Ceramic Coating for Cars- Is it really Useful?

When an individual gets a new car, there are certain questions that generate in the mind. The very first query that strike the mind, “Is it worth making an investment on ceramic coating?”

Demand and expectations define the need for ceramic coating for cars and this is the simplest answer. If you desire your painted surface perfect, glossy as possible and highly protected, the only solution is getting your car coated. However, there are people who just believe in car cleaning, not perfection than for them making a huge investment in the ceramic coating is useless. I would just add words if you want to worry less about the paint correction and protection then seriously consider it as a wise decision.

Ceramic Coating for Cars- Is it really Useful?


A ceramic coating will give you amazing protection than any branded wax or sealants while maximizing the shine and maintaining the car clean for a longer time. 9H Nano coating is highly demanded as it works better for numerous reasons. Waxes and sealants layers on the exterior surface just as transparent layer which breaks down instantly. They are not even resistant to chemical etching and definitely give no add-on strength to the surface. This Nano ceramic coating is different from those waxes, they are nanoparticles of ceramics or quartz. Most of the brand associated with the business of ceramic coating uses quartz in its coating product.

Constituents of Nano Ceramic Coating:

Through the usage of certain chemical liquids (fluids which work in the minute pores of paint to just hold the nano-sized particle. These small particles work in the clear coating pores and directly cross-link with the exterior paint. Thus, infusing ceramic or quartz in the paint enhances paint’s slickness (surface tension), and enhances the resistant level to any chemical etching.

These chemical features are what you’d demand with any kind of ultimate protection on the exterior painted surface. The appreciable part is they generally last for up to 7 years completely depending on the type of Nano ceramic coating you choose. So, if you need to describe it in just summary, ceramic coating for the car is beneficial to your car exterior paint’s gloss, shine, protection, and longevity.

However, one needs to be realistic of what our demands and expectations are and focus on how we efficient care for the car to form the heavy decision if you should invest in getting a Nano ceramic coating onto the new car. Truly speaking, these coatings are not stone hard layers that prevent swirl marks and scratches, nor they are a barrier on the painted surface. Even they are nothing magically and will surely not keep the car clean and perfectly shiny all the time. They need you to care properly for the car, that many of us forget or say just don’t have enough time for.

Some individual like to run their car to the famous car wash outlet like Exppress Car wash and get their car cleaned in just 20 minutes. If this is you, then even I’d say invest in getting a 9H ceramic coating, and along with it spend the money on another segment of the car like interiors which you may enjoy more.

Ease in Cleaning with 9H ceramic coating:

But what if you are such kind of individual who will wash properly by yourself and regularly keep up with the car’s appearance maintenance.  But what if you plan to treat it like your love and want it appears good? 9H Nano coating will make this car cleaning much easier task for you. Efficient hand washing of the coated car will surely reward with a car which always looks clean and tidy. It also adds amazingly glossy and deep shine to exterior painted surface. If exactly this is what you demand with the new car – ceramic coatings are really an excellent option for protecting your car and keeping you tension-free.


Audis are becoming a trend among all the car enthusiasts, and obviously for good reason. With an attractive, sleek yet conservative appearance, an Audi is recognized immediately and noticed by others on the road. You need to keep turning heads, maintain the charm in the new Audi in the future. Here comes the need why it requires a Nano ceramic coating.



Best Protection for it-9H Ceramic Coating

The Audi is a shining star of the car industry, and 9H Nano coatings are the latest when talking about paint protection industry. Utilizing advanced and latest nanotechnology, this car coating will surely fill in all the pores gaps in the painted surface. It gives the protection you can’t get anywhere else. The ultimate sleek appearance of the painted surface with the coating will strongly resist all issues. All the minor scratches, swirl marks and corrosive contaminants are kept away like bird droppings, causing any damage to the external surface.

  • One Application of Coating is Enough:

A Nano ceramic coating will strongly form a chemical bond with the painted surface, unlike other paint protection products which work at the upper surface and requires to be constantly reapplied. Seriously gone are the worrying days about whether or not the painted surface is protected by that wax that you have applied months before. With a 9H ceramic coating, let me clear you that just one application is enough for achieving long-lasting protection.

  • Extreme Hydrophobicity

9H Nano coatings are highly hydrophobic, so all the water beads present up and roll off easily instead of resting and settling on the paint and turning into the strong reason for corrosion. This super hydrophobicity is which cannot be achieved by any other products used for paint protection. It will not just protect the painted layer of your love but even turns your car easier to maintain and clean.

Extreme Hydrophobicity

Extreme Hydrophobicity

  • Ultimate Shiny and Glossy Surface

All the above-described points are technical and good but the best thing that people actually prefer about is its glossiness. Nano ceramic coatings will leave your all-new Audi with that ultimate sleek, shine and glossy appearance that you often see at the front cover of any car magazines. This glossy look is long-lasting just like the durable protection so the Audi keeps turning the heads for coming years.

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