Car Waxing; Perfect Companion for your Car

Proficient detailers express perhaps the most ideal approaches to shield your vehicle’s outside from the components and ecological dangers are by normally hand waxing it. Detailers says waxing by hand offers a few advantages. “Car Waxing jam and shields the vehicle from brutal components,” he says. “It builds resale esteem at exchange time [and] it’s simpler to clean between waxing.” Car wax offers a layer of insurance for vehicles by securing the unmistakable coat and paintwork. Neglecting to hand wax can make the paint blur, and permit more possibilities for corrective harm, conceivably diminishing the vehicle’s resale esteem.

car Waxing

Car Waxing

You cherish your vehicle. You two often spend most of the times together. All you truly need to do is to keep your vehicle shining as those autos flashing in the lights of the showroom or the day you paid it off the part. Alright, we both realize that isn’t viable, yet you can keep your vehicle looking grand while still really taking it out in the city. It is safe to say that you are confounded by clashing guidance on when and how to detail your vehicle? Try not to give your vehicle a chance to break down because of inaction. We have uplifting news: The Exppress Car has refined all the data you need directly here. After you read this, you’ll be prepared to give your vehicle the consideration it merits. car wax has made some amazing progress since it was first created in 1800 using animal fats to clean and sparkle carriages. The present-day car waxes are delivered utilizing finely-tuned forms that have raised the usage of characteristic waxes that incorporate vegetable wax, beeswax, and oils, just as manufactured bases, to sparkle and secure your vehicle more than ever.

Car Waxing and Polishing Tips for beginners

Waxed vehicle!!

Car Wax

Car Wax

Not many things really develop and reach to the top situation of the extreme result. The longing of getting a cleaned vehicle for evacuating any undesirable imperfections of the vehicle, framing astonishing sparkle and afterward re-establish the profundity of scratch. A cleaned vehicle really includes incredible appearance and makes a vehicle owner a glad client. Tragically, in this period of digitalization, a considerable lot of us are a casualty of over-burden, counterfeit data and silly suppositions concerning any vehicle care items like what to do, how to do, related advantages numerous other.

With regards to vehicle cleaning and buffering, the unlimited stories from deceived people make things most noticeably awful to get it. Give this Exppress Car Wash a chance to wash help you to realize vehicle cleaning and other vehicle specifying process from bit close. Car waxing along with the touch of polishing is a finished and point by point theme over which you can get lost of positive and negative inputs on a portion of its sections like best vehicle polisher in the market, best vehicle care organizations to get your vehicle cleaned. Simply different backgrounds, vehicle cleaning have turned very simple when contrasted with its cause and today. Science and innovation have gotten simplicity and variety car waxing strategy. The car care industry has everything as far as devices, items and their simple to-adhere to guidance for experts and experienced.

Details about Car Polishing:

Have you each, however, why vehicle cleaning a significant advance for keeping up the vehicle’s outside appearance? The appropriate response is very simple, vehicle cleaning step readies the vehicle surface for waxing and other sealant application, evacuate vehicle scratches and expel exceptionally fine contaminants from the outside surface of the vehicle. Vehicle cleaning procedure makes an extreme sparkle base for the establishment of the vehicle covering like earthenware covering or paint security film. It fixes minor harms caused on the vehicle alongside improving the vehicle’s magnificence. In the mid of the occasion, if you consider exchanging your pride, you can expect better resale esteem.

Car Waxing and Polishing, Are they Same?

A large portion of the individuals imagines that the vehicle waxing and polishing procedure are to some degree same procedure and regularly reciprocally use them. So, both the procedures are unique. Car polishing cleaning is the procedure that turns up before the procedure of car waxing, not the other technique around. This cleaning procedure incorporates the car detailing products usage including abrasives to bring out flawlessness on the vehicle’s outside surface by expelling blemishes like scratches and swirl marks. This procedure even guarantees that no residue and different contaminants will be fixed if once you have waxed your vehicle. In any case, what’s car waxing at that point. Well, that is a procedure that precedes the progression of vehicle cleaning. Maybe this is where really perplexity turns up. Experts put a portion of the wax amount on the cushion machine to encourage the procedure and even anticipate further harm to the vehicle body. This is the reason few individuals imagine that car waxing procedure turns up before car polishing.

Perfect Car Waxing Steps:

  • Buy a brilliant car wax. You can discover a variety of car waxes at your nearby store or retail shop of auto detailing products. There are a few national brands of car wax to browse. While there is no compelling reason to rampage spend on car wax, it is a smart thought to pick an item that is in the value extend. The most prevalent type of car wax is bundled in a little tub, even though car wax is additionally accessible in shower structure.
Car Waxing Steps

Car Waxing Steps

  • Wash your car. It is ideal to apply car wax to a spotless and dry car. Either take your car to a car wash or wash it yourself before applying wax. Ensure that your car is totally dry.
  • Peruse the guidelines on the car wax bundle. A few brands have specific directions. Continuously pursue the item’s suggested use.
  • If utilizing car wax that comes in the tub design, open the bundle and expel the cushion. Under the cushion, there ought to be another cover. Whenever opened, this top ought to uncover the wax.
  • Pick a region of your car to start waxing. Plunge the cushion into the wax with the goal that a thumb estimated glob is on the cushion. Try not to apply wax to any outside plastic, headlights, tail lights, or some other zone exhorted against in the item’s directions.
  • Apply the wax using a little, circular movement. A slender layer of wax ought to be connected to the whole car. It is ideal to utilize either even or vertical columns of circles to guarantee that the whole surface of the car is secured.
  • After you have connected the wax to your whole vehicle, the zone that you started in ought to be dried. At the point when the wax is dry, it will seem matte and feel fairly white.
  • Utilizing a chamois, old shirt, or other delicate fabric, expel the wax from the outside of your vehicle. Uses a round movement to expel the wax and buff the outside of your vehicle.

