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What are the factors considered when looking for professional car wash service?

Our car is the most valuable asset, and we make every effort to safeguard and maintain its flawless state. When it comes to car washes, we overlook several factors and simply choose any automobile washing or cleaning service, provider. We may think our vehicle is dazzling right away, but after a time, we see swirl marks and stains. That is difficult to get rid of. So, to avoid making the same mistakes, we have strived to compile all of the crucial aspects to consider in the wash service.

After talking to some car owners we came to know that they hardly do any research while opting for a car wash. So, let’s get to know what many customers have felt while choosing random wash service.

The trouble faced by automobile owners by opting for the random car wash service: –

  • Paint is been harmed
  • Local hair shampoo has ruined the car paint shine
  • The professional is untrained and they don’t know the use of car washer machine which has removed the paint from car surface
  • Chipped car paints
  • Cheap chemicals use
  • Water spots
  • Swirls marks
  • Scratches
  • Been charged extra

Keep reading this article to avoid such instances, we have carried out the factors considered when looking for a professional car wash service.

What to look for when going for a professional car wash service?

  • Tools, Equipment, and cleaning products – To protect your car’s health and safety, select a washing service that only utilizes top-of-the-line cleaning materials and equipment. This will not provide any type of harm to both your automobile and car polishing the environment.

You can’t expect to get a car cleaning job done if you don’t have the correct equipment or the tools. This is why a professional automobile wash is far more efficient than do-it-yourself. It’s also beneficial for the environment because experts in car washing have the knowledge and resources to properly dispose of garbage.

  • Experience in vehicle washing and cleaning – Another strong indicator of whether or not a car cleaning service can be counted on to provide consistent service is the price. Because they’ve been servicing the market for a long time and customers keep going back to them, it’s safe to assume they’re providing the greatest service.
  • Past Client Reviews – Nowadays every business has a digital presence. So make sure to check for reviews if they have more bad reviews than good then this is your red flag. So, make sure when you choose a washing service you should opt for those service providers who have good reviews.
  • Speed and convenience – Experience is typically the source of speed and convenience. A washing service that has lasted for years due to excellent service is likely to have a tried-and-true system in place that provides speed and ease.
  • Worth spending your money – if you are not receiving good value for your money, none of the other aspects matter. No one wants to feel ripped off, so a decent car wash price should leave you feeling confident that your vehicle was thoroughly cared for and that you received the most bang for your buck.

Why Detailing Your Car Important?

Nothing on this globe can compare the look, feel, and comfort of a brand-new car. Instead, everyone gets tempted by the car’s subtle detail such as glossy paint, new parts without wear, clean window, and squeaky clean wheels and tires. Since driving diminishes the aesthetics of your car, it is virtually impossible to maintain it in this condition. Although possessing a car’s showroom-like finish is difficult, there is a noticeable difference between one that has been neglected and one that has been well maintained. Car detailing can help you maintain the look of your vehicle. In this blog, you will clearly understand why car detailing is important and what is included in car detailing?

Car Detailing

What is Car Detailing?

People often mistake car detailing with ordinary car wash. Traditional car wash involves cleaning a vehicle and removing the dirt, dust, salt, and grime that collects outside your vehicle. At the same time, the goal of detailing a car is to restore a vehicle’s appearance as brand new as possible. Car detailers use high-quality equipment and cleaning agents to make your vehicle look good as new. Also, car detailing can mask small blemishes or swirl marks from the car’s body, but it would not be practical if the scratches are fairly big.

How to Wash a Car Like a Pro, According to a Professional Car Detailer

Detailed descriptions of the interior and exterior detailing processes are provided in the two subsections.

Interior Car Detailing

Interior car detailing service includes the following steps-

  •  Vacuuming: Cleaning the car’s interior with a vacuum is the first step. Throughout the car, each part is paid meticulous attention to so that nothing is overlooked. Rather than using a vacuum cleaner, an air compressor is used to remove the minute particles from closed spaces.
  • Brushing and steam cleaning: The next step involves brushing and steam cleaning the mats and carpets of the car. Steam cleaning the stubborn particles and brushing away the dust.
  • Glass Cleaner: To maintain the utmost transparency of the glass sections and windows, appropriate and authentic glass cleaners must be used.
  • Leather Trimming: When leather seats are exposed to direct sunlight regularly, they tend to crack. Leather seats are cleaned thoroughly with leather cleaner, saddle soap, and leather soap as part of a car detailing service.
  • Wiping: Lastly, the car is vacuumed and deep cleaned with a microfiber cloth after all the basic procedures are complete.
  • Perfuming: In this step, the car’s interior is disinfected and perfumed to give a good feeling to the customer.

Exterior Car Detailing


Their exterior part will entail the following services-

  • Hand car wash: When a person manually washes his car, he pays close attention to every section; mechanical washes are more commercial. As well as cleaning the tight areas that machines ignore, they will remove dirt from the tight areas.
  • Claying: Claying is used to remove impurities that are difficult to remove with normal detergents. Every car detailing service provider follows this crucial step.
  • Polishing: Detailing includes polishing as well. To keep cars shiny and to give them a showroom-like finish, most renowned car detail companies polish them.
  • Sealing: The final step in the process is sealing. It involves putting a coat of sealant on your car to ensure that its shine will last for a long time.


As an extension of the owner’s self-image, car detailing keeps the vehicle’s shine so it always looks brand new. Compared to washing the car, detailing the car is much more effective. If you are fascinated by cars and want to start your car detailing business, join hands with “Exppress car wash”. Also, if you want to enter the car detailing business, you can get the “Exppress car wash” franchise.

Reasons why ceramic coating is best for your car

Ceramic coating is probably the most revolutionary detailing product to shield your vehicle’s exterior from scratches and blemish-causing factors. However, even ceramic coating is so popular among people that they take their new car to apply a ceramic coating even before delivery. Nano coating or ceramic coating is made of silica dioxide, creating a hydrophobic covalent bond and a nano-ceramic shield above your vehicle’s factory paint. This protective layer will protect your car from bird droppings, minor scratches, sun damage, and oxidation. Furthermore, once the coating is applied, it can be removed by abrasion and not by any chemicals.

