Keep Your Vehicle Shining with Ceramic Coating:

There are a few different ways to secure the paint on a vehicle, truck, or SUV. From vinyl wraps, introducing a vehicle bra, or regularly waxing and cleaning your ride, vehicle proprietors spend a ton of cash keeping their rides looking sweet. Be that as it may, shouldn’t something be said about the most up to date kid on the paint security square – DIY Nano-ceramic coatings? While expertly introduced ceramic coatings have been around for a long while, the most recent fever has been simply the presentation of do-it variations of this high-successful paint protectant.

ceramic coating

Ceramic Coating

The inquiry numerous customers pose – “are ceramic coatings extremely that great?” In short – better believe it! They’re really considered by numerous car specialists just like the most financially savvy approach to shield car paint from presentation to UV daylight, corrosive acid rain, feathered creature droppings, and the sky is the limit from there – while keeping up an ultra-sparkly appearance for as long as 5 years. If you’ve at any point needed to think about earthenware coatings, this blog of Exppress Car Wash was composed for you. In the data underneath, we’ll breakdown the realities about ceramic coatings, what they are, how they are connected, and the upsides and downsides of introducing a DIY ceramic coating to secure your vehicle.

The term “ceramic coating’ is recognizable to most vehicle purchasers today. Indeed, even before conveyance, some take their new vehicle for applying the ceramic coating. Car coating is an unmistakable coat which incorporates a fluid polymer. At the point when clay covering is connected on a vehicle’s body, the polymer frames a substance holding with the manufacturing plant paint. When covered, it must be evacuated by scraped spot and not by any synthetic compounds. Whenever done accurately, nano coating can even last the lifetime of the vehicle. So, planning to get a layer of ceramic coating on the factory paint of your vehicle, you should dive deep into all the aspects of it. So, Exppress Car Wash brings all the important information in this blog.

The truth about Nano Ceramic Coating You Must Know:

The easiest method is to comprehend Ceramics Coatings are to consider them a second layer of skin, or a superficial layer of protection over your vehicle’s clear coat. They use nanotechnology, which is basically little particles that structure a fine, flimsy layer totally undetectable to the eye.

Nano Ceramic Coating

Nano Ceramic Coating

Since these particles are so little, when connected to a surface, they seal every one of the pores making the surface hydrophobic (water-repellent), yet in addition impervious to UV, scratches, synthetic compounds, outrageous warmth and even enemy of spray paint. This layer is totally straightforward. The nano ceramic coating structures a semi-changeless bond with a vehicle’s surface, bringing about a superficial layer that won’t wash away under cleaning or downpour, or stall over a brief timeframe. Reality is it keeps going years.

In the car care world, ceramic coating is a fluid polymer used to give an invisible layer of paint protection. It is produced using silica and other extraordinary fixings that implanted legitimately onto the unmistakable coat. When it is connected, it saturates the minor blemishes found in paint clear coat to make a level surface.

It’s additionally called a nano-ceramic covering for vehicle paint. The “nano” depicts the size of the particles that make up the coating. The particles measure 80 to 100 nano meters, which must be seen with incredible magnifying instruments. For reference, one-inch rises to 25 million nano meters. A vehicle with car coating is likewise simpler to clean. The bodyboards of a ceramic covered vehicle will be smooth and free of scraped spots. Such a surface offers the wrong spot for soil to adhere on to. Regardless of whether it does, a straightforward swipe with a spotless fabric takes the vehicle back to its brilliant completion.

Prior, cars were given that additional sparkle by tradition method of paint protection that is car waxing. Notwithstanding, waxing is brief and will inevitably wear off. Both waxing and ceramic coating sets aside a lot of effort to be connected. In fact, over the long haul, the ceramic coating is superior to waxing because of its long life and better wrap up.  The long existence of car coating in a roundabout way makes it profoundly practical. Notwithstanding all the above points of interest, this ceramic coating makes your vehicle look so much better. They repulse soil and water like nothing else, which makes them simpler to clean. Their hardness averts swirl marks and other damaging from washing.

Which is Smarter Investment; Car Wax or Ceramic Coating?

In case you’re going back and forth about whether a ceramic coating is a brilliant venture – think about this reality. Applying car wax is a procedure, starting with prep work (cleaning the vehicle and stripping recently connected layers of wax and clean), applying the new wax and clean, at that point rehashing this procedure consistently or two. This procedure should be rehashed much of the time since wax goes on for a couple of months (if that). Expecting that you are proactive about wax and clean vehicle care, you’ll spend a normal of 4 hours of the month on prep work, application, and routine consideration – and spend around 1500 to 3000 every month.

Which is Smarter Investment; Car Wax or Ceramic Coating

With ceramic coatings, particularly the simpler to apply, fantastic DIY nano ceramic coatings units, you’ll likely go through six to eight hours on prep work, establishment, and care – once. The car coating will fix and give an enduring layer of protection that creates a more exquisite sparkle than any best brand car wax and clean and keeps going around 30-times longer – for not as much as its half costing.