After properly and efficiently following the above-described steps of car waxing you will surely get shiny and amazing car surface. to get your car the professional touch of car waxing, visit any outlet of Exppress Car wash or to book your slot, visit us at

Get Rid of Swirl Marks with Car Polishing Process:

Everything begins with a small fine swirl mark on the vehicle. At that point, you see a spiderweb-like an imprint. At that point, you discover another. The swirls begin to get to you. How to dispose of swirls on the vehicle? Peruse this blog from Exppress Car wash and discover certain facts about car polishing. Vehicle owners and enthusiasts know this pestering inclination great. More can be the consequences if the paint of your car is black or another dark colour. The picture adheres to your mind like the twirls on your vehicle. However, before you make the appointment for car detailing, it is great to find out about swirl marks on the vehicle and if car polishing can remove it.

Car Polishing Process

Car Polishing Process

Car Polishing and Swirl Marks: Perfect Match

Twirls are fine scratches with a circular appearance on car’s paint. These are brought about by inappropriate cleaning, for example, usage of mistaken cleaning cloth and using wrong car polishing process, hard cleaning mixes, cleaning down with grimy clothes or microfiber, poor flushing after wash, and some programmed vehicle wash brushes. You can easily dispose of the swirls marks on a vehicle by following two strategies. One is performed physically while the other – surely mechanical. Both the techniques utilize a similar car detailing product for expelling out the marks and scratches. For best outcomes, expel all minor to major swirl marks in a shaded or say covered territory. An expert of car detailing realizes how to effectively dispose of the swirls and scratches on your vehicle by using the proper technique of car polishing.

Manual Car Polishing Method for Swirl Marks Removal:

Minor swirl marks can be forever expelled from your paintwork by hand and relying upon the hardness of your vehicles paint joined with the seriousness of the twirling will decide the kind of clean you should wind up applying. Before we dive into the detail of how to clean a vehicle by hand, we should search for one minute at the subject of your car paint hardness. You might not have acknowledged but rather there is a distinction, contingent upon the producer in the hardness of the paints they apply to their vehicles. As of late, there has additionally been a move away from dissolvable based paint frameworks to eco-friendlier (water-based) ones.

Car Polishing Steps:

Car Polishing Steps

Car Polishing Steps

  • Make sure that the car surface is properly washed and then dried.
  • Choose proper microfiber and a foam applicator pad.
  • Use the round pad to apply polish by placing car polish in center and then easily applying it on to the vehicle surface.
  • Work the clean into the paint solidly and equally over the zone being cleaned. I prescribe working a similar way over the zone yet then changing the plot for each pass. i.e first leave behind and down the territory, second pass side to side over the region, third askew and so forth. Albeit some will say clean in circles I find that you can accomplish an all the more even application utilizing a similar movement on each pass.
  • When the clean has been worked into the paint and just a light fog stays, buff off the staying shine buildup with a delicate, extravagant microfibre buffing towel.
  • If you have expected to utilize a progressively rough clean or whirl remover, I would prescribe a last advance down to a lighter one to give a better cleaning impact to your paintwork.

You should now be left with an endlessly improved completion with either the whirl checks totally gone or fundamentally diminished. If you have more than light twirling or find that your paint is very difficult to work with you may need to rehash over a couple more occasions to get your ideal outcome. Car polishing seems to be an easy task but in the real sense if you are doing at your own at your home, trust me it will hit your head with bit pressure and tension.

Make sure to apply your clean solidly and equitably over the region being worked. Do not “scour” firm in extremely little regions to maintain a strategic distance from an uneven completion which can look much more terrible than the underlying whirling. You are currently prepared to either apply a coating and additionally a vehicle wax or sealant.

Waxing is Different from Car Polishing:

First of all, car polishing and waxing a vehicle are two unique ideas. For instance, polishing a surface uses abrasive items to expel defects from your paint. Waxing adds the try to please outside of your vehicle, just as, a layer of security from the components. Eventually, car polishing smoothly prepares the vehicle to be waxed. The next car polishing requires the usage of the polishing machine-like dual action polisher. Before endeavoring to utilize any car polisher acquaint yourself with the best possible strategy for it. Machine polishers can consume your paint if not utilized accurately. The most ideal approach to handle the errand with a cradle is to set the speed to low-medium and apply lightweight.

Car Polishing

Car Polishing

There are two kinds of machines for car polishing: rotational buffer and orbital polishers. The rotatory buffer is for the most part utilized for expelling further scratches. Be that as it may, you should keep the cradle in the steady movement to abstain from consuming painting. Just experts and those with experience should clean utilizing these. Besides, orbital polisher functions admirably to evacuate surface scratches and twirls. To forestall outside harm to your vehicle, those with less experience should utilize an orbital polisher while conducting the car polishing process.