Ceramic Coatinghttps://www.exppresscarwash.com/opticoat.html

Reasons to protect your car with Nano coating

1. Provides an additional Layer of Protection for Your Automobile 

Nano coating comes with an additional layer of protection from several elements that can harm the exterior surface of your vehicle. For example, the UV rays emitted by the sun also damage your vehicle’s paint, especially if it’s left outside often. A nano-ceramic coating will shield your vehicle from damage-causing UV rays. Also, its hydrophobic nature will easily repel water and other substances, shielding your vehicle from rust and other harm. 

2. Your Car’s Paint Will Become More Durable 

Nano-coating will form an additional layer of your car’s paint, making it more durable and easier to take care of. As well as protecting your car from physical hazards, the protective layer will enhance its appearance. For example, you can use a ceramic coating to make your vehicle scratch-resistant. In addition, rocks and other objects can be better protected from flying up and damaging your car. 

3. Ceramic Coating Fight off Dirt and Mud

Specifically, dirt and mud can damage your vehicle when they are in contact with a ceramic coating. A Nano coating will keep your vehicle cleaner between washes if you live in an area with high contaminants or commute on dirt or gravel roads. Even though your vehicle will still need to be washed, it won’t get dirty as quickly. Also, if you do not take care of water spots, this will damage your car’s paint. Thanks to a ceramic coating, water sports are no longer a problem.

4. Your Car Will Be Easier to Clean

Even after the Nano coat, you must clean your car or keep it as good as new. But the repelling property of nano-coating will let you clean your car easily. Ceramic coatings are also repellent, so dirt and other substances will not be able to adhere to your vehicle. Consequently, you won’t need to scrub as hard, or at all, to restore your car’s original appearance.

5. No More Waxing Required for Your Vehicle 

Your vehicle will no longer need to be waxed with a Nano coating. These coatings accomplish all the tasks that waxing does, plus more. It is, therefore, no longer necessary to wax. Hence, you will soon be able to stop spending hours waxing and buffing your car. Additionally, these protective coatings last longer and are easier to apply. 

Nano coating

Exppress Car Wash: Ceramic Coating by Opti-coat 

Normal car coating, like Teflon coating, possesses hardness between 2H and 4H, whereas ceramic coating is measured with 9H hardness. Express car wash provides the best ceramic coating services by using Opti-Coat ceramic. People count on opti-coat nano-coating rather than traditional Teflon coating for car paint protection. By developing an inseparable bond at the molecular level with the paintwork, you avail a car coating that is not easily cleaned off, just like the Teflon coating. 

Five Essential Reasons You Should Go For Car Wash Regularly

What was the last time you had your car washed? Some prioritize cleaning their car every week to keep it in good condition. For others, it’s something they do only after noticing caked-on dirt that has changed the color of their car. No matter what your vehicle’s condition, a car wash is important. Given below are some benefits why considering your car for washing is helpful.

Essential benefits of car wash

1. Preventing Damage

Driving on icy roads can cause mud, dirt, rain, and even salt to attach themselves to your car. Initially, you might not notice them, but over time, their minerals can cause damage to your paint. Regular car wash prevents this from happening. This is the best method to get rid of those contaminants in seconds. However, even rain can damage the paint job if your car is not properly washed within a few days.

2. Improving your vehicle’s Condition

Taking your car to be cleaned will help prevent paint and other parts of your car from deteriorating due to impurities clinging to the paint and body. This will eventually improve your car’s condition and increase its longevity. Also, you can maintain a healthier engine in the long run if you remove dirt and debris from this area after your engine has been cleaned.

3. Enhancing Safety

Your windows, mirrors, and tires should be debris-free before you start driving. Keeping your vehicle clean will mean that these areas will never be too dirty to drive on. In the end, you’ll feel confident knowing your windshield, rear window, side mirrors, and tires are in good condition.

4. Improving Car Value

Thinking of selling or trading your car? Whether you do this in months or years, it’s important to make sure your car looks good now. Regular car washes are a great part of this, as they can help control rust, scratches, dull paint, and other issues that can hamper. The appearance of your car.

5. A Clean Look

Would you like to avoid having dirt on your hands when you close your trunk? You can avoid this problem by regularly washing your car. By performing this simple task, you can enhance the look of your paint and your entire car.

When is the best time for a car wash?

The above benefits can be obtained from a weekly or biweekly car wash. In addition to that, regular washes may allow you to avoid or minimize damage to your car. Keeping your car clean will make it look great and give you a sense of pride when you drive it. You can avail the best car wash service nearby from Exppress Car wash. For the best car wash near me, Exppress Car Wash uses the best equipment and professionals to give the desired result. Washing your car is just as crucial as getting your oil changed regularly. So, be sure to add car washing to your to-do list and begin reaping the benefits.

What factor does Car Detailing endow on the car surface?

If you are a new car owner, you may not have an idea about vehicle detailing. In contrast to a car wash, detailing has a more compelling & long-lasting effect. These services are not limited to the exterior or interior of your vehicle. 

A detailed car has been meticulously cleaned from top to bottom with specialized tools and processes. In- detailing is often limited to minor cosmetic touch-ups and does not include painting or bodywork. Car detailing is the process of cleaning and restoring a vehicle’s interior and exterior. The goal is to restore the paintwork by removing scratches and swirl marks, making the automobile look as good as it did when you first drove it off the lot. Car wash includes eliminating dirt and filth from your vehicle’s surface, and if you clean it well, you may be able to vacuum some of the dust from the interior, but auto detailing goes much farther. Every imperfection in the automobile has been polished or cleaned away, making it fit for display for resale.


Various Impact of Car detailing 

Elimination of harmful contamination created by pollutants- After you’ve cleaned and removed the filth from your vehicle’s paint, there are still a few contaminants on it. Some of these items contain sap and tar, which can adhere to the surface of the paint. They have the ability to cause major paint damage. When in doubt, professionals will use an earth bar to eliminate these toxins.

