Why car wash failure? Reasons Behind

Despite, increase in the car wash industry, some of the car wash company have failed to work in long run.

Across the globe, the car wash industry has seen a remarkable long growth period with increasing demand in car wash over the past decade. But no matter how good the car wash industry is flourishing; the present scenario describes that many car wash owners fail to sustain in this market finally leading to failure of car wash business.

Car Wash

Car Wash

But WHY?

Obviously, there might be a question of “WHY” after reading the first paragraph. Why this scenario and what’s the root cause behind the car wash business fail. The reasons are:

  • Poor Website Design of car wash business:

It is very important to know that in car cleaning business failure doesn’t always mean shutter down. It even comprises of underperforming car wash businesses or lacking behind to meet the quality opportunity and roaming around without any growth or success in one direction.

Poor layout of the website is the main reason behind the collapsing of the car washing companies even before turning into reality. Hard to surf mazes, and website layouts strictly designed one-off for fitting odd parcels shatter most chances of hope of creating a consistent brand image. Facilities crafted over low investment priority rather than consumer-centric, even destroy the business because the working focus is not clear. If any website is only concentrated to “me too” factor then that even leaves a bad image in mind of the customers regarding the company.

  • Bad Car Wash Outlet Location:



Without proper guidance from an expert, operators and investors think that a good deal only works over a good plan. So, if you consider that saving money on getting a piece of land is a good deal then you are on wrong track. It’s very clear that the best location for car wash outlet will be somewhere near car showroom, petrol pumps, market area or somewhere where roads intersect and such location costs more. It is a very simple concept that the more you pay on land, the better will the success rate of the outlet and less will be the failure rate.

  • Poor Operations:

Apart from the basics like correct location, proper website, and well-trained team, still, something that can drag your business of car cleaning to the level of loss. The major issue turns up when there is misunderstanding the needs and demands of guests. Knowing the pulse of customers, what service they want to have, their pocket heaviness and quality are very important. You always provide a wide range of scope to customers like steam wash cleaning, mobile car cleaning and many other. Before giving options to customers, first, allow them to describe what they are looking for. This creates a good impact finally leading to correct brand image.

  • Wrong Processing:

Processing is just a word to utter but in-depth, it is a collective word for experience, harmony, strategy, consistency, and anticipated circumstances. So, maintaining consistency in work is very important because that holds back the customer. Always try to cater services to customers with some need options like touchless car wash as everyone knows that an extra of anything brings happiness. Working in harmony for achieving the smooth, high and continuous result is the only mantra to rely on. The processing principles apply to all the business transactions and one who holds command over that certainly wins. Professional car cleaning is a complete package of a wide array of new business ideas and methods including the car detailing segments.

Car Wash – A Care for your Worthy Vehicles

People love to care for their vehicles, as they are one of the most vital belongings one possess in lives. Moreover, these vehicles offer worthy services to the users in every aspect of transportations. So, they need to be adequately maintained, so that they could provide the best car wash services. Regular servicing of the cars helps the engines to work most appropriately. However, only caring for the engines of the vehicles is not enough. The looks of the vehicles also play quite a significant role. So, they need proper cleansing to enhance the looks of the cars. To assist the customers for the cleansing of the vehicles, Express Car Wash helps a lot.

Car Wash

Car Wash

Car Washing Services:

These car wash services are one of the vital elements in the field of cars. This is an essential service which helps to keep the vehicles shiny and worthy. Various kinds of techniques are included in these car washing services for the proper nurturing of the looks of the vehicles. The first step towards the washing of the cars is the thorough cleansing of the vehicles. In this segment, the strong force of water is applied to the vehicles to remove the dust and the dirt settled on the surface of the vehicles.

After the thorough cleansing, soaps and kinds of cleansing agents are applied on the surface of the cars, so that, the surface of the cars could return to its shiny and enhanced looks. This is the most essential part of the process as this technique refurnishes the looks of the vehicles. Express Car Wash makes use of quality cleansing agents for the cleaning of the vehicles because the bad quality ones could damage the shiny nature of the surface. These cleansing agents comprise of effective car paint protection, which prevents the paints from getting faded.

After the completion of the cleansing part, the car polishing segment is initiated. The experienced workers of Express Car Wash use delicate and soft scratch-proof cloths for polishing the surfaces of the cars. Also, the experienced workers make use of advanced tools and technologies like paint protection for the car for the cleansing and polishing of the vehicles in the best and the most updated manner. All these factors implemented at Express Car Wash provides the perfect environment for the cleansing of the cars in an excelled manner.