Ultimately, if you like to stay away from the capability of harming your vehicle’s outside you could utilize an expert. This may be the most secure alternative of car polishing if you have an older vehicle and need to re-establish the paint. When picking a business to polish your vehicle ensure you check audits and think about. For more profound scratches that require revolving support, using an expert is a more secure path than attempting it yourself just because. To book your appointment for professional car polishing, visit us at


Being into a car wash or car detailing business, you are required to wash and wax cars at a regular interval of time and should be properly scheduled so as to keep proper time in hand to treat a car. A car treated professionally using proper techniques and with proper time is really unbeatable and this helps to maintain and shield the beauty and elegance of the car. the high-quality protectants are required so as to achieve the best shine of the car and enhance its look. In this context, the car protectant that you will come across or say is considered is car polishing to provide the car a shining gleam. All the cars are bombarded by various contaminants every day. To maintain a car in best look, you would have to know the best process of how to use a buffer for car polishing.

Car Polish

Car Polishing

To make the finish of the car looks great, there are few of the things that you can easily perform. Car polishing or buffing properly allows you to wipe away and remove various defects like scratches, etching, spots, and oxidation. This helps you in boosting the shine of the vehicle and smoothly prepares it for ultimate protection. When buffing out the surface of the vehicle, there exist various kinds of pads which are to be utilized. Add-on knowledge of complete car polishing process will help in maintaining the car in the ultimate state. It is easy to describe the essential steps for making the car look brand new. However, you require to think and consider a few of the damages caused to the car. If the damages caused onto the surface of the car is small you can get it correct easily without making any heavy investment by going for car polishing process.

Quality Car Polish:

car polishing

Best Car Polish

High-quality buffers are crafted to remove minor flaws or say damages in the exterior surface of the vehicle while performing the car polishing. This is done at the microscopic degree. Directly if will not hamper the quality of the factory paint. The cutting possibilities of the provided buffer are estimated by the paint quality which is finished and then further removed.

High-quality polishes create a wet-looking, glossy and deep shine. The low-quality polishes cloud the top surface of the paint. All the buffing polish is intended precisely for a certain reason and given professional application. While choosing a polish and respective buffer, you should consider first the type of gloss and shine that you might desire as an outcome. You even need to consider the hardness of the painted surface, condition, and its thickness. Along with it, you must go through the labels and present information over the products which you will be heading with the usage, being good in handling the process with proper car polishing tools. Check the workspace, the time to be given over the working along with the weather conditions just like the temperature, the storm is yet another factor.

Settings Speed on a car buffer

It is very critical to use the least abrasive car polishes to be able to attain an ultimate finish to the ride. Rumors and few of the advertisements advise that a single car polishing will give the best results already. This data is absolutely false. There exist some of the specific pointers that you are asked to know about certain processes over how the vehicle is to be properly polished and buffed.

Moderate to big scratches:

If you come across moderate to big damages over the car’s painted surface, light swirls, scratches or another serious error, you should use the high-quality buffing foam pad with a quality swirl remover. Further, set the speed of the buffer at the mark of five or six. This would guide you in proper buffing the surface of the car to the optimum level and surely in the best possible way. The speed of butter plays critical role in car polishing process.

Minor and normal damages:

If you need to easily remove some light and moderate water etching, oxidation, and regular swirl marks, you might need to use a finishing glaze and a light foam pad. The speed setting must be at the range of three to five, depending on the intensity of the scratches. This will ultimately result in the admirable finish to the vehicle after car polishing.

Very light or no damages at all:

In this very rare case that a car’s finish does not have excessive of damages or can even say no damages at all, you would still like to enrich the shine, gloss and set a better and cleaner exterior surface for the mentioned protectant. You require to make use of the pre-wax polish enhancer and further a high-quality foam pad to get car polishing done right. Set the buffer’s speed between one to three.

Car Polishing technique:

car polish

Car Polishing Technique

It is recommended that before you initiate working on the complete vehicle, it is actually best to choose a test spot or section on the wrongly-affected segment of the car. Along with this, you might also use the older car or a small segment of the scrap metal. You must always start with a product which is less vigorous, aggressive or not that capable. If you don’t look into it or get the desired outcome, select the more vigorous or stronger polishing product. Once you are done with the test spot and find the desired positive outcome, you head on to the car polishing over the entire vehicle surface. It is actually a trial-and-error method. If you still don’t find a positive outcome, try another approach in place it.

Professional Guidance first:

Naturally, the best and effective way to figure out which car polisher or sealants best fits the automobile is to ask a professional first and inquire them for the products. These include the well-known experts in car polishing or the specialists of the detailing product manufacturers. This is recommended highly as to reduce the trial-and-error step once you would be properly applying it to vehicles at your outlets and even helps you to attain and successfully meet the expectations of the customer.

Things to Remember:

Avoid dry buffing onto car surface. For best results, work as per the manual provided with the car polishing product. Ensure that the professionals are performing the task right, as this buffing process takes a good time. If the pad motion is too fast, the outcome will not be as good as you thought.

Do not apply too much pressure, as this might damage the car’s exterior paint coating. Never remove the polisher off the car paint when it is turned on. In the end, always remember to follow the guide and trust me it can work out well. If you don’t trust your effort, leave your car at the doorstep of car detailing company like Exppress Car Wash and invest in car polishing. Want to get your car polished, dial 80-100-44000 or visit us @


Is Car Polishing Easy? A guide for Beginners

Polished car!!