When working with a chemical like this, they might use a variety of solvents. They may employ a low pH solution arrangement to eliminate mineral residue accumulation on your automotive paint, for example. 

Shield the Paint- Apply a protective layer after washing a major area of your car for increased security. In most cases, a carnauba-based wax is the best option. This strategy differs from others in that it can last up to three months. 

Furthermore, it has the ability to disguise a variety of defects in your automobile. A nano-stoneware polymer coating is the best alternative if you want to go all out. It endows a coat on your car in a thick mollifying layer that protects it for up to two years. 

Extend the Life– After you’ve completed all of the essential procedures to protect the exterior of your car, we recommend focusing on the interior. Along these lines, you must remove the embedded pet hair and water stains from the texture of your seats. If your upholstery is made of calfskin, we recommend that you clean it thoroughly.

To remove stains from the floor coverings, you can use a range of solutions. Chemical cleaners and high-quality degreasers, for example, are good investments. If you pick the right car detailing service providers it adds value to a wide range of preferences.

Saves Money and Time- Car cleaning may help you save money in the long term by extending the life of your car by preserving it from the weather. You do not, for example, need to get your automobile repainted. This can help you save a significant amount of money. Additionally, automotive itemizing helps to preserve the worth of your vehicle for a longer length of time. As a consequence, we recommend that you use the best help administrations.

Eliminates scratches- To remove scratches and swirls from problematic areas, car cleaning pros might use a paint cleaner and an orbital polisher. As a consequence, your vehicle’s dazzling look will be restored. It will look to be a brand-new automobile.

Summing up

To make a long tale short, this was a brief overview of one of the most well-known benefits of car detailing. If you haven’t tried these administrations before, now is the time. All you need to do is engage the assistance of respected professional cooperation, and you’ll be set to go. If you want to get your automobile detailed, a fast carwash is a place to go! 

Why opt for a Car Wash Franchise instead of starting from scratch?

With thousands of automobiles currently running on the roads in India, vehicle cleaning services will be in high demand. Running a car wash franchise is a successful alternative whether you like to clean the outside, interior, or all sides of a car.

Car Wash Franchise

The most obvious benefit of acquiring a franchise is that you may expedite your business and arrange the soft launch as soon as feasible. Working with a franchise also means you’ll have a tried-and-true business model to work with, rather than conducting a slew of feasibility studies and market research to develop your plan. Best of all, you represent a reputable brand name that people already know and remember, so you will have no issue creating goodwill in the market and attempting to stand out from the competitors. This article will discuss some of the benefits of owning a car wash business.

The advantages of opting car wash franchise are 

New Technology- Many vehicle washing companies have been known for using potentially innovative technology for cleaning autos. And, because franchises have been around for a long time. They are well-versed in the appropriate technology for washing a vehicle quickly and efficiently. This enables franchisees to function with the appropriate technology, allowing them to pursue long-term economic goals.

car wash

Job satisfaction-You’ll almost surely enjoy the job satisfaction that comes with opting for franchising, in addition to the modern technologies in this field. It gives you employment security when it comes to owning your firm. Because the return on your investment is directly proportionate to the amount of effort you put in. So, you’d be willing to put in the time and effort required to deliver satisfaction.

Every day you’ll get a new turn & twist to work for Every day is different when you work as a franchisee. Each client or customer you work with will have their unique requirements, and you’ll need to be able to meet the needs of both ordinary and challenging clients.

You’ll have access to a wide selection of powerful and effective tools to aid you in your work, and you can anticipate using them daily. In summary, you’ll need to be up for the challenge every day because this is a busy, diverse, and competitive region to work in.

There’s plenty of room to specialize- Car cleaning is a large industry. Your abilities will be in demand in a variety of industries, including the car washing business and others. As a result, you have a wide selection of specialties and specializations to choose from. With your car wash franchise provider’s help and training, you could find yourself heading in a variety of directions in the future.

Get complete digital support- Your franchiser provides you with complete digital support. From helping you to establish yourself in social media, to creating your presence they will do everything to make you stand out. 

Final say 

In this blog, we have tried to put all the important factors that help you to state why considering a car wash franchise is the right option. However, if you are searching for a franchise for a car wash then considered Exppress car wash the trailblazer of the car wash industry in India. As they are present all over India with thousands of customers who can vouch for their efficient services.

Why Exppress Car Wash is best for Car Detailing?

An image of car detailing process in Exppress Car Wash.

Car detailing is a professional process to maintain the functional and visual aesthetics of the vehicle. Always prefer the best car detailing service provider to care for your car. It is a comprehensive procedure for cleaning the exteriors and interiors of the vehicles which attends to rigid stains and marks from the surface of the vehicle. An auto detailing service comprises of car washing, interior vacuum cleaning, upholstery cleaning, car waxing, dry cleaning, windshield cleaning, and underbody cleaning. Instead of looking for detailing or cleaning near me, always try to reach out to Exppress Car Wash as it is famous for delivering the best car detailing results for the vehicle.

Welcome to the Exppress Car Wash for Car Detailing:

Exppress Car Wash is a platform where the vehicle or each segment is treated with the best services and care using the latest technology so you have to leave behind any concern about car care. Your vehicle is our asset and we are dedicated to caring for our asset with the best service and machine. We are a service-oriented detailing firm with proper specialization in car cleaning and detailing irrespective of size, age, and a segment of the car. Excellent workmanship, eco-friendly products, latest technology, and dedicated team have made Exppress car wash is one of the best-known faces of car detailing in India with a high customer base of 3000+ happy customers. We are glad to be people’s best choice with our dedicated team and quality service.

We Use Steam Machine for Car detailing:

This company has incalculable tricks of keeping your vehicle clean and fit as a fiddle without hurting it. One of the reasons for being in the Wishlist of people is that we use the best suitable machines for your car cleaning needs. For dealing most of the cleaning part, we use a steam machine. Steam cleaning as part of car detailing not only cleans the surface but also deeply sanitizes the surface. It loosens up the layered dirt, grimes from the surface, cleans the fragile areas without causing any sort of harm to the respective section and also lessens up the usage of harsh chemicals for car detailing. Hence, this is the main reason why we are the best in the town. We always go for the best and eco-friendly alternative to deal with car detailing.

