Reasons why ceramic coating is best for your car

Ceramic coating is probably the most revolutionary detailing product to shield your vehicle’s exterior from scratches and blemish-causing factors. However, even ceramic coating is so popular among people that they take their new car to apply a ceramic coating even before delivery. Nano coating or ceramic coating is made of silica dioxide, creating a hydrophobic covalent bond and a nano-ceramic shield above your vehicle’s factory paint. This protective layer will protect your car from bird droppings, minor scratches, sun damage, and oxidation. Furthermore, once the coating is applied, it can be removed by abrasion and not by any chemicals.

Ceramic Coating

Reasons to protect your car with Nano coating

1. Provides an additional Layer of Protection for Your Automobile 

Nano coating comes with an additional layer of protection from several elements that can harm the exterior surface of your vehicle. For example, the UV rays emitted by the sun also damage your vehicle’s paint, especially if it’s left outside often. A nano-ceramic coating will shield your vehicle from damage-causing UV rays. Also, its hydrophobic nature will easily repel water and other substances, shielding your vehicle from rust and other harm. 

2. Your Car’s Paint Will Become More Durable 

Nano-coating will form an additional layer of your car’s paint, making it more durable and easier to take care of. As well as protecting your car from physical hazards, the protective layer will enhance its appearance. For example, you can use a ceramic coating to make your vehicle scratch-resistant. In addition, rocks and other objects can be better protected from flying up and damaging your car. 

3. Ceramic Coating Fight off Dirt and Mud

Specifically, dirt and mud can damage your vehicle when they are in contact with a ceramic coating. A Nano coating will keep your vehicle cleaner between washes if you live in an area with high contaminants or commute on dirt or gravel roads. Even though your vehicle will still need to be washed, it won’t get dirty as quickly. Also, if you do not take care of water spots, this will damage your car’s paint. Thanks to a ceramic coating, water sports are no longer a problem.

4. Your Car Will Be Easier to Clean

Even after the Nano coat, you must clean your car or keep it as good as new. But the repelling property of nano-coating will let you clean your car easily. Ceramic coatings are also repellent, so dirt and other substances will not be able to adhere to your vehicle. Consequently, you won’t need to scrub as hard, or at all, to restore your car’s original appearance.

5. No More Waxing Required for Your Vehicle 

Your vehicle will no longer need to be waxed with a Nano coating. These coatings accomplish all the tasks that waxing does, plus more. It is, therefore, no longer necessary to wax. Hence, you will soon be able to stop spending hours waxing and buffing your car. Additionally, these protective coatings last longer and are easier to apply. 

Nano coating

Exppress Car Wash: Ceramic Coating by Opti-coat 

Normal car coating, like Teflon coating, possesses hardness between 2H and 4H, whereas ceramic coating is measured with 9H hardness. Express car wash provides the best ceramic coating services by using Opti-Coat ceramic. People count on opti-coat nano-coating rather than traditional Teflon coating for car paint protection. By developing an inseparable bond at the molecular level with the paintwork, you avail a car coating that is not easily cleaned off, just like the Teflon coating. 

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