Very few things actually grow and reaches to top position of ultimate outcome. The desire of getting a polished car for removing any unwanted blemishes of the car, forming amazing shine and then restore the depth of scratch. A polished car actually adds fantastic appearance and makes a car owner a happy owner. Unfortunately, in this era of digitalization, many of us are victim of overloaded, fake information and pointless opinions regarding any car care products like what to do, how to do, related benefits many other.

Car Polishing

Car Polishing

When it comes to car polishing and buffering, the endless stories from misinformed persons makes things worst to understand. Let this Exppress Car Wash help you to know car polishing and other car detailing process from bit close.

Car polishing is a complete and detailed topic over which you can get lost of positive and negative feedbacks on some of its segments like best car polisher in market, best car care companies to get your car polished. Just other walks of life, car polishing have turned quite easy when compared to its origin and today. Science and technology have brought ease and variation in car polishing method. The car care industry has everything in terms of tools, products and their easy-to-follow instruction for professionals and experienced.

Everything to know about Car Polishing:

Have you every though, why car polishing an important step for maintaining the car’s exterior appearance? The answer is quite easy, car polishing step helps to prepare the car surface for waxing and other sealant application, remove car scratches and remove very fine contaminants from the exterior surface of the car. Car polishing process creates an ultimate shine base for installation of car coating like ceramic coating or paint protection film. It repairs minor damages caused on the car along with enhancing the vehicle’s beauty. In the mid of the event, if you think of reselling your pride, you can expect better resale value.

Difference between car polishing or car waxing:

Car Waxing Service

Car Waxing Service

Most of the people think that the car polishing and waxing process are somewhat same process and often interchangeably use them. In short, both the processes are different.

Car polishing is the process that turns up before the process of car waxing, not the other method around. This polishing process includes the product usage comprising abrasives to bring out perfection on the car’s exterior surface by removing imperfections like scratches and swirl marks. This process even ensures that no dust and other contaminants will be sealed if once you have waxed your car.

But what’s buffering then. Now that’s a process that comes before the step of car polishing. Perhaps this is the step where actually confusion turns up. Professionals put some of the wax quantity on the head of the buffer machine to facilitate the process and even prevent further damage to car body. This is why few people think that car waxing process turns up before car polishing.

Method of car polishing:

There is no method that fits all when you talk about car polishing. The prized possession is created of various components that require different car polishing techniques. Every material requires a dedicated car polishing product for bringing out the lost shine of the car surface.

Chrome surface of the car needs to be first properly examined to identify if the real chrome, painted, plated or coated. It needs to be thoroughly cleaned. Using a pressure washer to remove brake dusts, bugs and other contaminants if you are getting your chrome wheels cleaned. Alternatively, you need to steam clean the wheels. Buff, then polish and wax for achieving the ultimate result. Car areas crafted using aluminium can turn dull with the passage of time. That’s why it needs to be regularly polished and shined. There is an advice just like a precautionary step that aluminium is softer than the chrome, so you need to put an extra care when cleaning or polishing the aluminium segment. Car polishing is the only step that brings shine to the car while detailing it.

Now coming down to the plastic sections. Let me explain that plastic surface is quite easy to clean and then after cleanliness, its maintenance is even easy. But like other crafting material, with ages plastic can turn yellow and damaged if not properly cared.

Products used for Car Polishing:

Product for Car Polishing

Product for Car Polishing

With many car polishing products prevailing out there, that should you make investment and entrust the car with?

As an eco-friendly wash, most of the company use organic car polishing products. Not just they provide ultimate result, they even protect the shine and health of the car along with taking care of environment. These eco-friendly products don’t contain any harsh chemicals which damages the car paint leaving toxic residue in any environmental base like river, soil or other.

There are people who ask should I go for solid or liquid polish? Then the answer depends on your need and demand of your car. liquid spray polish is easy to use and can be evenly spread over the car surface. Most of the company prefer to use paste polish to attain ultimate result in glossiness and shine mainly in hot summer days. For car polishing, always try to use better quality of car polish and a proper tool like dual polisher and gloves.

How to get your car polished?

How to get your car polished?

How to get your car polished?

So, how do you get your car polished safely and efficiently?

There are two ways that you can conduct the car polishing steps that is manually and the other one is mechanically. Which one you need to use? This completely relies on the condition of the car paint so before application first check your car painted surface and get to know about issue. Are there any scratches, swirl marks, oxidation, chemical etching, dullness or yellowish headlights? If yes, try out car polishing process to restore the look of your old car. Below is method describing how you will polish your car manually:

  • Start the process by car wash ad then dry it thoroughly using microfiber towel.
  • Then start the claying process using the clay bar. This process ensure that the surface is contaminant free. Even the minute dust particle gets trapped in the polisher pad leading to scratch marks so to avoid it, claying process is important.
  • Put small amount polishing compound over the application pad of the car polishing Work on defining sections and then evenly applying.
  • At last wipe out the residue using a microfiber cloth to get perfect desirable outcome.

Car Care Made Easy with Exppress Car wash’s Tips:

Professional Car Care Tips:

Car Care

Car Care Tips

Owing is a thing of the moment of proud and if it about owes a car, trust me it is the greatest feeling in the world related to materialist thing. Maintaining your vehicle shiny and scratch less, for many it seems like an obsession especially for them who are new car owners. Nevertheless, paying some effort in caring your car paint task will pay dividends exactly down the road when they are reselling it. Car care plays an important role in extending the life of your vehicle, so if you are longing to have better looking car for years, do take of your car professionally.

