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Bangalore is a nice place to live and enjoy living. The weather is always pleasant and soothing which freshen up your mind and body. But just like life, is car care also an easy task in the fluctuating weather of Bangalore. Hopefully no!

So, get your car the ultimate protection of nano ceramic coating at the best car detailing and washing centre. Exppress Car Wash in Bangalore will deliver ultimate protection to your car and keeps it safe in the long run. From very long we’ve all been there – seeing the whirls and scratch marks on our vehicle body and seeking after a superior future.

An Image of Best Nano Ceramic Coating at Exppress Car Wash in Bangalore

Whirls simply occur, here and there when washing the vehicle and different occasions as a result of climate conditions. Ceramic coatings, then again, have become a gigantic trend in the car detailing industry as a result of their viability in securing the vehicle’s paint and giving it permanent insurance.

More than tidiness, your car needs ideal medicine to recuperate the scratches and swirl marks. Alongside a muddled look, your car seems dull because of harms and stamps. Have you at any point thought, what is the primary purpose for whirl marks? Swirl checks unmistakably occur because of ill-advised washing and changing climate conditions. On the other hand, use of Nano ceramic coating has equipped as a major pattern in car coating business.

The fundamental purpose for the interest of ceramic coating is its adequacy towards vehicle insurance. Without a doubt, the hardness of 9H is the best car coating to add to the outside surface of the vehicle. Trust me, Exppress Car Wash in Bangalore brings you’re the best quality car wash and detailing service at an affordable price for you.

Apart from adding strong protection to the vehicle’s surface, it even brings shine to the surface. But, are you sure that nano ceramic coating prevents any sort of swirl marks and scratches on the car’s surface?

Let me clear you that yes, this car coating definitely protects the vehicle from any sort of external damage to a bigger extent. But, like obvious, it cannot protect the vehicle from any larger chips. What makes this car coating more effective? Two main factors that are cross-link density and elasticity plays a vital role in the quality of the ceramic coating. Apart from ceramic coating, a customer can also go for 3m car care services in Exppress Car Wash in Bangalore.

In this service, 3m coating is applied to car’s surface and underbody parts to make it protected from heat, cold, and water.

Are You Aware of “What this Ceramic Coating?”

An Image of Ceramic Coating Process

At the point when you get some information about the car coating, they will consistently begin the depiction with 9H. 9H hardness is one of the most talked-about highlights in vehicle care crosswise over the globe. In any case, presently individuals are notable about the vehicle specifying industry, so it simple for detailers to cause them to comprehend. This specialized term is only the hardness of pencil that is really gone through the coating. Besides, this test is to show the mending and assurance level of the Nano ceramic coating. This Exppress Car wash in Bangalore brings your original quality ceramic coating to care for your car.

Above all, hardness is the limit of the straightforward surface to oppose defacing and scratching. When featuring the pencil hardness, it is done oversize of 6B which is mildest to 9H which is the hardest. Following, the scale esteem is composed as the hardest pencil tip which doesn’t hurt the Nano ceramic coating surface.

Does 9H Hardness of Ceramic Coating Really Matter?

Truly, clearly, hardness is a significant interesting point before getting car coating. What’s more, you even need to deal with the basic respectability and smoothness of the reasonable coating. These are some significant factors alongside hardness which legitimately impact the everyday experience. Practically all coatings (glass, quartz) can reach out to 9H on the pencil hardness scale. You need to check the hardness of the car ceramic coating before its application on the vehicle.

Exppress Car Wash in Bangalore Avails you Ceramic Coating Benefits:

If you are a car fan and love to keep up the vehicle, without a doubt you should know about the Nano ceramic coating and its related advantages. Ceramic coating functions as a defensive shield for the vehicle’s outside surface. Without a doubt, it goes about as solid boundary; more grounded than wax or any vehicle sealants. Because of its solidness it is in more request.

