Car Wax vs Car Polish ?

What differentiates between car wax and car polish?

In general people consider car polish and car wax the same but in reality, they both are different. So, it is very important to know the existing difference between the two and why it matters.

The two most often asked question is car detailing profile is:

  • What is the best car polish for my car polishing needs?
  • Which car wax to get for waxing my car?

These two questions, unfortunately, demonstrate one big misconception prevailing in the general car market that is sole car wax or sole car polish can bring demanded outcome of car care.

This blog aims to simply dispel the misconception regarding polish and wax and even help in explaining why, till you possess regularly detailed car. In gist, this blog advices the users about proper car care and even car detailing series and dispel the misconception related to car wax and car polish.  You must be knowing the thin line difference between the two if you get your car cleaned and detailed at a regular time interval.

Car Waxing & Polishing

Car wax vs Car Polish

Difference between car polish and car wax?

Let’s start with a question what is a wax? So, here is the answer.

The natural form of wax comes in variable guises from different vegetable waxes like animal waxes to carnauba waxes. It is the natural properties of these waxes which makes them the perfect choice for the car waxes. Carnauba wax is the most popular wax used in the automotive industry. What makes this wax ideal is:

  • Insoluble in water virtually, so won’t disappear immediately after a wash or even rain shower.
  • The melting point is 82-86degree C, so can easily withstand high temperature without melting off the car shield.
  • It is one of the hardest waxes found in the natural form. It produces very glossy and durable finish when properly combined with other ingredients used for producing a softer product which can be applied easily to car paint more easily.

Most of the car wax will be in combination with solvents, colorants or any silicone fluids. Some of the waxes will even contain abrasives, completely depending upon the product that is being developed. In bringing shine to your paintwork, the wax will be an effective smoothing product on the car paint surface by simply filling up many different imperfections over the car paint.

Unfortunately, if the paintwork of your car is suffering any oxidation or dullness, then be sure that there exist lots of fillings that car wax can achieve and if waxes are applied properly then surely you can correct making car paint sufferings.


Car Polishing

Car polishing

Car polish on other hand is completely different in composition to car waxes. Not just composition, being the end user, you can feel the difference in their uses abrasives for removing any sort of minor scratches and any other swirl marks from the surface of the car. Car polishing is done when the car paint is faded or lost its sheen because of oxidation. Most of the professional recommend avoiding regular car polishing. If used very often, then car polish can scrape off the clear car coating and even its paint. However, some of the car polishes contain mild polymers or abrasives that won’t harm the car paint.

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