Not just a properly maintained car paint task plays its role in preventing the car from oxidation and rusting, but it even attracts many buyers and in return, it directly commands the higher resale value of your prized possession. Spending enough money for mechanical refurbishment will be worthless if the buyers are turned away by the torn, dull and old appearance of car first place. Being an end user, can you imagine investing in a car that has amazing interiors but scratched and patchy exterior? I hope the answer will be a big no. Just like you, other buyers too care for the appearance of the car than other things. In short, when it comes to the business line of buying and selling of any product, the first impression always matters and can bring more profit to your pocket.

Car wash: Most Important Step of Car Care

car care

Step of Car Care

If your car paint is exposed to sunlight or rain or storm, it is professionally recommended to get your car washed and waxed more often so as to protect it. Here in India, the frequent weather changes are quite harsh over the car painted surface resulting in scratch marks, rusting and dullness of the car shiny painted surface.

On the other hand, if you have to leave your car for a longer time in parking, the best-suited place is under the shade most preferably under the garage or any underground parking. Though the trees provide plenty of shade, at the same time, they turn into the reason of many more severe damages from bird dropping, tree sap, bugs, and other insects and others. The bird dropping acts as a blot on your pride ride that can be easily avoided. You can place your car in underground parking or any garage and add durability to the shine of your ride.

Bird droppings are not just unhygienic and unsightly but are even very acidic. Under extreme sunlight exposure, that can soften the car’s paint and the clear coating applied over it, the acidic composition of the dropping can dissolve the paint leaving permanent damage to the car paint and can be even more hampering if left untreated for long. When it comes to taking car care of car’s exterior, it is always difficult as you can stop or prevent accidental happenings and bird dropping is one of them that cannot be ignored. A gentleman quoted that car wash is among the important steps in caring the car’s painted surface as it washes away all the enemies hampering them like dust, dirt, bird dropping, and chemicals and doesn’t allow them to settle down for further hampering.

TIP: don’t permit any torture to sit over car painted surface for too long as it starts to bond with the painted car surface which at the end leaves the roughness over the car surface. This roughness then demands extra of care, extra of washing, clay treatment and even polishing.

Car wash tips for car paint:

Avoid using cheap sponges available at the nearby convenience store. The sponge is a product that easily absorbs, entombs and can catch dirt in its pores. These dirt particles in its pores can leave behind the swirl marks and minor scratches over the painted surface as you rub against the surface. Microfiber is a fabric that is recommended by professional car washing companies and detailers. It easily cleans the surface softly without adversely affecting the surface. These microfibers are used to dry up the car body after a thorough car wash. The best part of using microfiber is it doesn’t trap any dirt particle so there is no chance of a scratch and swirl marks.

While washing the car, always try to use mild car wash shampoo as many of the dishwashing detergents constitutes a high percentage of strong chemicals and salt that are harmful to car parts including rubber, plastics and paint in the long term. The best car wash products are the one with formulations which are pH balanced. This pH balance makes them gentle over car parts as it doesn’t constitute any strong chemical. Along with best car wash product have a small percentage of lubrication suspended that acts as a barrier between the car painted surface and dirt. These lubricated chemicals guarantee long term shiny and clean exterior car surface. The products used at Exppress Car wash are mild and pH balanced, assuring that your car doesn’t face any hardness and avoid any risk of paint damage.

Method of Scratch Removal: Polishing is Part of Car Care

car polishing

Scratch Removal Tips

Spotting a scratch mark over your car is not the stop. Depending on the depth and severity of scratch, scratches over the car painted surface can be treated and removed. If the scratch mark is not too deep or wide, you can easily free your car from it with simple hand polisher. For many of the cases, the scratches are best treated with good quality car polish and polisher. Some of the good professional car detailing will do it for you. But when scratches reach the base coat, you need to respray it.

Is car protection important?

Long left dirt over the car bonnet and other segments can be the reason for minor scratches. So to prevent your car with any sort of mark and damage you can visit detailing studio nearby and get your car wrapped with a ceramic coating or car ppf which is done after a proper car wash. Any paint protecting sealant can work better for protecting your car paint and can be the best option for the one who is lazy in taking their car to car wash outlet. Once you have got proper car coating, you don’t need a more frequent professional car wash and other treatment just wiping off dust with wet microfiber can even work better. Although most of the car wash and detailing companies promises to bring down highly durable ceramic coating an average life of any ceramic coating ranges from 3 years to 7 years.

No matter which option you choose as a part of your car care, this is important that you are caring for your car. If you are looking for any service-related car wash and other car care services, then book your appointment today at 80-100-44000. If you find this blog relatable to your real-life need, do let us know.

Have a happy day ahead😊

Exppress Car Wash Tips for Car Polishing:

Polishing is a step that helps in extending the life and beauty of your car. Car long life completely depends on a healthy car exterior and its paint. Car polish is mainly an abrasive material which helps in removing the topmost layer the car paint which is hampered by any external torture like a bird dropping, chemical etching, sunrays exposure and stone chips. Of course, it works properly in a fine and gentle process so that it doesn’t cause any wrong to your car paint.