Importance of Car Washing:

It is imperative in a car to get car detailing and cleansed in quality intervals of time. The car wash services help the vehicles to maintain a new look. So, these services are preferred much nowadays by the users. These factors create a worthy impact of these car services in the minds of the users. Express Car Services provides quality services along-with dedicated workers which provides the best car services across the area. The transformation of a dusty car to a new shiny one is just a step away from Express Car Wash services.

Get your car cleaned in just 20 minutes!!!

If you are looking for a fast car cleaning services then Express car wash is a perfect choice for you. Now the time has gone when you have to put your car for one day in service center just for the cleaning purpose. The express car wash has changed the scenario completely which will clean your car in just 20 minutes by using the latest car cleaning machines.

The company has car wash units across the country such that you can get your car washed in any city in the country in India. With its great services, the company has emerged as one of the best car cleaning company.

In this fast – paced world, everyone wants a more convenient solution and a faster solution for every service that is why the company has come up with the tools and technologies which will make a better driving and cleaning experience at a faster rate.

Car Cleaning Company

Car Cleaning Company

The professionals of the company always try to give the best. The experienced professionals of the company value your money thus give the best for what you are paying and even more than that.

Why you should choose our car cleaning services to save water we use a high-pressure Jet machine that is used to wash your car efficiently and at a faster rate. It doesn’t only save water but as well as office car paint protection as the suffragette is really very gentle over the paint of the car.

Get quality wash –

The pump and the high-pressure equipment we use to wash your cars are able to convert low volume water into high pressure such that you will get high-quality wash by saving water. not only that, this equipment offers paint protection for the car and is really very gentle on the outer surface of the car while removing the dirt particles.

Get services at a faster rate –

You will get our services at a faster rate such that your car will get cleaned in just 20 minutes. it will look like as you have to leave your car for car polishing after our cleaning services thus you can have an idea of how our cleaning car services are better than others.

Eco-friendly services –

All the cars have polluted run-off particles that contain some toxic substances such as asbestos, diesel, and others, we offer environmentally friendly services by storing all those toxic particles in a spare space. These toxic substances are filtered on the regular basis such that they can be disposed of. So if you have cared for our environment and if you want quality services then choosing our services is an ideal option for you.

Affordable price –

Other than these, you will get all those services at a very affordable rate. If you are thinking that the company is really very popular and has established a brand and offer quality services so the price would be higher but this is completely wrong, you will get our car washing services at a very affordable rate.

These are the various reasons why you should use our car cleaning services.

Keep a Car Spotless despite Regular Driving with Professional Car Polishing Services

Airborne pollutants or grime can eclipse the spotless shine of your car. The acid from bird-droppings, pollens or fruits can leave etch marks on a car’s surface paint. You may leave swirl marks on the car’s paint due to dry cleaning, as the dirt particles rub against the surface. It is also common for the cars to have scratch marks due to scraping of the sharp objects. The chips/gravels from the road may hit your car at high speed when she runs. These pointy objects may leave dents on the car’s paint. Some of these marks run deeper into the sub-surface level and you cannot remove these spots with cleaning. The experienced auto-detailers of Exppress Car Wash can remove these spots or marks with professional car polishing services.

To polish a car’s surface, it is essential to remove the uppermost layer of a car’s paint. It is hard to execute this task without damaging the paint. The trained auto-detailers of ECW can polish a car’s surface without peeling a thick layer off the paint. These detailers use proprietary car polishing solutions and rotary machines that are gentle and safe for the paints.

Washing Process

Preparation is the key for success in any task. The detailers of ECW prepare the cars for polishing through cleaning of the sub-surface pollutants. The detailers use car-washers to clean the cars with foamy cleaning solution and pressurized jets of water. Many auto-detailers use the jets of steam to remove the dirt particles without using any cleaning solution.

Polishing Process

The polishing process is performed on a wet surface. The detailers of Exppress Car Wash start the polishing process immediately after washing. They use rotary polishing tools to remove unsightly spots.

  • They use damp pads to spread a polishing compound onto the selected areas with spots. They spread the polishing compound at medium speed to maintain evenness.
  • These expert auto-detailers keep the polishing pad parallel to the car’s surface. It helps them avoid swirl marks due to constant rotation of the wheel at the time of polishing.
  • The polishing wheel’s back-and-forth movement and the application of continuous pressure heats up the paint. The detailers can remove the sub-surface spots from heated paint.
  • The experienced auto-detailers of ECW polish around the sensitive areas, such as mirrors or emblems, using the pad’s outer edge to avoid damages due to friction.

