Best Ceramic Coatings for Different Parts of a Car

Nano particles of ceramic coating can become the best armour for your car. It can create a thick cover and save your precious automobile from all sorts of pollutants. This thick coating of protection does not ruin the glamour of your precious car. The ceramic coating is transparent and increases the shine of your car. This protective coating lasts longer than the paint sealants and it gives protection to the car’s surface for several years.

This protective coating can make you fall in love with its unique feature and the experts of Express Car Wash bring the best ceramic coatings with innovative products of Opti-Coat.

There are six different Opti-Coat solutions available for different parts of a car. The auto-detailers associated with Exppress Car Wash bring all these agents to make every inch of your car impregnable.

Surface Protection

The ceramic coating of Opti-Coat Pro gives optimum protection to a car’s surface. It can create a transparent cover of 2-micron thickness. The conventional paint sealants create the layers of 0.2 – 0.5 micron thickness. Hence, Opti-Coat pro gives better protection with thicker coating.

  • The thick coating of Opti-Coat Pro not only protects your cars from hard-water stains. It also protects your cars from chemical etching and this protection lasts for years.
  • The 2-micron thick coating can prevent the minute particles from creating scratch marks.
  • It can prevent the UV rays from fading the colour of your car and let you preserve her beauty for years.

Professionals apply this coating on all metallic and plastic components of a car. This exclusive ceramic coating also gives additional shine to your car’s looks.

Glass Protection

Exppress Car Wash auto-detailers not only have the resources to protect a car’s body but also protect the windscreen and lenses from unsightly spots to improve your visibility.

  • The particulates of Opti-Glass Pro form an inseparable chemical bonding with the silica.
  • The hydrophobic layer of this ceramic coating prevents the water droplets from remaining onto the surface. The wipers of your car can take rest with the superior protection of this coating. The absence of hard-water marks also improves a car’s appearance.
  • This ceramic coating also minimizes the blinding effects of glaring headlights and sunlight.

Interior Protection

The best ceramic coatings available through Exppress Car Wash can also protect your car’s interior. The auto-detailers of ECW use the Opti-Guard Pro to protect leather, vinyl and fabric materials. This ceramic coating can prevent the staining of upholsteries along with the premature aging of leather/vinyl products.

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