Car Polishing

Tips for Car Polishing

There are times when people forget the step of polishing the car in between the car wash and car waxing process. They consider waxing and polishing as same. If polishing is done properly it can revitalize the exterior finish of the car. A thorough car polishing can remove the contaminants and surface from the car’s surface. Along with removing contaminants, car polishing prepares the surface for wax application. To get a proper result from polishing, you can either do it yourself by having a car polishing kit or get it done by professionals. There are detailing outlets who provide car polish services that need add-on efforts and machinery. Professionals use polishing wheels to bring out the ultimate result.

Part 1: Preparation for car polishing

Prepration for Car Polishing

Prepration for Car Polishing

a. Park the car in shaded or covered area

The very initial step for polishing the car start from washing it and for that you need to place your car in shade. Direct sunlight can cause damage to the car and could even cause early dryness of soap on the painted surface that leads to a dull appearance. So, first, find a place to place your vehicle out of the sunlight exposure. Make sure that you park the car over a solid surface. avoid placing your car on grass or garden area as you might get mud over your car after the wash. An overcast day is a perfect time for washing and polishing the car as long as the weather is not rainy.

b. Remove other things from a nearby area:

It can be a messy process to polish the car. When you switch the car polisher on, it might spray the rubbing compound while spinning. Ensure that the pets, kids and other things are removed from that area as there are chances when they can get sprayed with loose polish.

c. Rinse the complete vehicle using a hose:

Spray water over a complete car for preparing it for a manual wash. If possible then use the water itself along with scrub or abrasive pads to remove debris that is stuck to the car painted surface. always start the car washing process from top moving down to the bottom section. Everyone is aware of the fact that the lower part of the car holds more dirt than the upper surface so this top to bottom cleaning is suggested.

d. Clean wheels first:

If you intend to go for car polishing and wheel washing on the same day then ensure you clean the wheels first. For cleaning wheels always use different bucket and sponge from the ones used for cleaning car painted surface. Rinsing the car wheel might also splatter the dirty water, mud and detergent solution over the painted car surface so it is recommended to wash wheels first and then head towards the process of car polishing.

e. Use automotive soap for car washing:

Get a bucket filled with water and automotive soap solution. Always prefer to select the automotive soap that doesn’t have wax component as its composition. Dunk a clean scrubbing pad or sponge in the bucket filled with solution and start to wash the car from top to bottom movement. After every round of scrubbing, don’t forget to clean your scrub as it could result in leaving the dirt and small contaminants over the car surface. further, it can lead to swirl and scratch marks over car painted surface when you start the car polishing surface.

f. Select proper pads and compounds for car treatment:

Any dark colour c  ars are more prone to swirl marks over the car painted surface when you are polishing the car. so, to avoid any marks, you can use a softer pad and mild compound when treating dark cars. You can use bit aggressive pads and cleaning compounds when treating your light-colored car. You can get quality products at any auto care store for treating your car better.

Part 2: Car Polishing

Car Polishing

Car Polishing

a. Use polishing wheels over the compound:

Take the pad for the polishing wheels and use clean water to clean it. Wring it properly so it remains moist but remember not soaking wet. The pad should stay moist using the polishing method for avoiding car paint damage. You must be aware of the fact that a dry car polishing pad can burn out the clear coat of the car. Place a clean water bucket and hose nearby throughout the car polishing method.

b. At a time, apply rubbing compound on body panel:

Apply a moderate amount of car polishing compound over the polishing pad. Then further turn on the polishing wheel and softly press it over car paint. You might even apply the polishing compound over the car body directly then bring polisher over it. Before starting with compound, always go through instructions mentioned in the manual so as to get the best outcome. Always polish the car segment wise as this will bring out best shine to your car. Car polishing is always the best solution to treat your car.

c. Move wheel back and forth with soft pressure:

It is very important to keep the car polishing wheel parallel to whatever car panel you are presently polishing and modifying. Always maintain a common amount of pressure over the machine wheels as you move them back and forth over the car panel as you are investing effort on it. Why it is asked to maintain steady pressure because it reduces the damage chances over the car paint. It is asked to have back and forth movement while handling the car polishing machine because the pad rotates in a circular pattern.

d. Move on after getting finishing visibility:

As you are putting your effort into polishing the paint over the vehicle, the polishing compound will slowly swirl and smear and then disappear the patches and marks. Once the step is completed, you will get to see a brilliant shine of the car paint. Here comes the need to leave the car paint segment and move to the next one. Just like waxing, you don’t have to hold on for the car polish to dry. Just for advice, don’t continue to polish the shiny paint as this might lead to the dullness of the finishing.

e. Rinse the pad at intervals:

As you are polishing the vehicle, the compound used for your car polishing starts to accumulate over the pad. Occasionally stop polishing so as to rinse the compound off the pad and strictly wring the pad out so that it remains damp and clean again. This polishing pad cleaning is required as it leads to compromised results.  After every wash, remember to keep the polishing pad damp.

f.  Be careful around the intricate trim edges:

The pad edges on the car polishing wheels move fastest and come in contact with less of the rubbing compound, so here generates the big risk of hampering the clear coating which is applied over the car paint. So, while working on the car edges, you need to be more careful. Take your time and work on polishing techniques and remember to avoid pressing the pad edges in any car segment.