Initially, being a fluid polymer, 9H ceramic coating effectively spread over the surface. Right now, vehicle coating bonds to the painted surface and acts unmistakably as the first line of assurance. Indeed, first line of barrier against the dirt, dust and other hurtful contaminants. They unmistakably have quartz or gum base which carefully utilizes nanotechnology to equally spread on vehicle’s paint. It fills in all the moment pores left inside the vehicle’s paint. The fluid build-up effectively vanishes to forget about the sheer outside surface. Exppress car wash in Bangalore takes care of covering all sorts of pores under professional guidance and experience.

  • Ultimate Protection for Car’s Factory Paint

This fluid Nano ceramic coating gives a defensive and solid surface to the painted surface of the vehicle. Proficient utilization of covering will hinder every remote contaminant like dirt, dust, chemical etching, bird dropping, stone chips, and others. Any outside factor can straightforwardly harm the outside of the vehicle and brutally ruin the look and feel. In this way, certainly, these Nano ceramic coating is sheltered to the enumerating industry as it adds life to your vehicle. Ordinary, when your car hits the street, it needs to persevere through factor assaults.

Reaching out from minor scratches brought about by your nails to unplanned imprints. This 9H ceramic coating upgrades the presence of a vehicle alongside adding strength to its surface. This covering can be applied without anyone else however to accomplish extreme insurance, it is great to take to visit detailers.

  • Durability of Car Coating

If that you are thinking to get an assurance for your vehicle, trust ceramic coating. Applying this reasonable covering onto the surface is sheltered and has more life than some other paint insurance items. Other paint protection items incorporate wax, sealants and clear bra. The fluid fired covering straightforwardly circuits to painted surfaces utilizing nanotechnology. Totally, this layer isn’t ousted by any outer elements like UV beams, unforgiving breeze or downpour. While, if discussing conventional coatings, they are not solid. Nano ceramic coating from Exppress Car Wash in Bangalore keeps going longer and doesn’t wear off even with acidic segments.

  • Easy Maintenance to Car Cleaning

An Image of Easy Maintenance to Car Cleaning

If you are riding a black and white car on the road, it grabs maximum dirt and dust which goes noticeable. The vehicle has an increasingly set surface gets more residue and contaminants. The explanation is because they get enough space to get into. On account of 9H ceramic coating which spread over the painted surface of the vehicle. This coating equitably spread onto the surface with its nanotechnology making an imperceptible web-like structure. Because of the nearness of the undetectable layer, soil finds positively no space to arrive at the surface.

In this way, soil arrives at the painted surface leaving the surface in its unique production line look. This web-like structure is really hydrophobic along these lines, it is very simple to look after neatness. The water poured especially for cleaning the surface, tumbles down with dirt particles.

So, I hope this car coating will surely help take care of your car while running on the streets of Bangalore. Don’t look for any outlet for this car coating. Exppress Car Wash in Bangalore is the perfect place for your requirements.

Car Polishing That Leaves Impact:

Being into a car wash or car detailing business, you are required to wash and wax cars at a regular interval of time and should be properly scheduled so as to keep proper time in hand to treat a car. A car treated professionally using proper techniques and with proper time is really unbeatable and this helps to maintain and shield the beauty and elegance of the vehicle. the high-quality protectants are required so as to achieve the best shine of the car and enhance its look. In this context, the vehicle protectant that you will come across or say is considered is car polishing to provide the vehicle a shining gleam. All the vehicle are bombarded by various contaminants every day. To maintain a vehicle in best look, you would have to know the best process of how to use a buffer for vehicle polishing.Car Polishing

To make the finish of the vehicle looks great, there are few of the things that you can easily perform. Car polishing or buffing properly allows you to wipe away and remove various defects like scratches, etching, spots, and oxidation. This helps you in boosting the shine of the vehicle and smoothly prepares it for ultimate protection. When buffing out the surface of the vehicle, there exist various kinds of pads which are to be utilized. Add-on knowledge of complete vehicle polishing process will help in maintaining the car in the ultimate state. It is easy to describe the essential steps for making the vehicle look brand new. However, you require to think and consider a few of the damages caused to the car. If the damages caused onto the surface of the vehicle is small you can get it correct easily without making any heavy investment by going for car polishing process.