So, it is justified, no matter what, the ceramic coating is worth investing car detailing product for paint protection of your car.  Application of ceramic coating is not magic so don’t expect it to protect it from rock and other major accidents. It protects your vehicle from certain external factors like chemicals present in bird dropping, dirt, and dust present in the environment, road salts, brake dust, acid rain, UV rays, and fluctuating climate. To know more about this car coating, visit us on

Keep Your car Monsoon Safe with Ceramic coating

Hi people!

So, enjoying the monsoon season?

Let me bring uneasiness to your monsoon enjoyment by defining that your car demands extra care in monsoon. Bit of lack in care can extremely hamper the look and feel of the car along with directly hampering its performance.

Ceramic coating

Ceramic coating

Ceramic coating is the second layer of skin over your vehicle’s clearcoat paintwork. Be that as it may, in contrast to different sorts of paint assurance, ceramic coating utilizes nanotechnology – as such, particles so little that they are undetectable to the naked eye. The Ceramic coating constitute of little particles that structure an incredibly slight layer over the non-glass portions of your vehicle, and it is imperceptible to the eye. The particles are little to the point that, when after proper application to the vehicle’s surface, they seal every one of the pores and hole on your vehicle’s paintwork. The outcome is that your vehicle’s surface is hydrophobic, which implies that it repulses water. Not exclusively is it water-repellent, yet it is impervious to UV beams, scratches, changing temperature, chemical etching, and various factors.

The outcomes are incredible. You may have seen recordings (and if you haven’t, we propose you investigate a few) where rain water falls over the hood of a car professionally treated with ceramic coating. The rain water just slides off the hood leaving no buildup at all. To put it plainly, nano ceramic coating is such a heavenly method to secure your vehicle, it repulses water and other earth, and makes cleaning your vehicle a whole lot simpler. Presently, we should get into the bare essential about the good aspect along with bad aspects of ceramic coating.

The Good Aspect of Ceramic Coating- “DO-IT-YOURSELF”

Since the ceramic coating is an innovation that was initially made for the oil and space industry, it has had an exceptionally high rate tag. You are likely having a look at a few a huge heavy cost to have the application of the ceramic coating to your vehicle by skilled professionals. That is because the hardware, work, and application experience are incorporated with the cost. Likewise, the application procedure may take about a week time to finish. You might ponder, what is so “great” about that? The great part is that expert establishment isn’t your lone choice. You may select proficient establishment if your love is a show-off car, or if you require to ensure it is done effectively the first run through. However, there is likewise a significantly less costly alternative – a DIY ceramic coating pack.

These do-it-yourself (DIY) consumer usable ceramic coating kits are less sensitive than expert quality car coatings, and surely, they are designed for anyone who is inexperienced or holds partial experience. There will be some distinction in quality and toughness depending on the item, so a little schoolwork like researching may be important. But the DIY choice is moderately simple to apply, pocket-friendly, and you can see substantial outcomes. Be cautious, however, to ensure that your car’s paint surface is goes under appropriate cleaning, washing, drying and preparation so that the DIY item gives proper guidance and even brings the desirable result.

Bad Aspect of Ceramic Coating- “DOESN’T FIGHT BACK HEAVY DAMAGES”

Most of the detailers convey wrong information regarding ceramic coating. Common people are misguided by marketing people, advertisers, and detailers regarding the ceramic coating.

Ceramic coating is an amazing product, but let me clear your misconception that it surely does not make the car indestructible. In fact, there are many more factors that are overhype like, the ceramic coating doesn’t:

  • stop rock chips
  • prevent water spots
  • replace proper maintenance and care of your car
  • prevent dings or dents
  • last forever

It’s true that ceramic coating brings easiness to car’s maintenance but even after proper application, you require to handle basic maintenance.

Ceramic Coating: Raincoat for Your Car

Rainwater harms to your vehicle. Regardless of whether it’s water-stains, mud splatter, harm by rainwater, corrosive levels– anybody with a vehicle they cherish realizes that rainy seasons spell the tough times.

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating

Also, the bad dream that is driving through overwhelming downpours. That is the reason for a short monsoon protection tips which you can pursue this rainy season to shield your car from harm beyond what many would consider possible while guaranteeing a hassle-free drive with protection.

Unbeatable protection of exterior surface:

Opti-Coat Ceramic Coating keeps your vehicle’s outsides from getting harmed in rain, as it makes it hydrophobic and impervious to chemical substances and any sort of corrosion. If the car is still lacking professional ceramic coating application, guarantee that you wipe it down every day for removing dirt, dust, leaves and other contaminants.

Underbody Protection:

Spray a proper mixture of engine oil and diesel use it on the underbody of the car for protecting the valuable mechanical parts. Protection against moisture and grime will even help to prevent rusting. Be mindful so as to keep away from the motor/exhaust regions as it might cause a fire risk, and the brake disc as it might ruin effective braking.