Part 3: ensure that car is protected

Car Polishing

a. Wash and again rinse the car:

Once you are done with polishing every segment of the car, thoroughly clean the car polishing pad and set it, place the polishing wheels side. Spray properly complete car with the hose or say you need to wash the complete car again.

b. Wash and again rinse the car:

Once you are done with polishing every segment of the car, thoroughly clean the car polishing pad and set it, place the polishing wheels side. Spray properly complete car with the hose or say you need to wash the complete car again.

c. Car wax application:

To protect your newly polished car always used good quality automotive wax. This even helps you in ensuring a bright and quality shiny finish. Apply wax in a circular motion using the pad.

d. Polish wax using microfiber towel:

Once the applied wax is dried, buff the car polish off using a clean microfiber towel. Once you have properly buffed off all the applied wax, the car painted surface have a brilliant finish.

Final words:

Once you are done with an above-mentioned step, you will get the desired shine to your car. if you want this car polishing process to be done by the hands of professional then you can take your car to the doorstep of Exppress Car Wash where experts will handle your need properly. So, to book your slot visit our website or dial 80-100-44000.

Car Wax vs Car Polish ?

What differentiates between car wax and car polish?

In general people consider car polish and car wax the same but in reality, they both are different. So, it is very important to know the existing difference between the two and why it matters.

The two most often asked question is car detailing profile is:

  • What is the best car polish for my car polishing needs?
  • Which car wax to get for waxing my car?

These two questions, unfortunately, demonstrate one big misconception prevailing in the general car market that is sole car wax or sole car polish can bring demanded outcome of car care.

This blog aims to simply dispel the misconception regarding polish and wax and even help in explaining why, till you possess regularly detailed car. In gist, this blog advices the users about proper car care and even car detailing series and dispel the misconception related to car wax and car polish.  You must be knowing the thin line difference between the two if you get your car cleaned and detailed at a regular time interval.

Car Waxing & Polishing

Car wax vs Car Polish

Difference between car polish and car wax?

Let’s start with a question what is a wax? So, here is the answer.

The natural form of wax comes in variable guises from different vegetable waxes like animal waxes to carnauba waxes. It is the natural properties of these waxes which makes them the perfect choice for the car waxes. Carnauba wax is the most popular wax used in the automotive industry. What makes this wax ideal is:

  • Insoluble in water virtually, so won’t disappear immediately after a wash or even rain shower.
  • The melting point is 82-86degree C, so can easily withstand high temperature without melting off the car shield.
  • It is one of the hardest waxes found in the natural form. It produces very glossy and durable finish when properly combined with other ingredients used for producing a softer product which can be applied easily to car paint more easily.

Most of the car wax will be in combination with solvents, colorants or any silicone fluids. Some of the waxes will even contain abrasives, completely depending upon the product that is being developed. In bringing shine to your paintwork, the wax will be an effective smoothing product on the car paint surface by simply filling up many different imperfections over the car paint.

Unfortunately, if the paintwork of your car is suffering any oxidation or dullness, then be sure that there exist lots of fillings that car wax can achieve and if waxes are applied properly then surely you can correct making car paint sufferings.


Car Polishing

Car polishing

Car polish on other hand is completely different in composition to car waxes. Not just composition, being the end user, you can feel the difference in their uses abrasives for removing any sort of minor scratches and any other swirl marks from the surface of the car. Car polishing is done when the car paint is faded or lost its sheen because of oxidation. Most of the professional recommend avoiding regular car polishing. If used very often, then car polish can scrape off the clear car coating and even its paint. However, some of the car polishes contain mild polymers or abrasives that won’t harm the car paint.

Know everything about CAR WAX:

Car wax was first developed in 1800 using fat of animals to polish carriage but now it has come a long way. Nowadays car wax is produced through a fine process which have started the usage of beeswax, oils, vegetables along with synthetic bases for protecting the car and adding shine to it.

What is car wax?

It is formulated by blending oils, waxes, and solvents that can be ethanol, crude oil distillates, petroleum, mineral spirit and etc. A wax compound simply adds a protection layer over the car paint and even bring out the best shine and luster to the vehicle. Waxing beautifies your car but the most important role of car wax is to protect the car. Good car wax will protect your car from moisture, fading due to sun exposure, pollutants, and oxidation.

Car Waxing & Polishing

Know everything about CAR WAX:

What are the Best Car Waxes?

As per the need of car and car owners, the best wax varies as you will get lots of option.

  • Natural car wax:

Natural car wax is generated using wax-base that occurs naturally like carnauba wax or likewise. Waxes can be segregated into finishing and cleaner wax as per your vehicle needs. Paint sealant is a product which is produced synthetically.

  • Cleaner car Wax:

It is even termed as one-step or all-in-one products. These waxes comprise chemicals and abrasives for cleaning car paint remove oxidation and polish and permits protection over car paint cover.

  • Finishing car wax:

It has no ability to cleaning your car. It is the last step of dedicated car care multistep process comprising car washing, interior cleaning, using compound, claying, removing swirls and then polishing. It can even be used to bring shine to the car body in showrooms. The finishing wax lends itself to mirror finish look and even bring an ultimate protective layer for car paint protection.