Car Polishing with High Quality Buffers:

High-quality buffers are crafted to remove minor flaws or say damages in the exterior surface of the vehicle while performing the car polishing. This is done at the microscopic degree. Directly if will not hamper the quality of the factory paint. The cutting possibilities of the provided buffer are estimated by the paint quality which is finished and then further removed.

High-quality polishes create a wet-looking, glossy and deep shine. The low-quality polishes cloud the top surface of the paint. All the buffing polish is intended precisely for a certain reason and given professional application. While choosing a polish and respective buffer, you should consider first the type of gloss and shine that you might desire as an outcome. You even need to consider the hardness of the painted surface, condition, and its thickness. Along with it, you must go through the labels and present information over the products which you will be heading with the usage, being good in handling the process with proper car polishing tools. Check the workspace, the time to be given over the working along with the weather conditions just like the temperature, the storm is yet another factor.

Car Polishing Points You Need to Understand:

It is very critical to use the least abrasive vehicle polishes to be able to attain an ultimate finish to the ride. Rumors and few of the advertisements advise that a single car polishing will give the best results already.

Car Polishing Points

Car Polishing Points

This data is absolutely false. There exist some of the specific pointers that you are asked to know about certain processes over how the vehicle is to be properly polished and buffed.

  • All Size Scratches:

If you come across moderate to big damages over the car’s painted surface, light swirls, scratches or another serious error, you should use the high-quality buffing foam pad with a quality swirl remover. Further, set the speed of the buffer at the mark of five or six. This would guide you in proper buffing the surface of the car to the optimum level and surely in the best possible way. The speed of butter plays critical role in car polishing process.

  • All Kinds of damages:

If you need to easily remove some light and moderate water etching, oxidation, and regular swirl marks, you might need to use a finishing glaze and a light foam pad. The speed setting must be at the range of three to five, depending on the intensity of the scratches. This will ultimately result in the admirable finish to the vehicle after car polishing.

  • Very light damages:

In this very rare case that a car’s finish does not have excessive of damages or can even say no damages at all, you would still like to enrich the shine, gloss and set a better and cleaner exterior surface for the mentioned protectant. You require to make use of the pre-wax polish enhancer and further a high-quality foam pad to avail the best car polishing done right. Set the buffer’s speed between one to three.

Car Polishing technique

It is recommended that before you initiate working on the complete vehicle, it is actually best to choose a test spot or section on the wrongly-affected segment of the car.

Car Polishing Technique

Car Polishing Technique

Along with this, you might also use the older car or a small segment of the scrap metal. If you don’t look into it or get the desired outcome, select the more vigorous or stronger polishing product. Once you are done with the test spot and find the desired positive outcome, you head on to the car polishing over the entire vehicle surface. It is actually a trial-and-error method. If you still don’t find a positive outcome, try another approach in place it.

Professional Guidance first:

Naturally, the best and effective way to figure out which car polisher or sealants best fits the automobile is to ask a professional first and inquire them for the products. These include the well-known experts in car polishing or the specialists of the detailing product manufacturers. This is recommended highly as to reduce the trial-and-error step once you would be properly applying it to vehicles at your outlets and even helps you to attain and successfully meet the expectations of the customer.

Things to Remember:

Avoid dry buffing onto car surface. For best results, work as per the manual provided with the car polishing product. Ensure that the professionals are performing the task right, as this buffing process takes a good time. If the pad motion is too fast, the outcome will not be as good as you thought. Do not apply too much pressure, as this might damage the vehicle’s exterior ceramic paint coating. Never remove the polisher off the car paint when it is turned on. In the end, always remember to follow the guide and trust me it can work out well. If you don’t trust your effort, leave your car at the doorstep of Exppress Car Wash and invest in car polishing. Want to get your best car polish, dial 80-100-44000 or visit us @ http://www.exppresscarwash.com/.

Difference between Car Polishing and Buffing:

Car Polishing & Buffing

Car Polishing & Buffing

Before understanding what is the difference between polishing and buffering, you need to first have a clear picture of car wax and polish. Every time we are asked about the exact difference between car polishing and waxing. When it comes down, they both protect the exterior surface of the car along with paint. Protecting the exterior surface is the simplest answer to the similarity.  But it is not that simple. The choice between sealant and wax comes down really to lifestyle, personal preference, and climate. To really understand which process to choose for maintaining the health of the car, this blog from Exppress Car Wash will help you in understanding both the processes and even the differences existing between them. Heading towards the definition of car polishing and buffering.