You can use a steam cleaner for cleaning wherever in a vehicle, from the dashboard, cup holders, seats and the armrests. Before you quit fooling around, read on this blog from Exppress car wash on steam cleaner for the car detailing to get acquainted with more facts about steam cleaning. Any car owner and detailing specialists are continually scanning for ways to deal with your vehicle look splendidly perfect, and new all around. Likely the most recent car detailing innovations to hit the car care market are the methodologies of using steam cleaners. They differ from the different standard cleaning strategies in a couple of perspectives, with the best possible depiction elaborated below:

Why Exppress Car Wash uses Steam Cleaners?

There are many other ways of dealing with cleaning the dirty car including high-pressure washer, foam car wash but the most preferred one is steam cleaning. Steam is not only safe on the surface but also cleans the surface thoroughly. Few of the advantages of using steam cleaners for car detailing is:

  • The use of the steam machine helps in tremendously saving the water. It effortlessly cleans the surface and handles the car detailing best in just a pint of water.
  • It saves you from the usage of harsh chemicals so it is quite eco-friendly.
  • Protects you from handling heavy and bulky equipment.
  • It is easy to use for internal and external cleaning usage of the vehicle.

An image of Exppress Car Wash using Steam Cleaners.

Car Wash as Car Detailing:

Car detailing service is more than just car washing but even cannot leave this process. Car washing is an important part of car cleaning. To keep the car clean and fresh, you need to frequently take your vehicle for a car wash to a proper car wash center. A proper car wash center means a place where your car is in safe hands. To move ahead on other major car detailing processes, you first need to focus on the quality wash. Always start washing your car from top moving down to the bottom. As it helps in removing all sorts of layered dirt and dust from the surface and preparing it the surface for other processes like claying, buffing and polishing. Car wash not only removes the contaminants but also frees up the surface from old patchy car wax. Steam cleaning is the best part of washing but if you are using high pressure for car wash then use quality wash mitt to wipe the surface and loosen up the dirt.

Why Car Detailing is So Important?

The most obvious benefit of car detailing is your drive and clean and bright cars. If you are a diehard fan of cleanliness and crave for driving a clean and spotless car, then trust me, nothing is better than car detailing. But even if you own a car for need and are not car enthusiasts, you can also go for car detailing as it adds life to your property. In either of the way, car detailing will always benefit you no matter what. Detailing removes stubborn stains, grimes and scum which a normal car wash cannot do. Car detailing is one step ahead of cleaning in the car care industry. Here are a few of the points that define why car detailing service is actually the best thing to gift your car.

An image car detailing at Exppress Car Wash

Car Detailing Promotes Sound Health:

You think that your car carries 4 to 5 persons for commuting but it’s not the reality. Along with humans, your car is home for millions of unseen creatures that can adversely affect your health. Whether you like it or not, you are comfortably accompanied by these creatures. Excess of dirt, dust, and contaminants allows these microbes to grow and circulate in the vehicle. Deep cleaning and vacuuming wipes away all bad elements from the surface and kills germs and that’s why car detailing is important.

Enhances the Resale Value of Car:

Trust me, car detailing brings ease in the selling of a car. A shiny and properly maintained car is something everyone wants no matter you are purchasing a second-hand car. The clean appearance of the vehicle enhances the resale value and reduces the effort of pushing the client for paying a certain amount.

Personality Icon:

Just like your dressing and grooming, your vehicle is also an icon of your personality. Proper maintenance of your vehicle will double up your personality. Car detailing is the only way to enhance your personality along with your car. Always remember that you are always someone’s special and car detailing help in catching the eyes of others.

To care for your car and your personality, take your car to Exppress Car Wash. You can avail of different packages of car detailing and add life to your vehicle. To know more, click here.

CAR CARE Is Important Because Car is More Than a “MACHINE”

Hi Readers!

Enjoyed your New Year well?

Take care of yourself because it’s the most important thing. But what else you require to focus on specifically this 2020. The other most important thing to note is car care. Just like you, your car requires regular maintenance, services, and detailing to add life to it. When you drive your car for the first time out of the showroom, how you feel? Surely excited, happy and content.

But all these feelings are short term because once your car turns old, you start losing your interest from it. You know why? If not then let me clarify you. It’s all because it turns dirty and dull and with time it starts to lose its charm that it used to have when it was new and here your lacking leads to loss of affection.

An image of a car having different car care services.

To love your car forever, you require to take proper care. Car care is an essential routine that you should follow without any delay or carelessness.

Your vehicle is speculation! Car care accomplishes more than just clean your vehicle than extends to car detailing. It surely preserves or, re-establishes its unique magnificence through, proficient procedures including bug, lime evacuation, tire, tar, sap, and edge treatment, car interior cleaning, and upholstery conditioning, cleaning carpets, underbody and exterior shampooing, claying, waxing and applying protectants which maintains the new look of the vehicle forever.

Car Care Is More Than Just Washing:

You most likely have known about individuals getting services of car detailing and thought about what that really means. Is it only an extravagant word for a car wash? No. Great car detailing begins with a decent car wash, yet it goes a long way past that. It resembles the distinction between tidying your home and doing a decent spring cleaning. Both are significant, however, that spring cleaning goes much further. Thus, it does detailing.

An illustration of a yellow car having car wash at Car Care Outlet.

At the point when you take your car for proper car detailing, a proper process of car wash is caught up with profound cleanings, for example, a dirt bar that can expel blurring, scrapes, and gunk from street tar and bird dropping to tree sap.

Clean expels old wax layer and new wax gives your vehicle a profound, durable sparkle and shields your paint’s unmistakable coat finish from the sun’s hurtful UV rays and other chemical contaminations. Your tires and wheels undergo thorough cleaning and dressing. Cleaning and detailing every single part of the car constitutes the professional form of car care.

