Your Nano Coating Needs Care, Are You Aware of the Fact?

Just a day before yesterday I got my car protected with the best protection that is Nano coating. You might be thinking why I am saying the best, then let me tell you that it is the hardest protection that you can add to the painted surface of the vehicle. 9H nano coating is the hardest known substance that gives ultimate protection to your vehicle. Now you might be thinking why you require to invest in adding protection when your car is already having a painted surface over the metal body?

Nano Coating

Nano Coating

There exist many natural factors that directly hampers the paint of the car and further reaches to metal leading to heavy loss. These factors are stone chips, changing the weather, rainfall, a chemical present in the bird dropping, tree saps and many other. They slowly leave marks over the surface and even leads to oxidation. No car owner will tolerate any sort of scratch and swirl marks onto the surface of their love. So, research and get the best car detailing outlet in your area and get your city and get your car the best care of either paint protection film or nano ceramic coating.

Caring Your Paint Protection Film after Application:

So, you’ve chosen to invest in long term and quality paint protection for your vehicle. That is incredible. But I understand, you have a few queries regarding subsequent stages: How would you wash a vehicle with Paint Protection Film or a Nano ceramic coating? What are the best possible washing strategies? How might you avoid from harming or shortening the life of your Paint Protection Film or Ceramic Coating? How might you augment the life span and the presence of your paint protection?

If you will research over the internet, you will get lots and lots of blog with endless ways to care these 9H nano coatings after application. But don’t get into all those kinds of stuff and heavy words. If you really want the durability of the coating, trust me you just need to start with one simple guideline which might surprise you. If you talk to me in general, I would simply suggest you take care of protection simply the way you take care of the painted surface. Trust me, every care starts with just proper car washing method.

Why Nano Coating is Best?

9H nano ceramic coating highlights an unmatched superhydrophobic self-cleaning effect, thermal resistance, scratch resistance, glossy finish, UV protection, Anti-corrosion, and other impacts. When professionally applied to the surface this car coating decreases your effort towards maintenance and even gives you freedom from the regular application of traditional paint protection products. Exppress Car Wash brings you accurate answer for unmatched and unbeatable protection against all sort of environmental solution. Along with this it also secures your car and adds life to your love.

Why Nano Coating is Best?

  • The Nano coating is a multi-layer based professional process to give mixing to the paint and adding unbeatable shine to the vehicle’s surface.
  • It gives trustworthy highlights like UV Protection, Super-hydrophobic Effect, Heat Resistance and Salt Water.
  • Aside from the multi-layered car coating, a 9H Nano Coating is done on Windscreen and different glassy car parts while the extra coat is connected on metal parts, being the highly exposed zone.
  • We bring an enduring result replacing the old and traditional paint protection way and shielding the vehicle from everyday harm.

Highlights of Nano Coating:

  • Nano Coating gives the ultimate outcomes.
  • Doesn’t simply restore the gloss also secures it.
  • Normal application surely helps you in saving time, money and effort.
  • Saves the add on expenses wasted on shampoos and car wax.
  • The car coating adds protection against microbial growth leaving a pleasant freshness onto the surface.


Exppress car wash brings you certain specific guidelines for the proper care of freshly applied Nano ceramic coating. But again, I am saying that the basic car washing process is the priority.

  • Regular Washing of the Vehicle

Many individuals think since you have nano ceramic coating over the painted surface of the car, you don’t have to wash your vehicle consistently. On the contrary, the exterior surface of the vehicle catches hell lot of contaminants so you require to be very specific about regular maintenance and washing of the vehicle. Trust me, every time I am repeating that everything begins with an appropriate washing of your paint’s outside.

  • Avoid Washing Car in Direct Sunlight

While washing your vehicle in direct daylight water can dissipate rather rapidly leaving the big possibility of water-spotting onto the surface of the vehicle. The heat of the rays can likewise exhilarate the used car wash chemical and lessen its viability.

  • Usage of Quality washing Products

This could be a microfiber glove or one of the numerous different alternatives available today. The decision is yours. In any case, discover one that is great, and ensure that it is in every case clean before utilizing it.

A devoted vehicle wash product will be most appropriate for releasing any kind of dust, dirt and grimes. Some of the household products can bring direct harm to the surface of the vehicle.

Nano ceramic coating

Nano ceramic coating

  • Always Start with the Vehicle’s Wheels

The wheels are obviously the dirtiest section of the vehicle. You require to get rid of this wheel dust and grimes before moving to the vehicle’s painted surfaces.

  • Through Washing of the Vehicle

You need to ensure you expel however many contaminants as could reasonably be expected before contacting the vehicle using a wash glove or other wash media. This will reduce the certainty of getting them caught under the glove, bringing about any sort of minor or major scratch marks.

  • Prefer “Two-Bucket Method”

The usage of the two-bucket technique is a traditional yet most effective way of washing the car. In this set up you require two clean buckets, one with your preferred car wash shampoo, and one with pure clean water that you will use for rinsing the surface. The thought behind the two-container technique is very logical and easy. When you have washed a vehicle’s section with the washing mitt, it is surely possible that there is trapped dirt on the glove. Before setting the glove in your solution of the car wash, wash off the glove completely in your rinsing water. This will surely lessen the possibility of reintroducing dirt that has been expelled from the surface.

Nano coating is the best solution for your car and easier is its maintenance. You only require is to take care of a few of the precautions and follow a few of the recommendations. This will surely help you in adding life to the paint protection and the vehicle. For more information on shielding your vehicle with 9H nano coating, you can get back to us or why to get back when you can be connected to us. For information, do Visit us on @

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