Difference between Car Polishing and Buffing:

Car Polishing & Buffing

Car Polishing & Buffing

Before understanding what is the difference between polishing and buffering, you need to first have a clear picture of car wax and polish. Every time we are asked about the exact difference between car polishing and waxing. When it comes down, they both protect the exterior surface of the car along with paint. Protecting the exterior surface is the simplest answer to the similarity.  But it is not that simple. The choice between sealant and wax comes down really to lifestyle, personal preference, and climate. To really understand which process to choose for maintaining the health of the car, this blog from Exppress Car Wash will help you in understanding both the processes and even the differences existing between them. Heading towards the definition of car polishing and buffering.

Defining Car Polishing and Buffing:

Car Polishing

Defining Car Polishing

Car polishing: this process involves the usage of products containing abrasives to remove out imperfections. Any abrasive step helps in restoring the car painted surface and bring out the luster.

Car Buffing: this is the process on the other hand helps in modifying and improving the car painted surface and even the clear coat applied to the surface. using the buffer often needs waxing compounds so as for smoothening the targeted car surface.

In essence, both of the car care methods need altering and cleaning thin painted layer over the metallic surface. The real purpose of both the car care method is to remove any sort of imperfections, small scratches, and superficial damage. With both car care process, the user is capable of attaining similar results and talking about differences between them then it is just thin like paint over the surface.

Dual Action Polisher or can say Buffer:

Dual Action Polisher India

Dual Action Polisher

This equipment is most suitable for removing minor scratches over the clear car coating which is called dual action. It is called dual action because pads or brushes spin in two different ways. The first spinning motion forces the brush to move in circular action over the spindle which in return spins the pad in wider circulating motion. The most significant comparison would be the planet’s motion. Likewise, the spinning brush orbits in a different circular motion. This the why this dual polisher is termed as a buffer or orbital polisher.

For anyone who is not familiar to or is new in the car detailing industry, the technical terms like car polishing and buffering might be a bit confusing. This springs from the fact that polishing and buffing are methods for enhancing the surface appearance of the car. So, exactly what’s the difference? Read more.

For car polishing and buffing, there is two most common equipment used by detailers. One of the dual action polishers and the other one is rotary polisher. The rotating and orbiting pad produces which is referred to as wobbling or jiggling motion. The uneven motion restricts the pads from staying single point for an extended time period. This reduces build-up heat or friction. If left uncontrolled, this will directly lead to harm over the painted surface like burning of paint or paint removal below the clear coated surface.

Select a dual action polisher for:

  • Removing minor scratches and swirls mark
  • Maintaining a clear coating and existing painted surface
  • Buffing or polishing soft metals that can be scratched easily
  • Improving the luster and texture of the automotive painted surface.

Similar safety feature that reduces the damage possible from the buffer or says dual action polisher and even prevents it from deep scratches removal.  Using a dual polisher enhances the appearance of car painted surface and removes scratches damage and swirl marks. Using dual polisher is safe as it doesn’t produce enough heat to get deep into the painted surface.

Rotary polisher of Buffer:

Rotary Polisher

Rotary Polisher

Buffing machine is one of the most powerful tools in the car detailing industry. In fact, without the car polishing method, any car detailing is incomplete. It is best for removal of deep paints scratches, oxidation and swirls. It is possible due to the high heat produced by rotating pads or buffers. The rotary polisher or say buffer must be used in a constant circular motion. Therefore, it is called as a buffer or circular polisher. You can attain the best outcome using overlapping movement starting from left towards the right and then varying to ups and down motions. This is very useful for preventing the spinning pads from being at the same place for an extended time in contact with a particular segment of car. Otherwise, the prolonged contact will form excessive heat and friction that will lead to paint burning. While performing car polishing method you need to be more conscious as a bit of mistake can lead to direct damage over the painted surface. A few seconds of carelessness is enough to damage the complete look of the car and its coating. This capability is what makes it different and even effective for the removal of deep scratches caused. Again, it is very important to note that a wrong hand handling the equipment can do more damage to car surface than causing goodness.

Select a rotary polisher for:

  • Removing deep scratches or blemishes over the painted surface.
  • Removing discolouration and tough stains

Difference between dual action polisher and Rotary Polisher in car polishing:

A dual polisher in car polishing will just improvise the appearance of the car’s painted surface by removing scratches and swirls. Whereas, on the other hand, a rotary polisher helps in removing very deep scratches by generating frictions or heat. It needs to be handled only by professional detailers so as to carry forward the car polishing process for ensuring the best and ultimate outcome. To emphasize more, unlike dual action polishers, these both equipment needs to be handled only by hands of professionals so as to avail and ensure best results. These are not a beginner’s toy as the wrong usage will cost you more as the damage caused by the wrong usage of equipment can lead to severe paint damage.

This above description will help you in clearing up the confusion of the exact difference between polisher and rotary buffer used in car polishing process of car detailing. Paint scratches mainly those which extends below the clear coating, needs to be repaired professionally and at outlets mainly defined for car detailing. There are people who try to get the process of car polishing done at home using DIY attempts and try to remove deep scratches caused can lead to in aggravating the worse damages cause to coat. Car polishing brings ultimate shine to the car and even lay a clean base for further car detailing processes like ceramic coating or installing car paint protection film. You can schedule your appointment for getting your car treated professionally at Exppress Car Wash.