Yet, that is only the outside of your vehicle. Car care constitutes of car interior cleaning also and that too with full attention. Car detailing likewise makes your car interiors clean and allows it to look best, with the proper process of deep cleaning, vacuuming and shampooing for the carpets, mats and other upholstery.

Your seats are given exceptional consideration under-car care with proper solutions for caring material and conditioning car seats. The hard-interior surfaces like door panels, dashboard, and others undergo a thorough cleaning and polishing to expel all types of dirt and stains.

Also, great car care can cover different things like defogging the car headlights and significantly more.

The best part is that a decent car care process makes your vehicle look better more. It’s not equivalent to a normal car wash or a swap for your general car wash. It’s something you should add to your regular car care that upgrades the estimation of your vehicle and your pleasure in it.

Car Wash Method You Require to Be Particular About

Hand washing is the most secure and most careful technique for cleaning the outside of your vehicle when performed appropriately. During rainfall, it is prescribed to wash your vehicle to evacuate contaminants that may have settled or about like clockwork if no precipitation. The vehicle ought to be hosed down while the bodywork is cool or in the shade.

A steam car wash can be the method, anyway be careful not to work also near the board and consistently splash at a 45-degree point, this will overwhelm the dirt, dust, and grime from the paintwork. It is significant that the lower some portion of the vehicle is washed completely as this is the place a great part of the street dirt and salts gather. Car care demands more, always and forever thus adding a good budget for reselling the vehicle.

The greater part of the population who try car wash using dishwashing cleansers. These dishwashing cleansers take off the entirety of your wax security and afterward haul the imperative oils out of the paint simply like a lot of cleansers do to your hands. This dries your paint out and quickens the oxidation procedure.

At the point when you wash your vehicle, go for a car wash cleanser and conditioner. This will upgrade the presence of your paint finish without stripping shine and wax while flushing off free contaminants like dirt, dust, grimes, tree saps and others.

Try the two-bucket method for car wash, to guarantee the dirt and dust is completely isolated from the general car wash techniques. The two-bucket car wash method utilizes one container of car wash arrangement and one of clean water. Initially accuse the wash glove of the soap vehicle wash service and wash the board. Before re accusing the wash glove of car wash solution, flush it in the spotless water.

This will isolate the dirt and coarseness from the vehicle wash solution, which means even fewer whirl imprints will be delivered. Wipes are a significant supporter of the punishment of fine scratches or ‘twirls’. This is the reason use wash glove or microfiber material. The wash glove takes into account twirl free washing by lifting and catching dust inside its heap.

Car Waxing: Real Process of Car Care

The present high-strong clear coat is basically gentler and less tough than the low-strong single-stage completes applied years prior in light of certain ecological guidelines. A car wax goes about as a conciliatory layer of protection for the reasonable layer of your car. Your vehicle is in effect by contaminants every single day. These contaminants negatively affect your vehicle’s paint if the coating is not properly applied.

An image of a car having car wax at car care center.

Add car waxing to your car care routine to keep your car’s exterior surface healthy for a longer duration. But again, certain factors directly affect the life expectancy of the car wax layer on to the surface of the car. Few of the factors are:

  • How well it is applied on to the surface.
  • Environmental factors like rain, climate change, sunrays, and dirt.
  • Life of the car factory paint.
  • Quality of the car wax.
  • Wax application method.
  • Quality of car care services.

Regular car wash and waxing are two most important process of car care. Always invest in availing the best of car wash and car waxing services from proper outlets. How you take your car care directly affects the life of your vehicle. To know more about car washing and detailing tips, visit us at http://www.exppresscarwash.com/

Exppress Car Wash: Ruling North in Car Wash since Decades

Agree or not, everyone prefers and loves to drive a clean car. And exactly why not? After all, owning a car is the most priced possession after owning a house. But just buying a car is not an easy task. You need to take care of its cleanliness and maintenance from time to time. For most people car maintenance is restricted to oiling and lubrication and in that perception, they skip thinking about car washing and detailing. Getting cars thoroughly cleaned inside-out is important as it is directly related to image building and health.

Car cleaning is a task many people keep aside, which is much hazardous for resale value and car paint. Paying attention to car detailing not only keeps the car looking new but also helps in preventing premature rusting and add life to the car paint task. Taking care of your car can be very easy with quality brands delivering ultimate services. You need to check a few suggestions about what to search for when looking for the best quality car wash brand. Here are a few suggestions to consider:

  • Number of services and car care options
  • Types of equipment and products used
  • Affordability, convenient and pocket-friendly
  • Reputation and experience in the car care sector
  • Manpower quality

Exppress Car Wash brings you the best car care services in the Indian market at an affordable price. This brand delivers professional car cleaning using eco-friendly products and efficient machines. One of the reasons why Exppress car wash is preferred by the public over other brands is that it offers many more benefits than other car washes. Not only it has open up its wings in PAN India but also with its quality services and good client relationship it has won thousands of hearts. Here comes the description of all the Exppress Car Wash outlets running in North India.

A Map of Exppress Car Wash locations in North India


Uttar Pradesh is one of the largest states in North India in terms of area. More the area more is the population leading directly to an increase of the convenience on the roads. Exppress car wash is extending itself by opening franchise-owned outlets at different locations in Uttar Pradesh like:


Are you eagerly looking for exciting car wash in Noida that best suiting you and your pocket? Read on!

Noida, the IT capital of the National Capital Region (NCR) is the prime location for budding businesses and entrepreneurs in exploring new opportunities within Delhi NCR. Budding business enhances the number of running cars on the roads. Regular running of cars will surely affect the look and feel of the vehicle. Stones chips, bird dropping, changing weather, chemical etching and others are factors that affect the appearance of the externally. You can get it cleaned and detailed at the outlets of Exppress Car Wash. In Noida and Greater Noida, you have a total of 3 company-owned outlets and 1 Franchisee- owned outlet of Exppress Car wash that deals in car wash and detailing services. Here are the location and addresses of all the three outlets.