Paint Protection

Good car wax will protect your car from moisture, fading due to sun exposure, pollutants, and oxidation

How to wax a car:

  1. Collect the required equipment

  • Proper bucket
  • Clean sponge
  • Car washing soap
  • Microfiber towels
  • Clay lubricant and bar
  • Car polish
  1. Prepare the surface of your car

  • To remove the surface debris, you need to wash off the car. Ensure that you start the process from wheels for avoiding any dirt splatter over the surface of the car.
  • Further use the clay bar over a freshly washed off car for removing contaminants, grimes and pollutants. Simply rub the clay over the wet surface till the car paint is free of dirt and is smooth. This clay lubricant can be used for maintaining the lubrication of paint surface. If required, you can use another compound.
  1. One-step cleaning wax product:

  • Some of the above preparation steps can be easily accomplished using cleaning wax. Apply this particular step if required over your vehicle. Cleaning car wax needs few elbow greases as properly designed for cleaning the paint. Cleaner wax needs to work properly into painted surface. You will have to exert extra energy if the car paint is in bad condition.
  • The process may vary product to product as the cleaning products are available in the market as a liquid, paste or spray foams.
  1. Polishing the car:

  • Apply the polish in the small segment at a time, concentrating over a particular area where scratches, marks, and other damages exist. After a short interval, wipe off the residue of the polish.
  • Apply polish properly on the complete surface of the car. In the end, you will achieve glossy and vibrant finish as car polishing and car waxing will help in correcting the car paint and removing fine scratches ultimately bringing new shine to car paint.

Car Wash Services with a Touch of Excellence

Vehicles need to be cared for properly to get quality transportation services. May it be regarding the engine or the looks of the vehicles, all these factors play a significant role in the overall servicing? So, with the rise in demand of the car wash services, people have also started using these facilities to maintain the looks of the vehicles. Express Car Wash Company work with utmost delicateness to provide the best car wash services to the clients. This leads to satisfaction from the clients concerning the services.

Car Wash Company

Car Wash Company

Procedures involved in the Car Wash Services:

With the development in every field of the society, the techniques are also being developed to cope-up with the advanced society. For that, specific car wash programs are introduced in various car wash service centers. Some of the procedures, clients love to prefer in the field of car washes are as follows:

  • Cleaning the Vehicles with High Pressures: This is one of the basic techniques which is implemented in the car washes. The use of high pressured waters helps to cleanse the surface of the cars in the most beautiful manners.

Dashboard Cleaning and Polishing: Being one of the most critical parts of the vehicles, the dashboards need to be adequately cleaned. It is a new trend in the car wash services nowadays to cleanse and polish the dashboard areas with utmost care and quality accessories.

  • Steam Car Wash: It is an innovative methodology of cleansing the surface of the cars with the help of steams. More or less, this team treatment helps the cars to get cleaned most properly. Due to this reason, the users often opt for the steam car wash services, nowadays.
  • Cleaning the Air Vents: It is quite an effective technique used in the car wash services nowadays. Air Conditioners are significant parts of a car and needs proper maintenance and cleansing so that they could work properly.
  • Spraying with Wax: This is indeed the technique which is used for giving a shiny texture to the surface of the vehicles. Car waxing and Car polishing come under this category. Delicate accessories are used in this techniques to produce the most delicate textures in the cars.
  • Internal Cleaning of the Vehicles: Along-with the cleaning of the outer parts of the vehicles, the inner parts are also thoroughly cleaned, because the cockpit area and the other seats constitute a significant part of the vehicle and need care. So, the internal cleaning is also performed in these kinds of services.

All these procedures are the basic requirements or the norms, which needs to be strictly followed to execute the cleaning in the best manner. Express Car Wash follows all the techniques ranging from necessary cleansing to the Car rubbing with utmost precision, so that, the clients could be satisfied with the services.

Complement Paint Job with Car Waxing and Car Polishing

You want to get your car on the road in a show-ready condition. Good condition of the paint is necessary to optimize the vehicle appearance and now you can achieve high-gloss luster with car waxing. Here is what the professionals suggest for perfect waxing job on the car.

Cleaning the car

This is the first step and involves hand wash or professional attended car wash with soft towels.

Car Wax

Car Wax

Choice of the wax

The experts use only the best quality material to optimize the results for their clients. This includes products in paste or liquid form with the wax offering greater shine as paste. The liquid variety lasts longer.

Using appropriate tools

Along with the right materials one need to use the required tools as well to get the best from the process of waxing. For the application and the removal of the waxes, clean and soft cotton material is perfect. Professionals might use the mechanical buffers as well, but traditional methods are still popular.

Perfect car shine

The job of the wax is to protect the appearance of the car. After the thorough cleaning of the car and its full drying, the experts use polish for getting desired shine. Medium-grit polish is for the scratches one can feel with the hand. When deeper scuffs and scratches are present, use of rubbing compound is popular. One can also use grit fine polish.

Trim detailing

This is another part of waxing and car polishing process and before one can apply the actual wax on the body, the experts take some time to wipe down trim unpainted bits with quality protectors. This step facilitates easier wax removal when it gets upon chrome trim. The process involve direct spraying of the protector on the sponge, followed by wiping on, and use of clean cloth to wipe this off later. According to the professionals for the application of wax, less tends to be more. They apply thin wax layer over small car section as getting off thick layers is difficult. The thin layer is enough to seal out dirt or water.

Working upon sections

Application of the wax is a time-consuming process as in order to get the best results one has to work on individual sections until they achieve the full coverage. Removing the wax as it dries becomes quite hard so when you work on small sections at a time rubbing out the thin layer is easier before the drying process begins.

Waxing in the shade

It is always a good idea to undertake car waxing when the vehicle is in the shade. Wax application and removal tend to be time sensitive and often you need to remove them immediately after the application. In direct sunlight it will dry quickly and fail to give the desired result, so experts do it in shade.