Avoid Covering Your Car:

While using a vehicle cover sheet might appear the clearest approach to shield the vehicle from the rainwater, let me clear you that this notion is wrong. The sheet spread may shield your vehicle from the rainwater, falling leaves or other issues, however, once the sun is out after the rain, the vehicle spread can stick and adhere to the vehicle’s coating. This directly strips off with the removal of the wet car cover.

Interior protection and Maintenance:ceramic car coating

Your car seats and interiors bear the brunt of muddy shoes, stains, and water splashes. While it is imperative to use interior protection treatments such as Opti-Guard Leather and Opti-Guard Fabric to ensure the lifelong protection of your interiors from stains, tearing and damage, you can also take other small steps to protect your interiors such as covering them with newspaper and towels at all times during rains. Remember to frequently get rid of wet newspapers.

No matter how hard you try to protect your car while hitting the road in monsoon, some things are not under your control. The only thing that you can do is to get the best protection like ceramic coating. ceramic coating features like self-healing and hydrophobic will surely be the search for your love protection. To get your car ultimate protection, do visit us on Be with us for the next update regarding ceramic coating.

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Car and 9H Nano Coating, Friends Forever!

No matter what, your car demands dedicated attention and care.

The best thing that happened to vehicle is 9H nano coating after the removing the carnauba wax. They have actually long guarantee of long years, give incredible sparkle and shine, assurance against small marring are even hydrophobic that repulses fluid from remaining on vehicle body for east cleaning. The basic issue is, individuals have wrong attitude towards nano ceramic coating that you basically require to apply it over your vehicle and afterward forget about it. Along these lines, the case isn’t actually the equivalent.

9h Nano Coating

9h Nano Coating

Permanent car coating requires incidental support to expand their life expectancy as it occurs, over some undefined time frame they marginally debilitate. The debilitate as they are presented to outside natural components like dirt, dust, sunrays and scratches. We should view why this weakening occurs and what estimates one can take so as to avoid weakening.

9H Nano Coating, Yes You Can Trust!

The sparkle of paintwork is nothing kind of the stunning when the nano ceramic coating first fixes. Unfortunately, over some stretch of time, the sparkle dulls down marginally changing the stunning try to please ordinary sparkle. It’s anything but a major ordeal on the off chance that you are not sparkle fan but rather in the event that you are perfection lover and take a stab at show room quality sparkle. At that point without a doubt you can’t simply be agreeable to ordinary sparkle. Along these lines, what is the genuine explanation for the blurring of the colour.

The smoothness characterizes the sparkle of the shiny and when the daylight hits the vehicle surface, they bounce back at exactly same edge. This makes the grouping of light in a solitary heading prompting high sparkle level. When you are taking a shot at car detailing and dealing generally centered car paint protection around surface which is bit uneven. At that point few of the light bounce back at various edges and dissipated light beams are less thought prompting less sparkle. Along these lines, the dulling impact of the nano coating wears out at certain point bringing about an uneven surface which scatter the beam of light.

Reality About 9H Nano Coating:

Giving most progressive and refreshed nano coating innovation of the world is all we basically focus on. The greatest business centers around profiting yet our first demand or say priority lies in satisfying and making happy clients. In the event that discussing populace, at that point there exists a tremendous level of the populace who are ignorant of the genuine importance of the “car nano coating” word and advantage of the innovation. There are individuals wonder-what is the finished extent of having a nano coating?

9H Nano Coating for Car

Along these lines, with this Exppress Car Wash blog, we have chosen to answer a couple of the often-posed inquiry identified with the basics of the nano ceramic coating. Here is everything depicted that you should know before settling on a choice if this vehicle covering merits your time and cash venture for your vehicle.

  • A Step Towards Defining Nano car Coating:

9H nano coating like Opti Coat is a fluid polymer which is connected to the vehicle’s outside utilizing hand cautiously. This covering bond synthetically with the production line paint of the vehicle in this way making a solid defensive layer over the body of the vehicle. One must have an unmistakable idea that clay covering is unquestionably not a substitute for vehicle paint protection film as vehicle PPF gives increasingly more grounded assurance to your vehicle paint from any outside torment. It is an option of premium vehicle wax making a semi-perpetual bond with vehicle paint.

  • Why ceramic coating is Essential on Painted Surface?

As you drive your love out to road from the showroom, it is exceptionally inclined to minor to real assaults like residue, chemical contamination, sunrays and time. 9h ceramic coating

All these referenced outside elements act legitimately upon the vehicle paint bringing about the reduced appearance of the vehicle. Regardless of how hard and frequently you get your vehicle cleaned pursued by normal support, there is next to no you can legitimize with regards to genuinely shield your vehicle from these elements. Along these lines, here ceramic coating substantiates itself by giving a definitive arrangement of every one of these issues. Soon after single application, the vehicle is totally shielded from any harms until the end of time. This since this vehicle coating goes about as a shield to the vehicle paint and keeps it from any scratches and blemish.

