with in-built grit guard or you can simply get grit guard and add it to the bucket. Using the grit guard will help you in cleaning your car safely and keeping sponge clean of any dirt.

  1. Washing Mitt:

If you really want to take care of the car and preserve the car paint then you need to have a clean and quality washing mitt. A soft and spongy mitt will hold enough of soap or shampoo and will easily glide on the exterior of the car and car paint. Remove your dull, old towel and exchange them for a professional mitt to enhance the quality of car cleaning.

  1. Wheel Brush:

car cleaning kit

Wheel Brush

A rim and wheel brush will bring a big difference in ways of cleaning the wheel of your car. This wheel brush will permit you in getting the dust, dirt, and mud out of the hardest corners of wheels which is difficult to reach.

  1. Tire Shine:

No matter how clean your car is, if your tires are not clean you can never achieve complete shine of car. A little tire shine will bring freshness to the cleaned car. Tire shine product will help you in making your wheel and tires new again and along with bringing protection.

  1. Car Wax

Car wax is essential if you are demanding a truly polished car. After the car is waxed properly, you will definitely love the shine of your car. In car cleaning market, there are car cleaning shampoos which contain waxes that maintains the shine of car coating. Before going for car waxing, always prefer to do research work so as to get information about the best product.

  1. Microfiber towels:

car cleaning kit

Microfiber Towels

Once you are done with the car cleaning task, don’t leave your car wet as it will leave marks and patches over the surface of the car. For a spot-free car cleaning, always take care of the drying process after rinsing the car surface. Microfiber towels are a perfect tool for drying. The best part of using microfiber is its super softness will prevent car surface from any sort of scratches. The fiber of towel act as superabsorbent helping in the removal of excessive water.

  1. Glass cleaner:

Wipes for window cleaning can be handy for cleaning the windows of the car from both sides (exterior and interior). But for better and thorough cleaning, it is always a good idea to avail window cleaner with the anti-glare feature. There is even window treatment which you can add up after washing as this will help water beading up on car window and roll down along with grime.

  1. Dust Buster:

If you are preparing a self-contained car cleaning kit for your car, then add a small dust buster vacuum. It is a must-have item for completing your personal car cleaning kit for car cleaning process. Using a vacuum, you can easily clean the carpet, seats and other upholstery and keep your car completely clean by freeing up the dust and crumbs.

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