Sec-5, Main Road, Near Hyundai, Noida-201301


Sector-49, opposite Sector 78, Hindon Vihar, Near Large Hanuman Murty, Barola Village, Noida


Logix Mall Sector -32, Opp Wave City Metro Station, Basement 2 – 201301


Opposite to Gaur City, Main Road, Greater Noida West-201009


If you are resident of Lucknow (City of Nawabs), and looking for a professional Car Wash in Lucknow, then you can get your car/ vehicle washes and detailed at


4/53, Vijyant Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, U.P-226010


Located between Kanpur and Prayagraj, it is one of the main cities in UP. The traffic ranging between these two important cities most surpasses from this city. With good traffic and commutation, you surely require the best place where your vehicle is taken care of. Exppress car wash in Fatehpur, can be the place where you can get your vehicle washed, detailed and taken care of. In Fatehpur, we have one franchise-owned outlet to take care of your car care need and that is:


Yusra Colony, Lucknow Bypass Road, Near Noorul Huda School, Fatehpur-212601


Aligarh is one of the ancient cities of India and is popular for locks. This city is the major manufacturing hub of different types of locks. As time is running, the rush in this city is increasing at a very high rate. So, keeping our vehicle neat and clean is a quite huge challenge for us. To overcome these circumstances, Exppress Car Wash in Aligarh comes into the picture. And is currently doing well in car washing and detailing services. You can reach Exppress Car Wash at below address:


Kuldeep Vihar, Quarsi Etah Bypass Road, Near Green Park, Opposite Swarn Jayanti Nagar, Aligarh-202001

All the outlets deliver you same class of car washing and detailing services to the clients. Few of the services are mentioned here that will help you to easily know about what you can avail at these outlets of Exppress car wash:

 Pre car washing |Foam Wash |Steam Wash of exterior surface |Engine Cleaning and Coating |Underbody Wash and Coating |Interior Vacuuming and Cleaning |Car Polishing and Buffing |Ceramic Coating |Paint Protection Film |Glass Treatment |Leather Conditioning |AC Treatment |Wheels cleaning

An image of Exppress Car Wash outlet locations at Patna, Fatehpur, Greater Noida, and Siliguri



It is surely that Delhi being the Nation capital brings you the best opportunities to explore. You will always get your demands fulfilled with the best of all things, services, and benefits. Exppress Car Wash gives ultimate car washing and detailing services in Delhi. It is a brand that has revolutionized the experience of car care. Trained and experienced staff bring you the best solutions to maintain the look and feel of your vehicle. Exppress Car Wash in Delhi has a total of 3 outlets in which 2 is a company-owned outlet and 1 is franchisee-owned. Look out the address and exact location of Exppress Car Wash outlets in Delhi.


C-126 Naraina industrial area phase 1, next to mobility world, New Delhi -110028


Angra HP Centre Petrol Pump, Vinay Marg Road, Opposite Nehru Park, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi


Sahas Service Station BPCL Petrol Pump, Opposite Bosco Public School

Exppress Car Wash provides its customer with the high car wash service quality using the best products in Delhi. While delivering the services, the main focus of the company relies on service standards and maintaining good customer satisfaction. Certain services that you can enjoy at the Delhi outlets of Exppress Car Wash are:

 Pre car washing |Foam Wash |Steam Wash of exterior surface |Engine Cleaning and Coating |Underbody Wash and Coating |Interior Vacuuming and Cleaning |Car Polishing and Buffing |Ceramic Coating |Paint Protection Film |Glass Treatment |Leather Conditioning |AC Treatment |Wheels cleaning



Car wash has many benefits even more than what you see. Normal car wash doesn’t deliver adequate water supply to wipe off dirt and grimes which is layered on the surface of the vehicle over time. Roads of Faridabad is full of dirt, dust and stone chips due to regular construction and maintenance of roads and metro. So, regular car wash is not enough to keep the car clean and healthy. So, for the best care you need the best professionals. Exppress Car Wash is the perfect destination for your car wash and detailing needs. All the professionals remove hidden stains during complete professional car wash in Faridabad. You can see the outlets at:


5B/3A, BP Railway Road, NIT, Near Bankey Bihari Mandir, Faridabad, Haryana


Main Sohna Road Saroorpur Chowk, Near Raj Gas Service (Bharat Gas Godown), Faridabad-121004


Hisar is one of the major cities of Haryana. It is located in western Haryana. In Hisar, the weather is extremely hot in summers and extremely cool in winters. If you are living in Hisar and want to maintain your car’s beauty and to keep your car life-long then Exppress Car Wash in Hisar is the only option. You can reach the outlets at below address:


234 Model Town, near Chawla Nursing Home, Hisar, Haryana-125005

Not just car wash, apart from this service you can also avail another main service as a part of car detailing services like:

 Pre car washing |Foam Wash |Steam Wash of exterior surface |Engine Cleaning and Coating |Underbody Wash and Coating |Interior Vacuuming and Cleaning |Car Polishing and Buffing |Ceramic Coating |Paint Protection Film |Glass Treatment |Leather Conditioning |AC Treatment |Wheels cleaning

An image of Exppress Car Wash outlet locations at Patna, Fatehpur, Greater Noida, and Siliguri



A car wash is a service used for cleaning the exterior but you need to go for something more than this normal wash. You will always prefer something extra in a restricted amount. Exppress Car wash in Patna is best-suited car wash centre in Bihar. With wings spreading, Exppress car wash is now the best car wash in Patna. With development every second, this city is growing so why not follow and grab services of growing car wash companies. The professionals will help you in keeping the car clean and also ensure the interiors are healthy and hygienic. Using proper tools, equipment, and experienced hands, Exppress Car Wash in Patna stands one of the best outlets of the company. You can avail services like:

 We have two franchisee-owned Outlets in Patna:


Chetnalay Sehkari Gerah Nirman Samiti, Plot No. 1, Bhagwat Nagar, 90 Ft Road, Near NRL Petrol Pump, Kumhrar, Patna-800026