  • Chemical Composition:

By using nanotechnology, ceramic coating includes an undetectable and fine layer over your car paint. As the particles of the layer are extremely little, they totally seal the pores on the vehicle at long last making it impenetrable to residue, water and some more. This invisible coating turns into a piece of the vehicle and won’t wash off or blur alongside time. Along these lines, in the event that you are aching for quality vehicle enumerating, at that point you can consider putting your cash in nano coating.

  • Benefits of Ceramic Coating Application:

If you are putting lost of pressure on your mind for thinking and finding out the advantages of getting your car covered with the 9H nano coating, then let me clarify you that benefits are endless. Stretching out from being water repellent to hardness, nano ceramic coating demonstrates this is the best vehicle covering over the globe. This vehicle covering shields the vehicle from rust or state oxidation and destructive beams including UV beams that blur away vehicle paint over a specific timeframe. The fact that you should know that it is the best to shield your car from any kind of harm is ceramic coat application.

Final Words:

I hope this blog from Exppress Car Wash describes all the points the that might turn out to be query when you visit any detailing outlet. Now if you are convinced about nano coating, so when are you planning to get your car protected. You know, this car coating not just protect your love but also adds unbeatable shine to the surface. So, bring your car to Exppress Car Wash and gift your love the protection of the nano ceramic coating.


Explaining Nano Ceramic Coating:

Trying to maintain the car’s factory new shine forever can be a bit expensive. Along with it, you will surely end up feeling hard work. Extending from washing, waxing, and coating so as to prevent the surface from any external contaminants, trust me it will suck up your blood, sweat, and pocket. If talking about contaminants then there exists a huge list comprising UV rays, bird dropping, chemical etching, stains, dust and many other. But are you aware that the changing weather and temperature also directly affect the look and feel of car? Not just look and feel but also the health of the vehicle. So, you require to take extra care of your love and don’t be like others. Waxing brings shine but not protect so you require something more. The ultimate solution of automobile exterior protection is surely 9H ceramic coating.

Nano Ceramic Coating

Nano Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating for cars (glass coating) simply uses the nanotechnology. This technology gives an add on a layer over the exterior surface of the car. After the application of the 9H nano coating on to the surface, this invisible layer bonds to the surface and creates a network all across the metallic body. The coating builds up an unbreakable bond with the respective substrate at the smallest level that is the nanomolecular level. This bond is so strong that no external factor can break or can act against it. The removal of nano ceramic coating from the can be done using abrasion.

Waxes or Nano Ceramic Coating?

There are customers who prefer to get their love waxed at a frequency of 4 to 6 months in place of getting it a shield with 9H nano coating. the only reason why people still prefer wax over coating is the costing. Yes, you heard it right. Getting your car a shield of a thin layer of ceramic coating will cost you double or say triple the price of wax. But let me tell you, like a customer, you are getting fooled by those detailers who ask you to get waxing done in place of the coating. Adding a 9h Nano coating layer is actually a one-time investment whereas going for waxing is an again n again investment. Once you get ceramic coating over your car, you are now tension free of scratches and other hazards till the time you own the possession. Now, you can judge just one-time car coating covers how many rounds of waxing. So, be wise and get your car the best protection of 9H nano coating. This ceramic coating for cars maintains the exterior surface cleaner and glossier for longer.

Why Nano Ceramic Coating for Car?

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating

Liquid glass, ceramic coating, glass coating, ceramic glass, paint protection coating, do you find any difference between these? The answer to this question is no, not really. In fact, all these terms denote the Nano ceramic coating in general terms. All these generic terms are basically used to define the ceramic coating for cars completely based on SiO and SiO2. Now you will be thinking what is this silica or silicon dioxide then these are nothing but the main ingredient in glass. This 9H nano coating is hard, hydrophobic, chemical, mar, heat resistant. All these resistance potential makes them a perfect partner for your vehicle. The Nano ceramic coating makes the vehicle paint more resilient and is very easy to clean. This is because they are:

  • UV Rays Resistant:

When the automobile gets complete exposure to sunlight, the paint surface starts to oxidize and slowly fade away. A nano ceramic coating gives a strong barrier that protects love from this effect.

  • Hydrophobic:

They strictly repel liquid so that the liquid bead on the upper surface and slides off. This hydrophobic test is done mainly by water. It is even more difficult for dirt, dust and grimes so as to adhere to the exterior surface. This property brings ease of cleaning and washing the vehicle.

  • Chemical resistant:

Salt and acidic liquids will stain and probably etch the painted surface of the automobile. By using 9H ceramic coating you can surely avoid any chemicals hampering the surface. nothing can affect the look and feel of the love while you are driving on the lanes of your town.

  • Extremely Shinny:

A single layer application of ceramic car coating gives an extremely glossy appearance to your love.

Maintenance of Nano Ceramic Coating:

It is critical to keep up your vehicle’s covering accurately after utilization of a 9H nano coating. A maintenance wash is somewhat not quite the same as a normal vehicle wash.

