Protect Your Car’s Body with Premium-Quality Car Ceramic Coating

The renowned Exppress Car Wash introduced the premium-quality ceramic coating for cars India to the owners. If you are in love with your car, then you know the usefulness of ceramic coating. However, a refine-quality ceramic coating was unavailable in Indian market until ECW introduced the Opti-Coat. This world-famous paint sealant is available in various forms. It can protect your cars from scratches, chemical etching, dirt build-up or dullness of paint. The Opti-Coat sealant is not only capable of protecting your car’s surface paint. It can protect the alloy rims, hubcaps and glasses on your car with equal effectiveness. The Opti-Coat is one-stop solution for many problems and ECW brings this unique product to you.

Opti-Coat Pro

If you need a professional car ceramic coating for the surface paint, then ECW has the Opti-Coat Pro. The cross-linking pre-polymers of this clear ceramic coating create a layer of protection on the surface paint. It protects the paint from environmental pollutants or harmful chemicals. The Opti-Coat Pro offers permanent protection to all sorts of car-paints and the experienced auto-detailers around the world regard this paint to be the best.

Opti-Coat Glass

The glaring of sunlight and the attacks of chemical or other environmental pollutants can damage the windscreen. The auto-detailers of ECW use Opti-Glass Pro to protect silicone surfaces. The continuous layer of Opti-Glass prevents the dust particles from resting on the windshield. It also prevents the rainwater from drying on the windshield and creating water-spots. The car’s windshield stays free of any scratches/marks and it improves your visibility. This ceramic-coating is also suitable for the aluminum or chrome surfaces of the wheels.


The lenses of your car’s headlights or taillights stay closer to the road and can get easily chipped. The auto-detailers of Exppress Car Wash are aware of this fact and they protect the cars’ lenses with Opti-Lens. The secure coating of pre-polymers prevents the gravels from chipping the lens. It prevents the UV rays from yellowing the lenses and keeps the lights brighter forever.


The auto-detailers of Exppress Car Wash have reputation for being thorough. They have a car ceramic coating exclusively for the plastic trims of your precious cars. It contains elevated levels of UV-ray absorbers and it provides excellent protection against oxidation for years.

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