Ways to Use Car Pressure Washer for Cleaning:

Car cleaning using high pressure car washer is an ultimate way. To get rid of any hard, layered dirt and dust, always prefer to use quality products. Quality pressure washer machine, nozzle and compounds of car cleaning will help you in getting efficient result.

Car Pressure Washer

Car Pressure Washer

Few of the people love to take care of car’s look and shine and are genuinely willing to spend time, effort and money to getting their car washed and detailed. There exist mainly two most common ways of car care. One is manual home wash and other is driving the car through the doors of professional car wash outlets. Washing, waxing and polishing the exteriors and detailing the inside are essentials of cleaning your car. On the other hand, it might be messy task to wash a car in a busy schedule. Here, generates the need of getting an automated car wash. It will help you in saving time and effort along with getting desired result. Just a 10-minute drive through automated car wash machine is all you need when you are busy. This is the most demanded solution but after the usage of high pressure washers.

A car enthusiast or just one to get car cleaned, the best result in car wash is always achieved by car pressure washer. This Exppress Car wash blog have outlined all details you need to understand regarding the usage of high pressure washer. It is easy to use and handle than you might think of.

Understand the elaborative way of car cleaning with the usage of branded high pressure washers.

Steps of Car Wash using Car Pressure Washer:

  1. Select Appropriate Pressure Washer with Nozzle:

Car Wash

Steps of Car Wash

When thinking of car wash, it’s very important to use a branded high pressure washer with the appropriate power. Along with pressure, water flow also plays crucial role in achieving best result out of the car wash machine.

Measurement of power: PSI (pounds per square inch)

Measurement of Water Flow: GPM (Gallons per minute)

The higher is the rate of PSI, the more is the water force as leaves out of the washer’s tip of machine. Now, the higher the GPM, the more quantity of water will be released from nozzle.

Car cleaning units highlights the accurate combination of water quantity and force a high pressure washer can generate. This is professionally demonstrated in a equation mentioned below:

GPM*PSI= Cleaning Units

1500PSI*2GPM= 3000 Cleaning Units

Car wash using a high pressure washers needs cleaning units of around 1,900-2,800. Pressure washers are much more efficient than any normal garden hose. The best reason to use this machine is, it definitely uses less quantity of water. On internet you can come across tables highlighting comparison chart of cleaning units of a hose and car pressure washers.

There exist number of different nozzles types to select from. Correct size of nozzle for usage is important to achieve effective cleanliness while car washing. With proper cleaning, it even doesn’t cause any kind of damage to painted surface of the vehicle. In gist, there exist two basic features to keep in mind while selecting appropriate car pressure washer. The two basic features are nozzle size and the water pressure level.

  • Appropriate Pressure Level of Car Pressure Washer:

Select an appropriate high pressure washer using a proper setting of 1200 to 1900 PSI. It’s quite safe to use this machine for cars, so you won’t need to worry about damaging the paint on your car. Experts recommend using a pressure washer with 1.4 – 1.6 GPM

  • Choose the appropriate nozzles:

There are several different sizes of nozzles that can be used with a pressure washer. Select the appropriate size so that water is easily and evenly distributed across the exterior car’s surface for best washing practices.

Tip: Narrow car pressure washer tips covers comparatively less surface segment but use more water pressure. Wider the tip, it covers more wider area but use less pressure.

  1. Parking Car in Good Spot:

When washing car, it is very important to take care of parking slot. It is very important to park the car in any open area, away from other objects and cars. This is recommended to avoid any damage or marks caused by high pressure washers. If using the electric car pressure washer, ensure you have proper access to the electric power outlet. This will help you to easily power the car washing machine.

Note: Not all the electric car pressure washers can be used using extension cords. Ensure you’re close enough to electric power outlet to appropriately use the machine.

  1. Rinse The Car Thoroughly

Before any car cleaner application, ensure to rinse the car and remove any debris stuck to the surface. It’s a brilliant idea to be few meter away from the car when using the pressure washer machine. Slowly move closer to car after testing out the car pressure washer. Ensure all of the windows are fully rolled up and the car doors are closed to avoid water inlet.

Tip: Before starting the rinsing process always check the water pressure of the machine. To do that, first, spray some water amount on the ground to measure the water pressure coming out of machine. When using the high pressure washer, try to spray the water downward on surface of car.

  1. Apply detergent to the Surface

Most of the car pressure washers have special segment for cleaning detergents. Ensure to use a mild cleaning detergent well suited for high pressure washers.

Note: Detergents are easily sold as concentrates. You need to dilute the detergents with water before applying to the car’s surface.

  1. Rinse Off the detergent from the Car’s Surface

Using a 40-degree tip, easily wash off the detergent from the surface of car. It’s a wise idea to hold the car pressure washer at an angle of 45-degree and further rinse downward from the top.



Now you have successfully washed the car using a high pressure washer. The vehicle’s surface is cleaned thoroughly, thus improving the car’s appearance. Along with it, usage of car pressure washer you save time and water. Regular thorough washing with a high pressure washer is an instant and efficient way to clean your love. It even helps to boost the visual appeal of the vehicle and prolong the durability of the paint job. Ensure to strictly follow the mentioned steps every time you go for car wash to maintain its shiny look. To know more about the car washer machine, reach us at http://www.exppresscarwash.com/.

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