Defining Car Polishing and Buffing:

Car Polishing

Defining Car Polishing

Car polishing: this process involves the usage of products containing abrasives to remove out imperfections. Any abrasive step helps in restoring the car painted surface and bring out the luster.

Car Buffing: this is the process on the other hand helps in modifying and improving the car painted surface and even the clear coat applied to the surface. using the buffer often needs waxing compounds so as for smoothening the targeted car surface.

In essence, both of the car care methods need altering and cleaning thin painted layer over the metallic surface. The real purpose of both the car care method is to remove any sort of imperfections, small scratches, and superficial damage. With both car care process, the user is capable of attaining similar results and talking about differences between them then it is just thin like paint over the surface.

Dual Action Polisher or can say Buffer:

Dual Action Polisher India

Dual Action Polisher

This equipment is most suitable for removing minor scratches over the clear car coating which is called dual action. It is called dual action because pads or brushes spin in two different ways. The first spinning motion forces the brush to move in circular action over the spindle which in return spins the pad in wider circulating motion. The most significant comparison would be the planet’s motion. Likewise, the spinning brush orbits in a different circular motion. This the why this dual polisher is termed as a buffer or orbital polisher.

For anyone who is not familiar to or is new in the car detailing industry, the technical terms like car polishing and buffering might be a bit confusing. This springs from the fact that polishing and buffing are methods for enhancing the surface appearance of the car. So, exactly what’s the difference? Read more.

For car polishing and buffing, there is two most common equipment used by detailers. One of the dual action polishers and the other one is rotary polisher. The rotating and orbiting pad produces which is referred to as wobbling or jiggling motion. The uneven motion restricts the pads from staying single point for an extended time period. This reduces build-up heat or friction. If left uncontrolled, this will directly lead to harm over the painted surface like burning of paint or paint removal below the clear coated surface.

Select a dual action polisher for:

  • Removing minor scratches and swirls mark
  • Maintaining a clear coating and existing painted surface
  • Buffing or polishing soft metals that can be scratched easily
  • Improving the luster and texture of the automotive painted surface.

Similar safety feature that reduces the damage possible from the buffer or says dual action polisher and even prevents it from deep scratches removal.  Using a dual polisher enhances the appearance of car painted surface and removes scratches damage and swirl marks. Using dual polisher is safe as it doesn’t produce enough heat to get deep into the painted surface.

Rotary polisher of Buffer:

Rotary Polisher

Rotary Polisher

Buffing machine is one of the most powerful tools in the car detailing industry. In fact, without the car polishing method, any car detailing is incomplete. It is best for removal of deep paints scratches, oxidation and swirls. It is possible due to the high heat produced by rotating pads or buffers. The rotary polisher or say buffer must be used in a constant circular motion. Therefore, it is called as a buffer or circular polisher. You can attain the best outcome using overlapping movement starting from left towards the right and then varying to ups and down motions. This is very useful for preventing the spinning pads from being at the same place for an extended time in contact with a particular segment of car. Otherwise, the prolonged contact will form excessive heat and friction that will lead to paint burning. While performing car polishing method you need to be more conscious as a bit of mistake can lead to direct damage over the painted surface. A few seconds of carelessness is enough to damage the complete look of the car and its coating. This capability is what makes it different and even effective for the removal of deep scratches caused. Again, it is very important to note that a wrong hand handling the equipment can do more damage to car surface than causing goodness.

Select a rotary polisher for:

  • Removing deep scratches or blemishes over the painted surface.
  • Removing discolouration and tough stains

Difference between dual action polisher and Rotary Polisher in car polishing:

A dual polisher in car polishing will just improvise the appearance of the car’s painted surface by removing scratches and swirls. Whereas, on the other hand, a rotary polisher helps in removing very deep scratches by generating frictions or heat. It needs to be handled only by professional detailers so as to carry forward the car polishing process for ensuring the best and ultimate outcome. To emphasize more, unlike dual action polishers, these both equipment needs to be handled only by hands of professionals so as to avail and ensure best results. These are not a beginner’s toy as the wrong usage will cost you more as the damage caused by the wrong usage of equipment can lead to severe paint damage.