Nano Ceramic Coating

Nano Ceramic Coating

A ceramic maintaining wash is in reality simple and on the off chance that you pursue the headings here or the Nano ceramic coating organization’s cleaning guidelines, you will have no issue to keep up your vehicle’s covering the right way and keep the covering polished and sparkly for an exceptionally prolonged stretch of time with no stresses.

Subsequent to covering, it is imperative to give the covering a chance to remedy for a period determined by the guaranteed installer or the nano ceramic coating organization’s restoring guidelines. During the restoring procedure, the covering is still delicate and can be debilitated. For the most part, the covering will solidify following 48 hours, however, it requires 3 a month to fix completely relying upon ecological factors, for example, temperature and stickiness. During the time, on the off chance that you see any contaminants on the vehicle, similar to winged animal droppings, tree sap, water, and so forth., you have to expel them right away.

Cleaning your vehicle will be a lot simpler once your vehicle is covered. Truly, 9H Nano coatings give self-cleaning properties, however despite everything you have to keep up the covering to keep your vehicle gleaming and lustrous. You have to utilize some particular items and techniques to appropriately keep up your vehicle.

Covering upkeep can be separated into three straightforward classifications: Wash, keep up, revive.

Final Word:

Maintaining a ceramic coating for cars is actually very easy. You really don’t need to spend enough of time and efforts. Using appropriate detailer and products, you can keep your love young forever. If you take the above-mentioned words seriously, trust me your love will be with you for a longer time. Always remember that Nano ceramic coating provides protection to your car’s exterior surface but always remember it is not bulletproof. For any queries, do connect to us in the comment section. You can even book a slot for ceramic coating by dialing 80-100-44000 or visiting

Ceramic Coating for Cars- Is it really Useful?

When an individual gets a new car, there are certain questions that generate in the mind. The very first query that strike the mind, “Is it worth making an investment on ceramic coating?”

Demand and expectations define the need for ceramic coating for cars and this is the simplest answer. If you desire your painted surface perfect, glossy as possible and highly protected, the only solution is getting your car coated. However, there are people who just believe in car cleaning, not perfection than for them making a huge investment in the ceramic coating is useless. I would just add words if you want to worry less about the paint correction and protection then seriously consider it as a wise decision.

Ceramic Coating for Cars- Is it really Useful?


A ceramic coating will give you amazing protection than any branded wax or sealants while maximizing the shine and maintaining the car clean for a longer time. 9H Nano coating is highly demanded as it works better for numerous reasons. Waxes and sealants layers on the exterior surface just as transparent layer which breaks down instantly. They are not even resistant to chemical etching and definitely give no add-on strength to the surface. This Nano ceramic coating is different from those waxes, they are nanoparticles of ceramics or quartz. Most of the brand associated with the business of ceramic coating uses quartz in its coating product.

Constituents of Nano Ceramic Coating:

Through the usage of certain chemical liquids (fluids which work in the minute pores of paint to just hold the nano-sized particle. These small particles work in the clear coating pores and directly cross-link with the exterior paint. Thus, infusing ceramic or quartz in the paint enhances paint’s slickness (surface tension), and enhances the resistant level to any chemical etching.

These chemical features are what you’d demand with any kind of ultimate protection on the exterior painted surface. The appreciable part is they generally last for up to 7 years completely depending on the type of Nano ceramic coating you choose. So, if you need to describe it in just summary, ceramic coating for the car is beneficial to your car exterior paint’s gloss, shine, protection, and longevity.

However, one needs to be realistic of what our demands and expectations are and focus on how we efficient care for the car to form the heavy decision if you should invest in getting a Nano ceramic coating onto the new car. Truly speaking, these coatings are not stone hard layers that prevent swirl marks and scratches, nor they are a barrier on the painted surface. Even they are nothing magically and will surely not keep the car clean and perfectly shiny all the time. They need you to care properly for the car, that many of us forget or say just don’t have enough time for.

Some individual like to run their car to the famous car wash outlet like Exppress Car wash and get their car cleaned in just 20 minutes. If this is you, then even I’d say invest in getting a 9H ceramic coating, and along with it spend the money on another segment of the car like interiors which you may enjoy more.

Ease in Cleaning with 9H ceramic coating:

But what if you are such kind of individual who will wash properly by yourself and regularly keep up with the car’s appearance maintenance.  But what if you plan to treat it like your love and want it appears good? 9H Nano coating will make this car cleaning much easier task for you. Efficient hand washing of the coated car will surely reward with a car which always looks clean and tidy. It also adds amazingly glossy and deep shine to exterior painted surface. If exactly this is what you demand with the new car – ceramic coatings are really an excellent option for protecting your car and keeping you tension-free.


Audis are becoming a trend among all the car enthusiasts, and obviously for good reason. With an attractive, sleek yet conservative appearance, an Audi is recognized immediately and noticed by others on the road. You need to keep turning heads, maintain the charm in the new Audi in the future. Here comes the need why it requires a Nano ceramic coating.