These professionals complete the car polishing service with wax application. Hence, they make your car glow naturally with spotless shine and give her additional protection for future.

Exclusive Benefits of Using Permanent Coating on a Car’s Exterior Surface

A permanent coating of ceramic can keep your precious car as gorgeous as the first day. The nano particles of ceramic coating have a stronger bond between one another. These particles can put a thicker layer on a car’s surface and can prevent the pollutants from ravaging a car’s appearance. Even the powerful UV rays have difficulty penetrating through the barrier of ceramic coating. This type of coating lasts for five to seven years. Hence, it saves you from frequently visiting an automobile detailing center for polishing services.

The Exppress Car Wash of Manmachine Group brings the best ceramic coating for the car-owners of India.

Excellent Return of Investment

It is worthwhile to invest into the permanent coating available through the ECW. This ceramic coating can protect your automobile from all sorts of pollutants for seven years at a stretch. Within this period, your car may require no extensive cleaning or polishing services.

The ceramic coating prevents any type of airborne/waterborne pollutants, such as dirt or grime, from remaining on a car’s surface. It is impossible for the pollutants to stain a car’s surface. You can easily remove the loose dirt particles with a dry microfiber cloth without requiring any wet mopping, shampooing or professional cleaning service. Hence, this coating saves you from investing in expensive cleaning solutions or cleaning services for many years.

Damage Coverage

The first-class coating from ECW creates a two-micron thick layer of ceramic on a car’s surface. This thick layer not only prevents the dirt, dust or grime particles from landing onto a car’s surface. It can also prevent the sharp objects, such as road chips or gravels, from denting the car’s paint. This exclusive protection is not available through traditional paint sealants or car-waxes.

Shiny Exterior

The UVA and UVB rays not only steal the shine of your skin. They can also steal the glow of your car. The conventional paint sealants or waxes cannot give 100% protection from these hurtful rays. However, the Exppress Car Wash can bring the premium protection to a car with permanent ceramic coating. It not only prevents the UV rays from fading the car’s paint. It also prevents the rainwater from pooling on the car’s surface and creating unsightly spots. The shine of your car remains intact without spots and the color remains brighter without fading.


The transparent permanent coating also contributes to a car’s enhanced aesthetics. This coating does not become yellowish over the years. Hence, a car’s natural shine remains intact for years without any interference from the ceramic coating of Exppress Car Wash

Building a Car Wash Franchise Opportunity

Building a business requires skills and patience and that holds true for starting your own Car Wash Franchise opportunity. You need to carefully review your skills, experience, education, finances and the market competition before stepping forward as a qualified professional to run a car washing business.

Experienced owners with previous car washing franchise to their credit ignore the distractions and stick to their game plan. However, for the first time car wash entrepreneur, it is easy to jump at wrong advises to cut costs, make snap judgements or without consulting their business partner or their mentors/friends running similar businesses.

However, with a little help from knowledgeable friends and your own research, building a profitable franchise business in the car wash world is not a tall task. So let us learn the tricks of the trade.

Choosing a Designer

Once you have selected the property for running your Car Wash business, you now need an architect to build it. Choosing an architect requires you to verify their work experience and training. You should also review their recommendations and analyse how comfortable you would feel working with them. .  Make sure you hire an architect who has ample work experience in building commercial spaces, so they know how to efficiently design your car wash business; without halting your construction project.

Budget Plan

You need to spend considerable time and effort to create a budget plan to fit your New Business Opportunity. Now that you have determined the proposed Car Wash project makes sense and you have purchased the land, you now must move forward with the bigger picture. You must design the budget, keeping a focus on the expenses incurred on hiring a qualified architect, building contractor, and installer to get the job done, correctly. Never try to cut down costs and take matters in your hand, because you may simply ruin the project and its deadline; losing both time and money in the process. Now, you wouldn’t want that?

Selecting a Contractor

Use the method of a Lump Sum sealed bid to select a contractor. The contractors are invited to bid on your construction contract, and you can limit the bidding numbers to three to select highly-skilled professionals.

A general contractor with an experience of building a car wash property and robust work references will deliver your project on time and save a fortune in expenses, and improve your chances of quickly creating revenue potential.

Hiring Skilled Employees

To build a profitable franchise business, you need the right set of tools and skilled employees. So, you must concentrate well on the hiring process. Check their work experience, licenses, credentials and references before you actually hire them. Doing so would allow you to hire proficient employees who will help you deliver value to your customer. Remember what will make you different from your competitors is the level of service and prices you offer. So work on this equation to hire the best.

With these pointers in mind, you can start a business in India with great and continued success.