Glass Treatment Solution for Your Cars

People crave for their dream vehicle and to fulfill their desire efforts in all directions are made. Once this dream is achieved, regular maintenance of the car becomes critical. Within a few days, problems of cleaning arise and the vehicle needs a brand new look again that needs quick and efficient solution. When there are hard watermarks and oxidation these need glass treatment. The glass treatment is a process of cleansing and protection of windshield of cars. This treatment includes removal of oxidation and hard watermarks and formation of a protective layer. This helps in a clear vision for driving during the night as well during rainy season and days when bad weather turns to poor visibility.

This glass treatment helps in enhancing safety and improves the driving ability in all kinds of weather condition. This provides driving comfort, safety and good visibility. This treatment includes car wash water repellant that creates a non-stick coating that result in a super slick and turns the raindrops and water drops to break up into small beads for an aerodynamic run off. This treatment also clears everything from rain dirt, ice and even snow. It prevents damage to your vehicle’s windshield.

Advantages of glass treatment

  • It helps during drives at night as there is no glare
  • Improves visibility as it removes all hard water stains
  • It helps in keeping the windshield glass clean and spotless
  • Also avoids future water mark stains for at least one year
  • Reduces the frequent use of wipers during rain as water drops are easily dispersed.

There are different glass treatment packages that are offered as solutions for maintenance of   cars, trucks, SUV or a fleet vehicle. The packages include different services combined together as a complete solution in maintenance of your vehicle. You can save a lot with the packages as you get different services like changing wipers every six months along with the glass treatment.

Start your own business

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