Best Protection for it-9H Ceramic Coating

The Audi is a shining star of the car industry, and 9H Nano coatings are the latest when talking about paint protection industry. Utilizing advanced and latest nanotechnology, this car coating will surely fill in all the pores gaps in the painted surface. It gives the protection you can’t get anywhere else. The ultimate sleek appearance of the painted surface with the coating will strongly resist all issues. All the minor scratches, swirl marks and corrosive contaminants are kept away like bird droppings, causing any damage to the external surface.

  • One Application of Coating is Enough:

A Nano ceramic coating will strongly form a chemical bond with the painted surface, unlike other paint protection products which work at the upper surface and requires to be constantly reapplied. Seriously gone are the worrying days about whether or not the painted surface is protected by that wax that you have applied months before. With a 9H ceramic coating, let me clear you that just one application is enough for achieving long-lasting protection.

  • Extreme Hydrophobicity

9H Nano coatings are highly hydrophobic, so all the water beads present up and roll off easily instead of resting and settling on the paint and turning into the strong reason for corrosion. This super hydrophobicity is which cannot be achieved by any other products used for paint protection. It will not just protect the painted layer of your love but even turns your car easier to maintain and clean.

Extreme Hydrophobicity

Extreme Hydrophobicity

  • Ultimate Shiny and Glossy Surface

All the above-described points are technical and good but the best thing that people actually prefer about is its glossiness. Nano ceramic coatings will leave your all-new Audi with that ultimate sleek, shine and glossy appearance that you often see at the front cover of any car magazines. This glossy look is long-lasting just like the durable protection so the Audi keeps turning the heads for coming years.

At the Exppress Car Wash, we are proud to bring and offer the top brand of ceramic coating for car: Opti-Coat. Our professional team serves all the car enthusiasts throughout Delhi NCR location. Contact us at 80-100-44000 today for any information on services related to painting protection and car washing. To know more, visit

True Facts about 9H Nano Coating

9h Nano Coating for Car

For most of the viewers, this is for sure not the first time actually they’ve heard even of this scientific term “Nano Coating” or “Ceramic Coating”. Others are much skeptical – certain videos have been staged in one way or the other way? Will this car coating ruin the external painted surface of the car? And in reality, why do they appear so much expensive even when the product bottles are so small?

9H Nano Coating

9H Nano Coating

In today’s blog from Exppress Car Wash, we’re heading to look at certain realities of the Nano ceramic coating, if they perform what they strictly claim and help you in deciding whether it’s relevant for you or not. Undoubtedly, the protection provided by these car coatings offered is unrivaled, they do have some potential downsides depending on what you’re after.

Let’s take some time and spend on clearing certain facts taking from the fiction. This is exactly what this blog will be covering today:

  • Background
  • Explanation of Nano Ceramic Coating
  • More other paint protection options?
  • What actually they perform?
  • What does this car coating doesn’t do?
  • Myths related to Ceramic Coating
  • Conclusion

You desire that your car to look stunning and amazing as it was actually on the day when you drove it off the lot or showroom of the dealer. But despite your all efforts of car maintaining and professional washing, the swirl marks, scratches, and stains start to easily spread onto your car’s exterior and the paint begins to dull & fade from the sun.

Anything and everything is constantly attacking your car’s surface. Mud, dust, dirty rain, water spots, unsightly brake dust, grime start sticking to your car almost immediately after cleaning it. And let’s face it, having to wash your car is boring, monotonous and time-consuming. Snow, ice, salted roads, tree gum, bird shit doesn’t help either. Basically, designed for space and oil industry, this nano technology has expanded its wings into automotive industry and that too successfully. The reason behind the successful expansion is the effectiveness it leaves behind.

  1. Explanation of Nano Ceramic Coating

The best and easiest way to better understand 9H Nano coating is to think of them as a layer of skin or even a sacrificial protective layer over the clear coating of the car. They fully utilize nanotechnology that is essentially micro particles which forms a very thin, invisible from naked eye. Just because these micro particles are too small, when directly applied onto the car exterior surface, they strongly seal up all scratches, pores and making the surface water-repellent.  This Nano ceramic coating is also resistant to scratches, UV rays, chemicals, any anti-graffiti and extreme heat.  This superficial layer is completely transparent so doesn’t affect the appearance of the car.

  1. Any other paint protection options?

Yes, it is fact that Nano ceramic coating have geared up their hold and command in automobile industry now, but it is even a fact that they were present in car detailing industry since decades back. However, because of the prohibitive cost and less popularity, they have lagged behind in popularity and speed. Earlier they were only restricted to pockets of rich people but thanks to the advent of latest technology, now this protective layer of ceramic coating is in easy reach of any car enthusiasts.