This above description will help you in clearing up the confusion of the exact difference between polisher and rotary buffer used in car polishing process of car detailing. Paint scratches mainly those which extends below the clear coating, needs to be repaired professionally and at outlets mainly defined for car detailing. There are people who try to get the process of car polishing done at home using DIY attempts and try to remove deep scratches caused can lead to in aggravating the worse damages cause to coat. Car polishing brings ultimate shine to the car and even lay a clean base for further car detailing processes like ceramic coating or installing car paint protection film. You can schedule your appointment for getting your car treated professionally at Exppress Car Wash.

Things to know about CAR POLISHING

Car Polishing

Car Polishing

Car wax and polish are detailing products that help in protecting your car. There are many different car detailing products that are used step by step so as to achieve the ultimate result and protection. All of the products are professionally applied so as to protect the painted surface of the car. Car care is a very important to point to notice for adding durability and life to your car. You can apply both wax and polish at your own and can even make a habit as a part of car washing schedule. Both of them will help you in keeping the look of car fantastic and brand new.

Car Polishing:

This car polishing step is carried out using good quality of car polish. Any car polish is used before stepping ahead on the process of car waxing. This car polishing is important to remove dirt, grease, scratches, and scrapes which cannot be removed by normal car washing. This car polishing process creates a base for car wax application and any further car detailing process. If you go to any detailing outlets or any auto store, car polish is available in form of creams, liquids, sprays and constitute solvents which will remove the impurities for the surface of the car and allow the painted surface to shine brightly.

Car polish is different from waxes as these polishes will remove dirt and grimes but when it comes to protecting your love, then let me tell you that it won’t provide any sort of protection. Car polishing is used just before the waxing process and form an even base for that. To get an ultimate result, you can use bit large amount of car polish over the car polishing machine and start the process. While working with the polishing machine you need to move it in a circular motions. Most of the detailing uses electric car polisher to get best results. You need to be careful while handling the car polishing machine as if you are placing the machine at one place for too long, it can corrode the paint of the car.

Car Waxing:

Car Waxing

Car Waxing

Once you are done with the car polishing process, here comes the turn of car wax. It is the third step of car detailing and it adds a layer of slickness as well as protects against UV rays. In short, we can define it as a paint sealant. If there is any sort of dirt, grimes and stains over the painted surface, then the car waxing is responsible for sealing it over the car. Wax will protect your love from harmful UV rays and even prevent pollution from damaging the car. it even minimizes the moisture which comes in contact with the painted surface like water causing corrosion. Most of the population feels that waxing car can damage the surface but let me tell you that it is not true. If you are using branded and quality wax constituting natural ingredient. Using wax over the car painted surface will enhance the car’s life that can be helpful in the real sense. You don’t need to use an excess of wax as excess can actually damage the car painted surface. It is best to apply a thin and even layer using a microfiber cloth as to get effective result. The use of car polish or wax quantity and result depends on the demand for your car. If your car has enough of scratch marks or rust caused by oxidation then car polishing is the step you should go for. Waxing a car just helps to add a layer of protection to the car and generates high shine. You need to wax car at a regular interval of 3 months but if you talk about polishing, you can get it whenever you notice any spots or scratches on your car.

Ultimately you need to check out the car after washing process and before heading towards the waxing process to judge the requirement of car polishing. By getting to the scratches and nicks instantly you can reduce the caused damage. Scratches which are left untreated can start to harm your car by a rusting process which may eventually form tiny holes damaging the appearance of the car.


Car Polishing

Methods of Car Polishing

If you need to polish your car on a regular basis, you can widely improve the durability of the car’s exterior. This will add aesthetic benefits to your asset but even it will help you in protecting your investment.

