Types of Car Wash Services in DELHI NCR

Car wash like self-served, at-home or automatic, is a facility which is used for cleaning the exterior body of car.

Types of car washes near me:

car wash

Car Cleaning Services

This blog from Exppress Car Wash will provide a descriptive definition of car wash types including at-home wash, mobile car wash, self-service and automatic. Along with types of car washing, this blog will provide information on the pros and cons of every car wash service and how can you find the best nearby car wash.

It is very necessary to make the correct decision for any particular requirements, as a customer you might end up wasting enough money for car wash which is not thorough and can even damage your car sometimes. Luckily after reading this blog, you will have a clear idea about types of car washes and you will be well prepared for finding the correct car wash option for your vehicle in your budget. A proper car wash will surely help in maintaining your car and keep your car shinning.

At-home car wash:

Among all types of car washes, washing car by yourself at home will consume time but it again washing a car is a thing of priority and everyone is not ready to hand over their car for washing to other.

This method involves different steps like:

  • Rinsing off the outer car surface.
  • Washing car parts with lukewarm water.
  • Drying using chamois leather cloth.
  • Lastly, the application of good quality car wax.

After properly working over the steps of washing, there are a couple of points to look out for. The very first thing to keep in mind is, when you dry the car, never dry it in the sun as it will lead to sunspot that will certainly affect the car’s appearance. Another one is, when you apply car wax, ensure that you don’t do that in sunlight.

Pros of At-home car wash:

  • Probably it is the most affordable option of car washing.
  • Relatively convenient

Cons of At-home car wash:

  • It is labor intensive
  • Time-consuming process
  • It may cause damage to the car.
  • It is impossible if you don’t have a driveway to clean car at home.

Automatic Car Wash:

automatic car wash

Automatic Car Wash

It is the quickest and best way of washing the car cleaning. it is even typically the cheapest and convenient car washing process than washing a car at home. It is the most professional way of car cleaning. For using this car wash type, you need to keep your car at neutral and are driven through the conveyor using hoses, brushes and blow dryers that wash off the car. This type of car wash uses brushes with stiff bristles that are prone to marking slight scratches over the car paint.

Pros of an automatic car wash:

  • Affordable
  • Time-consuming
  • Easy
  • Convenient as can be found everywhere now

Cons of drive-in car wash system:

  • Lack of thorough cleaning.
  • Can cause damage to the paintwork of car.
  • Occasionally there can be difficulties with vehicle drying.

Self-Service Car Washes:

This car wash is similar to at-home service as in both cases the individual will carry forward the task of cleaning the car. However, this car wash service is an option for the individual who doesn’t have driveway, hose and other supplies needed for cleaning the car. They permit you to drive up and park the car. Further, spray it using a powerful hose and then cover it using suds, soap for rinsing it off. Using microfibre cloth, dry the car. If needed, you can ask to apply car wax. Here in this service, you are free to wash your car and you need not to have the tension of storing the chemicals or other car washing products.

Pros of Self-Service Car Washes:

  • Allows you in cleaning the car yourself even if you are not having supplies and cleaning chemicals.
  • You can directly control the car wash process done by professionals.


  • Time-consuming
  • Not much convenient
  • You are paying and still doing the task on your own. So, wastage of money.

How to find the best car wash outlet in Delhi NCR:

Best Oulets

Car Wash Outlets

When you are hunting for an appropriate car wash outlet in Delhi NCR, you cannot just drive into any of the outlets. Instead, do better research work and get reviews for understanding its working and image in the car cleaning industry. No matter which car coating you have on your vehicle including ceramic coating, there is always a scope of car cleaning and maintenance. So, browse the details and visit the outlet. Enjoy happy car wash at an affordable rate the outlet of the Exppress Car Wash.

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