  1. What actually 9H Nano Coating perform?

    Nano Coating perform

    Nano Coating perform

Often people ask why to invest in getting an expensive car coating onto the surface. So let me give many strong reasons to say yes to this nano coating. A lot many benefits goes simply unheard in the automotive industry, but no matter how good quality car coating you are getting onto your car, you will surely have to take certain precautionary measures. Are you aware of those precautionary measures? Few of the best points to prefer Nano ceramic coating are:

  • Dirt and dust repellent
  • Hydrophobic
  • Protection against rust? Oxidization/ UV rays
  • Improved durability
  • Scratch proof
  • Self-healing
  1. What does this car coating don’t do?

A lot many misconceptions is prevailing in market about what exactly the ceramic coating does not cover. Few of the mentioned points might be much logical, never the less, let’s begin off by defining this. “It really does not make your love bulletproof.” And more, they’re not few of the magic all-encompassing detailing product which will resolve all the potential hazards from the car surface it is exposed to. Another important fact about this 9H nano coating is that you cannot use it onto all the vehicles or in other language; it is restricted to vehicles and its crafted material.

Just because the car has undergone the car coating process or say professional treatment it doesn’t defines that you no longer require dusting it, washing it or removing the tough bird droppings. Still you will have to do all that. The real difference that exists is that maintenance of the car paint will need less elbow grease and comparatively lesser time. The addition of car coating protects your car paint from getting damaged not surely your car.

  1. Myths related to Ceramic Coating

    Myths related to Ceramic Coating

    Myths related to Ceramic Coating

I thought I’d round up some of the myths most of us often hear about, so that you don’t get cheated by the words of the salesperson or the advertisements if you move out in market for research.

  • Nano coatings are scratch proof.
  • Doesn’t require maintenance
  • 9H coatings are permanent
  • Easy to apply
  • This coating brings more shine and gloss than any good quality waxes and sealants.


So, this blog from Exppress car wash brings down all the points that you need to know about the application and investment regarding nano ceramic coating. All the pros, cons, myths, real facts about the car coating will help you to answer one question very easily and that is;

Is it worth to invest in Nano Ceramic Coating?

Is it worth to get your car coated with this transparent car coating?

Hopefully, the answer to both the question is yes. It is worth making a decision and investment. The only thing that you need to understand and follow is to not expect any kind of magic from the product. So, to get your car coated professionally with nano coating, dial 80-100-44000 or visit our website

9H Ceramic Coating : Scratch-Proof Ceramic Coating for Car

9H Ceramic Coating: The Way You Can Regain the Lost Car’s Shine

9h Scratch-Proof Ceramic Coating for Car

9h Scratch-Proof Ceramic Coating for Car

Whether it is the natural forces or say bad luck- nothing can stay new forever. With the passage of time, the factory look starts to fade out along with damages and marks all over either it is any vehicle or any sort of products. While the 9h scratch-proof ceramic coating provides ultimate solution to keep your vehicle new look for long time and this blog from Opti Coat India presents few of the basic reasons why the car painted surface fades out- and not just reason, but even brings down the tips of how you can easily prevent the fading out process to keep your love new forever.




Car Paint Protection


The glossy shine of the painted surface of the car could last literally forever if you park it indoors or place it in the covered parking area for 90 percent of the day. Yes, you might be shocked after reading 90 percent is exactly next to impossible. The main thing that you can perform so as to add protection to your car while moving out on the road and in the sunlight. The only thing that you can do as a layman is to park your car in shade or in any of the enclosed garage whenever it is possible. The other thing that you can do is to use your love less which is again impossible. So, avoiding sunlight is not the solution but to get something that can protect it from direct exposure to sunlight and the best barrier is getting it wrapped in 9H ceramic coating. Proper installation of ceramic coating strictly protects your car from any damage caused by the UV rays- so just a single coat of this car coating can protect the painted surface of your car from the direct exposure of sunlight.


These uses automatically rotating large and rough plastic brushes which can scuff the car painted surface causing fading of the shine and colour of the top layer of car’s exterior surface. if comparing the modern and updated car washes, the car washers simply use gentler foam brushes which don’t cause any sort of damage to the surface and is even softer over them.


If you are living by the seashores, isn’t that amazing? The seashore view, cool breeze, and amazing feeling will surely delight your mood but what about your car. Running your car on roads by the shore will surely affect the glamorous look of your car. The salt compound present in the atmosphere can directly react with the surface of the car for causing oxidation that corrodes the amazing paints and finally results in rusting of the car body. Regular cleaning and frequent car detailing will help you in professionally removing the layered salt coatings. The ceramic coating from the Opti Coat can turn your car impervious to oxidations and other chemical etching that directly affects the appearance of your car.




Pollutants present in the environment can directly lead to the increase in the acid percentage in the rainwater and which will lean slowly towards the acidic parameter on the pH scale. A car which is exposed to the acid rain can easily fade out. The reason behind fading off is the chemical reactions that occur between the car’s painted surface and the rainwater. But you can surely prevent acid rain hampering the exterior surface of your car by two easy steps. As always regular cleaning plays a crucial role and the other one is getting your car coated with a layer of ceramic coating. This thin and clear layer of ceramic coating can protect your car from all adverse effect caused by acid rain directly falling on the exterior surface.