Car Polishing Methods:

There are two most common methods for your car care which can be used when you have washed your car and dried it properly and you are ready to apply your wax:

  • CAR POLISHING done by hand:

When applying it manually, ensure you have car polishing pads like foam applicator pads. Put a small quantity of polish on the applicator pads and start polishing the surface in circular motion. This method of car polishing will consume some amount of time but it has its own advantage over machine usage. The advantage is that you can polish the car surface in segments that bring difficult to do when using the machine. Once you have the polish layer, take another microfiber cloth and wipe down complete vehicle.

  • CAR POLISHING done by machine:

If you are polishing your car using a polishing machine, ensure that the polishing machine has an attached foam pad attached to it. These foam pads attached to the machine are similar to those like hand foam pads. Put machine set to 3 or 4 which is the best setting point of car polishing machine. Rub a small amount of polish over your car and bring the machine to car surface before switching it on. Move the polishing machine side by side and then change the movement to front and back. Repeat the process for every segmented car part for polishing.

Older cars are more benefitted with the process of car polishing mainly of the finish has turned to fade or show up the surface imperfections. Stepping up on this process with a coating layer of good quality wax will help you in protecting the finish from any further caused damage. Regular car wash and waxing along with other car maintenance process will help you in maintaining the factory shine of the car and adds durability to the life by hiding scratches and preventing it from rust and oxidation.

Was this blog relevant and informative, do let us know in the comment section. If you want to get car polishing service for your car, contact Exppress Car Wash at 80-100-44000. To get more information on other services related, visit the website http://www.exppresscarwash.com/.

Exppress Car Wash Tips for Car Polishing:

Polishing is a step that helps in extending the life and beauty of your car. Car long life completely depends on a healthy car exterior and its paint. Car polish is mainly an abrasive material which helps in removing the topmost layer the car paint which is hampered by any external torture like a bird dropping, chemical etching, sunrays exposure and stone chips. Of course, it works properly in a fine and gentle process so that it doesn’t cause any wrong to your car paint.

Car Polishing

Tips for Car Polishing

There are times when people forget the step of polishing the car in between the car wash and car waxing process. They consider waxing and polishing as same. If polishing is done properly it can revitalize the exterior finish of the car. A thorough car polishing can remove the contaminants and surface from the car’s surface. Along with removing contaminants, car polishing prepares the surface for wax application. To get a proper result from polishing, you can either do it yourself by having a car polishing kit or get it done by professionals. There are detailing outlets who provide car polish services that need add-on efforts and machinery. Professionals use polishing wheels to bring out the ultimate result.

Part 1: Preparation for car polishing

Prepration for Car Polishing

Prepration for Car Polishing

a. Park the car in shaded or covered area

The very initial step for polishing the car start from washing it and for that you need to place your car in shade. Direct sunlight can cause damage to the car and could even cause early dryness of soap on the painted surface that leads to a dull appearance. So, first, find a place to place your vehicle out of the sunlight exposure. Make sure that you park the car over a solid surface. avoid placing your car on grass or garden area as you might get mud over your car after the wash. An overcast day is a perfect time for washing and polishing the car as long as the weather is not rainy.

b. Remove other things from a nearby area:

It can be a messy process to polish the car. When you switch the car polisher on, it might spray the rubbing compound while spinning. Ensure that the pets, kids and other things are removed from that area as there are chances when they can get sprayed with loose polish.

c. Rinse the complete vehicle using a hose:

Spray water over a complete car for preparing it for a manual wash. If possible then use the water itself along with scrub or abrasive pads to remove debris that is stuck to the car painted surface. always start the car washing process from top moving down to the bottom section. Everyone is aware of the fact that the lower part of the car holds more dirt than the upper surface so this top to bottom cleaning is suggested.

d. Clean wheels first:

If you intend to go for car polishing and wheel washing on the same day then ensure you clean the wheels first. For cleaning wheels always use different bucket and sponge from the ones used for cleaning car painted surface. Rinsing the car wheel might also splatter the dirty water, mud and detergent solution over the painted car surface so it is recommended to wash wheels first and then head towards the process of car polishing.

e. Use automotive soap for car washing:

Get a bucket filled with water and automotive soap solution. Always prefer to select the automotive soap that doesn’t have wax component as its composition. Dunk a clean scrubbing pad or sponge in the bucket filled with solution and start to wash the car from top to bottom movement. After every round of scrubbing, don’t forget to clean your scrub as it could result in leaving the dirt and small contaminants over the car surface. further, it can lead to swirl and scratch marks over car painted surface when you start the car polishing surface.

f. Select proper pads and compounds for car treatment:

Any dark colour c  ars are more prone to swirl marks over the car painted surface when you are polishing the car. so, to avoid any marks, you can use a softer pad and mild compound when treating dark cars. You can use bit aggressive pads and cleaning compounds when treating your light-colored car. You can get quality products at any auto care store for treating your car better.

