Why Car Pressure Washer is the best Choice for You?

It is never an easy task to thoroughly wash the car. Whether you perform the cleaning using a car washing kit or hire top-rated professionals, undoubtedly it is hectic. Obviously, it needs a lot of effort and consumes more time to get the car cleaned. Despite thorough cleaning, any moving vehicle on the road easily catches excess of dirt and grimes. However, preferring a high pressure washer is a best and also very effective way of automobile cleaning. You might have read a lot more write-ups related to the usage of a car pressure washer and learned a lot. Now, along with usage, in this blog, you will get to know how to use the car wash machine.

Car Pressure Washer

Car Pressure Washer

Since this machine uses comparatively less water than a hose pipe. Most importantly using car pressure washer is eco-friendly and helps you in the conservation of the natural resource. Yes, it is obvious that this machine brings ease to the cleaning process, but car cleaning accessories is also important. Firstly, you need to choose the appropriate equipment and follow the right procedure. You might be thinking, what are the right procedure and correct equipment. Let me describe you. Deeply research about best car cleaning accessories and read manual thoroughly. These major steps are recommended because you might end up severely damaging the car. Use proper cleaning assets and preserve the coat paint for longer.

Features to look before purchasing High Pressure Washers:

As you research the automobile cleaning industry, following the detailing business, you will get many brands. There exist different brands and types of pressure washers for cars in the market and surely you will get confused. So, first, specify your needs and features you are looking for in the machine. Below mentioned are certain features which an advanced car pressure washer must have:

  • Ensure the high pressure washer you’re going to purchase has variable settings for the jet nozzle. This benefits you clean car segments safely and easily without causing any damage to any of the respective part.
  • Consider purchasing a pressure washer having a long hose. This makes sure you don’t need to move the washing equipment around the respective car. Even, check out if the car washer comes with in-built wheels for ease in moving it. Portability is an important factor to consider when investing in a machine.
  • Try to have the hold of car pressure washer which comes along with an attachable foam bottle. This is crucial as it’s easier to use bottles than container which you need to carry separately.
  • While getting a car pressure washer, you need to check for a model along with the nozzle attachment. This permits you to easily change the spray direction as per your need. For instance, you can easily angle the respective nozzle upwards while dealing with nook and corner of wheel arches.

Usage Method of Car Pressure Washer:

Car Pressure Washer

Method of Car Pressure Washer

Washing the vehicle with the pressure washer is much different than washing it with a low-pressure hosepipe. Even it is better than any other manual or high-tech car wash method. This is why you should strictly follow certain methods, as described below:

  • Initially, rinse off the upper layer of grime, dust, and dirt from the vehicle’s painted surface. While searching for a car pressure washer, try to find one with a jet spray which is adjustable. Place nozzle to the spray of around approx. three inches wide. This needs to be set as that it’s strong enough to remove all the dirt. Above all, removing dust without damaging the vehicle’s paintwork is very important. While cleaning the headlights, windows and the fragile areas, use bit less powerful and a comparatively wider setting.
  • You can avail special car wash shampoo for car pressure washer from the market. Apply this soap and foam cleaner and coat the entire car with a layer of cleaner. While doing this, keep the pressure washer nozzle in its least powerful and widest mode. Let the cleaner remain on the car for a few moments as it will help loosen the dirt from the surface of the car. Ensure the soap or shampoo doesn’t get easily dried or else, it may form blemishes.
  • There needs to be an attachable car brush that you can use to loosen the most stubborn dirt and grease. You might even use the same car brush for wheel arches cleaning and the external surface. Wheel cleaning needs to be done at last. This is because the brush might grab up a lot of grit from the car’s wheels. If these grits remain stuck to brush, it will surely damage the painted surface. The damage will be caused when you rub it against the surface of the vehicle. Make it a strong point to wash the brush thoroughly. Once you’re done with the car cleaning kit process so that all the grimes are removed. High pressure usage needs to be very specific.
  • While rinsing off the surface, place the nozzle spray at a jet setting. When cleaning the car’s glass areas, place the pressure bit lower. If you are using high pressure washer that doesn’t feature the adjustable nozzle, consider maintaining the gap with the vehicle. Usually, it’s recommended to stand at a minimum pace of 3-4 feet.
  • Just like there exist various methods which you need to follow while car washing using high pressure washers. There even exist certain steps that you need to follow strictly. For instance, don’t use a pointed nozzle attachment which comes along with pressure washer as accessories. This might turn out to be powerful for the complicated parts of the car. It might even damage the car’s paintwork. It’s recommended to never face the spray directly on the surface for a long time span.

Purchasing Car Pressure Washers:

Purchasing Car Pressure Washers

Purchasing Car Pressure Washers

When you are in the market to buy a high pressure car washer for commercial purposes, you will get endless options. To start with, you might look for steam pressure washers. Also, some of the best models od washer reaches maximum wet steam temperatures. Even you can easily use the commercial car pressure washers for various car detailing procedures.  Car detailing process includes removing dirt, brake dust, oil marks, tree sap, bugs from the exteriors, etc. When thinking of cleaning the engines, tires, wheels and more, you require to choose the best option for your purpose.

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