As a car lover, we at Opti Coat India better understand that no matter how busy you are, you will always make an effort to keep your car in healthy condition irrespective of investment. Along with proper car care effort and maintenance, ceramic coating treatment will make sure that the car is invulnerable to all reasons for damages. So, you can keep your car shiny and fresh as it was when you bought it. you can maintain the factory shine forever if you have installed ceramic coating properly.


Car exterior cleaning is an important segment of car detailing procedure. This process is highly welcomed for maintaining the car painted surface quality. Yet, with the wrong usage of the product and detailing techniques, it can directly lead to fading off the shine and look of the painted surface. Not all clothes are suitable for cleaning, wiping or drying car surface. Always try to clean your car using a clean microfiber as they are soft over the paint and won’t cause any sort of damage. You need to be very particular about the cleanliness of cleaning cloth before using it over the surface so as to avoid any sort of damage caused. If you have got a new cleaning cloth for using while applying ceramic coating then always go through the instructions mentioned in the manual provided along with the product.


There exist a wide range of contaminants and other toxic particles in an open environment which turn out to be more dangerous for your car. not just dangerous but even destructive as they are not instantly evident. These environmental pollutants combine to chemically form nitric or sulfuric acid which if permitted to sit over the surface of car can slowly destroy the painted surface. In chemistry terms, these chemicals can eat up the metal body. Get your car properly coated with a shield of 9H ceramic coating so as to provide a protective barrier between pollutants and car surface. apart from this, some minor steps are even required to maintain the health of the car like polishing and waxing of car surface, regular washing and other.

If you want to get a protective shield in form of ceramic coating over your car, please contact Opti Coat India @ 80-100-44000 or visit our website for many more services We have certified installer of ceramic coating and paint protection film under the brand name of OPTI COAT.

Protecting Car with Ceramic Coating

Got a new love. Congrats!

Now looking up for paint protection and researched a lot in the market but still not satisfied with which option to go for. Well, don’t worry. Exppress Car Wash is here to recommend you about a professional technique that is prevailing across globe adding lasting sheen and shine to cars. Yes, I am talking about “Ceramic Coating.”

Car Cleaning

Car Cleaning

Let’s start with the definition of Ceramic coating:

It is a technique that is more efficient than waxes and other wraps. It is a liquid polymer which is carefully applied manually over the car’s exterior. This type of coating turns up in variations which permits the body of the car and undercarriage to be safely handled. It acts as caretaker of every nook and corner of the car including glass, trim, tail light, , and paintwork. The coating is properly applied in different process and stages. After application, it creates a semi-permanent and permanent bond with factory paint of the vehicles.

Why ceramic coating?

Ceramic coatings use polymer science and nanotechnology for bonding the coating with the paint. The level of protection, slickness, and durability gave by ceramic coating is unbeatable. It gives a guarantee of long-lasting paint protection and no environmental factor can hamper the look maintained by ceramic coating. Even the UV exposure cannot degrade the coating so the sheen and gloss level is retained for a long duration. You can vanish away the minor scratches and swirl marks.

  • A Deal of Good Investment:

It helps in maintaining the resale value of the car by protecting the interior and exterior of the car. So, it’s a perfect deal for the wheels.

  • New Forever:

The mirror effect, glossiness and color depth are incomparable of the ceramic coating. So it lets your car be new forever.

  • Less Maintenance:

Once done with the ceramic coating, your relaxing days starts as you won’t have to spend your mind in its maintenance.

USPs that makes Ceramic Coating different:

  • Best suited for any paint over your vehicles.
  • Most effective vehicle paint protection against any harmful elements.
  • Brings a deep and glossy look
  • Incredible mar and scratch-resistance.
  • Repels grimes and water droplets.

Ceramic Coating Application:

For getting the ceramic coating perfectly, you need to first remove the existing wax coat and dirt properly using a mild solvent. The initial step is then followed by claying down the paint’s upper layer carefully. Thereafter, apply the liquid coat using microfiber applicants completely including the trims and wheels. After every coating, you need to hold on for approx. half an hour for settling the paint. Between the top coat and base coat, provide at least eight-hour gap before it removes the error.

Conventional car waxing and Ceramic Coating: Which one to go for?

Simple and conventional waxing is a good option for protecting the paint of your love. If you are looking for regular maintenance then people often go for this as a trusted process. However, its short life and regular polishing can directly affect the top paint of the vehicles and can even add scratches.

If you are searching for ultimate care for your car’s paint, then the exact solution is a ceramic coating. The best feature of coating that is hydrophobic nature ensures long-lasting sparkle irrespective of what comes it in your way.

Hope this blog turns as a buddy for you in maintaining and protecting your car. Always go for best when it comes to making your love happy.

Great day ahead!