Atharva enterprises near old Sarswati residential school, Jagdeo Nagar aiims Digha link road rupash pur Nahar, Patna-801506

You can avail below car wash and detailing services at these outlets of Exppress car wash in Patna:

 Pre car washing |Foam Wash |Steam Wash of exterior surface |Engine Cleaning and Coating |Underbody Wash and Coating |Interior Vacuuming and Cleaning |Car Polishing and Buffing |Ceramic Coating |Paint Protection Film |Glass Treatment |Leather Conditioning |AC Treatment |Wheels cleaning



Vadodara; industrial, educational and cultural hub of North-Western India. With numerous options for business growth and franchisee opportunities, your vehicle is the main source of convenience. So, with regular traveling, your vehicle faces extra torture. You can face all the tortures coming to your car with amazing services of Exppress car wash in Vadodara. You can avail all sorts of car wash and detailing services at the best price with assured quality. we have one franchisee-owned outlet in Vadodara. Here is the address where you can avail the best services to care for your vehicles.


Autocrest Enterprise – Ground Floor, Shop No. 8, Sugam Apartments, Opp. Dmart(Akota Store), Akota, Vadodara


Being one of the favourite places on the Indian map, Vadodara is the best place to enjoy living. Easy life, the smooth road is something that attracts people. Easy running vehicles on roads might soothe your experience but what about the vehicles. Still, they face harms like contaminants, bird droppings, chemical etching, bug splatters and others. So, to keep your car safe from all the above-mentioned harm, visit us Exppress Car Wash in Ahmedabad. You can find our franchise-owned outlet at


Jasdeep car wash, Opp. Benchmark cars, Near Adani Gas pump, S.g Highway Ahmedabad, Gujarat 382210

Few of the services are mentioned here that will help you to easily know about what you can avail at these outlets of Exppress car wash:

 Pre car washing |Foam Wash |Steam Wash of exterior surface |Engine Cleaning and Coating |Underbody Wash and Coating |Interior Vacuuming and Cleaning |Car Polishing and Buffing |Ceramic Coating |Paint Protection Film |Glass Treatment |Leather Conditioning |AC Treatment |Wheels cleaning



We all are well aware of the roads of hilly areas. Those who live in Dehradun or have ever traveled to this place will relate to this. The roads are full of dry dust, sand and stone chips. Driving through these roads definitely harms the look and feel of the vehicle mostly the lower body. To protect the lower and underbody of the car, you can get it professionally treated with a best quality coating. Exppress car wash in Dehradun offers you the best quality car coating for protecting your car from all sorts of external contaminants and elements. Here is the address where you can pay the best price for getting your car the ultimate protection:


160 B, Subhash Nagar, Saharanpur Road, Dehradun, Uttarakhand – 248001

The services that are mentioned below are available at Dehradun outlet of Exppress car wash:

 Pre car washing |Foam Wash |Steam Wash of exterior surface |Engine Cleaning and Coating |Underbody Wash and Coating |Interior Vacuuming and Cleaning |Car Polishing and Buffing |Ceramic Coating |Paint Protection Film |Glass Treatment |Leather Conditioning |AC Treatment |Wheels cleaning



Yes, you can find the outlet of Exppress Car Wash in “The Mica City of India” and avail the best services for your beloved car. Exppress Car wash in Koderma brings you all the services essential for taking care of your car at the best possible rates. Services catered at the franchise owned outlet include car polishing, steam wash, foam wash, interior cleaning, vacuuming, underbody coating, engine cleaning and coating, headlight restoration and many others. Visit us today at:


NH-31, Ranchi Patna Road, Dudhimati, Koderma, Near Yuvraj Hotel, Dist- Koderma, Jharkhand- 825410

You can avail all the car wash and detailing services mentioned below at outlet of Exppress car wash in Koderma:

 Pre car washing |Foam Wash |Steam Wash of exterior surface |Engine Cleaning and Coating |Underbody Wash and Coating |Interior Vacuuming and Cleaning |Car Polishing and Buffing |Ceramic Coating |Paint Protection Film |Glass Treatment |Leather Conditioning |AC Treatment |Wheels cleaning



Exppress Car Wash is now in Siliguri, mainly known as the “Gateway of Northeast India.” The best brand when it comes to car care. You can avail of all the car wash and detailing services at Exppress Car Wash in Siliguri. Few of the factors that make us different from other car wash brand in Siliguri is our dedicated operation, trained professionals and on-time service. Visit us today at:


Burdwan road, near Rishi Bhawan, Ghospara, Siliguri, Darjeeling, West Bengal, 734001

All the car wash and detailing services are available at one place in this outlet of Exppress Car Wash in Siliguri. Few of the services are mentioned below:

 Pre car washing |Foam Wash |Steam Wash of exterior surface |Engine Cleaning and Coating |Underbody Wash and Coating |Interior Vacuuming and Cleaning |Car Polishing and Buffing |Ceramic Coating |Paint Protection Film |Glass Treatment |Leather Conditioning |AC Treatment |Wheels cleaning

That’s all folks, we’ll be back soon with our upcoming blog on Exppress Car Wash outlets of South India locations. Till then, keep your car clean and shiny with Exppress Car Wash.

Avail Best Nano Ceramic Coating at Exppress Car Wash in Bangalore

Hi Readers!

Bangalore is a nice place to live and enjoy living. The weather is always pleasant and soothing which freshen up your mind and body. But just like life, is car care also an easy task in the fluctuating weather of Bangalore. Hopefully no!

So, get your car the ultimate protection of nano ceramic coating at the best car detailing and washing centre. Exppress Car Wash in Bangalore will deliver ultimate protection to your car and keeps it safe in the long run. From very long we’ve all been there – seeing the whirls and scratch marks on our vehicle body and seeking after a superior future.

An Image of Best Nano Ceramic Coating at Exppress Car Wash in Bangalore

Whirls simply occur, here and there when washing the vehicle and different occasions as a result of climate conditions. Ceramic coatings, then again, have become a gigantic trend in the car detailing industry as a result of their viability in securing the vehicle’s paint and giving it permanent insurance.