Part 2: Car Polishing

Car Polishing

Car Polishing

a. Use polishing wheels over the compound:

Take the pad for the polishing wheels and use clean water to clean it. Wring it properly so it remains moist but remember not soaking wet. The pad should stay moist using the polishing method for avoiding car paint damage. You must be aware of the fact that a dry car polishing pad can burn out the clear coat of the car. Place a clean water bucket and hose nearby throughout the car polishing method.

b. At a time, apply rubbing compound on body panel:

Apply a moderate amount of car polishing compound over the polishing pad. Then further turn on the polishing wheel and softly press it over car paint. You might even apply the polishing compound over the car body directly then bring polisher over it. Before starting with compound, always go through instructions mentioned in the manual so as to get the best outcome. Always polish the car segment wise as this will bring out best shine to your car. Car polishing is always the best solution to treat your car.

c. Move wheel back and forth with soft pressure:

It is very important to keep the car polishing wheel parallel to whatever car panel you are presently polishing and modifying. Always maintain a common amount of pressure over the machine wheels as you move them back and forth over the car panel as you are investing effort on it. Why it is asked to maintain steady pressure because it reduces the damage chances over the car paint. It is asked to have back and forth movement while handling the car polishing machine because the pad rotates in a circular pattern.

d. Move on after getting finishing visibility:

As you are putting your effort into polishing the paint over the vehicle, the polishing compound will slowly swirl and smear and then disappear the patches and marks. Once the step is completed, you will get to see a brilliant shine of the car paint. Here comes the need to leave the car paint segment and move to the next one. Just like waxing, you don’t have to hold on for the car polish to dry. Just for advice, don’t continue to polish the shiny paint as this might lead to the dullness of the finishing.

e. Rinse the pad at intervals:

As you are polishing the vehicle, the compound used for your car polishing starts to accumulate over the pad. Occasionally stop polishing so as to rinse the compound off the pad and strictly wring the pad out so that it remains damp and clean again. This polishing pad cleaning is required as it leads to compromised results.  After every wash, remember to keep the polishing pad damp.

f.  Be careful around the intricate trim edges:

The pad edges on the car polishing wheels move fastest and come in contact with less of the rubbing compound, so here generates the big risk of hampering the clear coating which is applied over the car paint. So, while working on the car edges, you need to be more careful. Take your time and work on polishing techniques and remember to avoid pressing the pad edges in any car segment.

Part 3: ensure that car is protected

Car Polishing

a. Wash and again rinse the car:

Once you are done with polishing every segment of the car, thoroughly clean the car polishing pad and set it, place the polishing wheels side. Spray properly complete car with the hose or say you need to wash the complete car again.

b. Wash and again rinse the car:

Once you are done with polishing every segment of the car, thoroughly clean the car polishing pad and set it, place the polishing wheels side. Spray properly complete car with the hose or say you need to wash the complete car again.

c. Car wax application:

To protect your newly polished car always used good quality automotive wax. This even helps you in ensuring a bright and quality shiny finish. Apply wax in a circular motion using the pad.

d. Polish wax using microfiber towel:

Once the applied wax is dried, buff the car polish off using a clean microfiber towel. Once you have properly buffed off all the applied wax, the car painted surface have a brilliant finish.

Final words:

Once you are done with an above-mentioned step, you will get the desired shine to your car. if you want this car polishing process to be done by the hands of professional then you can take your car to the doorstep of Exppress Car Wash where experts will handle your need properly. So, to book your slot visit our website http://www.exppresscarwash.com or dial 80-100-44000.