More than tidiness, your car needs ideal medicine to recuperate the scratches and swirl marks. Alongside a muddled look, your car seems dull because of harms and stamps. Have you at any point thought, what is the primary purpose for whirl marks? Swirl checks unmistakably occur because of ill-advised washing and changing climate conditions. On the other hand, use of Nano ceramic coating has equipped as a major pattern in car coating business.

The fundamental purpose for the interest of ceramic coating is its adequacy towards vehicle insurance. Without a doubt, the hardness of 9H is the best car coating to add to the outside surface of the vehicle. Trust me, Exppress Car Wash in Bangalore brings you’re the best quality car wash and detailing service at an affordable price for you.

Apart from adding strong protection to the vehicle’s surface, it even brings shine to the surface. But, are you sure that nano ceramic coating prevents any sort of swirl marks and scratches on the car’s surface?

Let me clear you that yes, this car coating definitely protects the vehicle from any sort of external damage to a bigger extent. But, like obvious, it cannot protect the vehicle from any larger chips. What makes this car coating more effective? Two main factors that are cross-link density and elasticity plays a vital role in the quality of the ceramic coating. Apart from ceramic coating, a customer can also go for 3m car care services in Exppress Car Wash in Bangalore.

In this service, 3m coating is applied to car’s surface and underbody parts to make it protected from heat, cold, and water.

Are You Aware of “What this Ceramic Coating?”

An Image of Ceramic Coating Process

At the point when you get some information about the car coating, they will consistently begin the depiction with 9H. 9H hardness is one of the most talked-about highlights in vehicle care crosswise over the globe. In any case, presently individuals are notable about the vehicle specifying industry, so it simple for detailers to cause them to comprehend. This specialized term is only the hardness of pencil that is really gone through the coating. Besides, this test is to show the mending and assurance level of the Nano ceramic coating. This Exppress Car wash in Bangalore brings your original quality ceramic coating to care for your car.

Above all, hardness is the limit of the straightforward surface to oppose defacing and scratching. When featuring the pencil hardness, it is done oversize of 6B which is mildest to 9H which is the hardest. Following, the scale esteem is composed as the hardest pencil tip which doesn’t hurt the Nano ceramic coating surface.

Does 9H Hardness of Ceramic Coating Really Matter?

Truly, clearly, hardness is a significant interesting point before getting car coating. What’s more, you even need to deal with the basic respectability and smoothness of the reasonable coating. These are some significant factors alongside hardness which legitimately impact the everyday experience. Practically all coatings (glass, quartz) can reach out to 9H on the pencil hardness scale. You need to check the hardness of the car ceramic coating before its application on the vehicle.

Exppress Car Wash in Bangalore Avails you Ceramic Coating Benefits:

If you are a car fan and love to keep up the vehicle, without a doubt you should know about the Nano ceramic coating and its related advantages. Ceramic coating functions as a defensive shield for the vehicle’s outside surface. Without a doubt, it goes about as solid boundary; more grounded than wax or any vehicle sealants. Because of its solidness it is in more request.

Initially, being a fluid polymer, 9H ceramic coating effectively spread over the surface. Right now, vehicle coating bonds to the painted surface and acts unmistakably as the first line of assurance. Indeed, first line of barrier against the dirt, dust and other hurtful contaminants. They unmistakably have quartz or gum base which carefully utilizes nanotechnology to equally spread on vehicle’s paint. It fills in all the moment pores left inside the vehicle’s paint. The fluid build-up effectively vanishes to forget about the sheer outside surface. Exppress car wash in Bangalore takes care of covering all sorts of pores under professional guidance and experience.

  • Ultimate Protection for Car’s Factory Paint

This fluid Nano ceramic coating gives a defensive and solid surface to the painted surface of the vehicle. Proficient utilization of covering will hinder every remote contaminant like dirt, dust, chemical etching, bird dropping, stone chips, and others. Any outside factor can straightforwardly harm the outside of the vehicle and brutally ruin the look and feel. In this way, certainly, these Nano ceramic coating is sheltered to the enumerating industry as it adds life to your vehicle. Ordinary, when your car hits the street, it needs to persevere through factor assaults.

Reaching out from minor scratches brought about by your nails to unplanned imprints. This 9H ceramic coating upgrades the presence of a vehicle alongside adding strength to its surface. This covering can be applied without anyone else however to accomplish extreme insurance, it is great to take to visit detailers.

  • Durability of Car Coating

If that you are thinking to get an assurance for your vehicle, trust ceramic coating. Applying this reasonable covering onto the surface is sheltered and has more life than some other paint insurance items. Other paint protection items incorporate wax, sealants and clear bra. The fluid fired covering straightforwardly circuits to painted surfaces utilizing nanotechnology. Totally, this layer isn’t ousted by any outer elements like UV beams, unforgiving breeze or downpour. While, if discussing conventional coatings, they are not solid. Nano ceramic coating from Exppress Car Wash in Bangalore keeps going longer and doesn’t wear off even with acidic segments.

  • Easy Maintenance to Car Cleaning

An Image of Easy Maintenance to Car Cleaning

If you are riding a black and white car on the road, it grabs maximum dirt and dust which goes noticeable. The vehicle has an increasingly set surface gets more residue and contaminants. The explanation is because they get enough space to get into. On account of 9H ceramic coating which spread over the painted surface of the vehicle. This coating equitably spread onto the surface with its nanotechnology making an imperceptible web-like structure. Because of the nearness of the undetectable layer, soil finds positively no space to arrive at the surface.

In this way, soil arrives at the painted surface leaving the surface in its unique production line look. This web-like structure is really hydrophobic along these lines, it is very simple to look after neatness. The water poured especially for cleaning the surface, tumbles down with dirt particles.

So, I hope this car coating will surely help take care of your car while running on the streets of Bangalore. Don’t look for any outlet for this car coating. Exppress Car Wash in Bangalore is the perfect place for your requirements.