Dependency on Ceramic Coating

Have you ever noticed that the applied paint onto the exterior surface of the new cars has much improved over last few years?

Ceramic Coating

Dependency on Ceramic Coating

Now the car manufacturers use a two stage painting system over the surface. The first layer of the paint is the basecoat that is what gives the visual properties to the vehicle like colour, shades, textures and other. Then comes the second layer which is the car clear coat that is basically meant to enhance the depth of the paint colour and provides it an amazing glossy appearance. Let’s get deeper into exactly what this clear coat or ceramic coating is all about and what is its benefits and the reality what it actually doesn’t do for your vehicle.

Ceramic Coating is Essential:

When talking about the vehicle clear coat, then it is the final layer of the paint professionally applied onto the car, sliding over the pigmented paint and the primer. It’s a transparent, clear, glossy coating which is strictly meant to enhance the painted surface appearance and give some protection from any kind of environmental damage. But, have you ever thought what is the level of protection provided to the car’s painted surface by this clear coating? The answer is not much protection, that’s why car owner prefer to get an add on layer on to the surface of the car that is called as ceramic coating in the language of car detailing.

Does The Ceramic Coating Really Protect Your Car?

Ceramic Coating Really Protect Your Car

Ceramic Coating Really Protect Your Car

The ceramic coat does provide some good level of protection against the torture caused by environment, mainly when it comes about protection from UV rays, bird droppings but for the major part, you need to go an extra miles to get your car protected with better options like paint protection film. These ceramic coatings are comparatively durable and it’s difficult to get it off using any normal abrasives. Yes it is true that the vehicle clear coating doesn’t provide sufficient amount of protection to your love, so going for ceramic coating can be a wiser decision for adding protection to your car.

Talking about an unprotected clear coating, it may not cause immediate problems; it can begin to move out, crack or fade as it slowly ages down leading to an ugly problem termed as “crazing”. Crazing is nothing but a process in which you will get to see a spiderweb-like pattern defining cracks in the present vehicle clear coat. This cracking pattern easily spread to the paint’s base layer itself. The only exact solution to this cracking issue is to get a reapplication of paint onto the surface or get it protected with ceramic coating. Application of ceramic coating professionally makes sure that this cracking process doesn’t turn up again and maintain the gloss and shine of the surface forever.

As if addition of any kind of ceramic coating is not enough to protect the vehicle clear coating, as this clear coat even fails with ages. You might have noticed cars where the painted surface appears to be shading off or peeling off and this is termed clear coat failure of the painted surface and it’s not surely a very sight. In addition, any of the surface contaminants like acid rain, bug splatter, bird droppings and industrial debris might lead to damage over the clear coat and even after so after some time you will find out fading. So to prevent the fading charm of car, you can take your car to branded car detailing shop and get your car professionally protected with the shield covering of the ceramic coating.

Add Extra Protection With Ceramic Coating:

Applying a ceramic coating professionally by the hands of detailers over the clear coat of painted surface can really prevent lots of the problems mentioned above from arising. The ceramic coating work at the lowest level that is the nanoscopic level to add a long-lasting protection and are efficiently  harder, gives more chemical resistance, and trust e these are more durable than any of the standard vehicle clear coat. We recommend applying a quality ceramic coating as soon as possible after purchasing of the new vehicle so that the protective coating is directly applied to the pristine surface of the vehicle. Leaving the plastic wrapping will surely bring the best outcome. If that’s not the scenario, means your car is not new, and then we properly prepare the exterior surface of the car for the application of ceramic coating so that your car gets amazing new shine and it will be benefit from long years of protection.

Exppress car wash gives best ceramic coating products under brand tag of Opti Coat in the auto detailing market. Now let me suggest you some important factors or benefit that actually ceramic coating does for your car.

Offerings of Ceramic Coating:

Ultimate Protection:

Ceramic coatings completely utilize the latest feature available in the advanced nanotechnology.

Offerings of Ceramic Coating

Offerings of Ceramic Coating

This car coatings works by filling up the minor or say microscopic pores present over the painted surface of the car, forming a permanent, rigid surface which will surely resist scratches and try to distance the corrosive contaminants from causing any damage.

Ultimate Look:

In addition to adding an unparalleled protection, this ceramic coating will provide the new car a sleek, glossy, mirror-like shine which will last for many years in future. You can maintain this freshly obtained look without going for regular waxing routine for the love. Opti-Coat ceramic coating is 100 times thicker than any quality wax coating and will not easily wash away over time.

Ultimate hydrophobic Surface:

The hydrophobic nature of the ceramic coating will lead to the water from beading up and then roll off of from the painted surface of the car. Water is not allowed to sit and settle so indirectly protecting the surface from any kind of corrosion. Hydrophobicity is a feature which is the key to adding a protective layer over the painted car surface. A ceramic coating gives a superior protective shield which is strongly chemical, mar resistant, harder than any of the factory clear coating, permanent and hydrophobic –all in one car protection product. If you want to get your car painted surface secured, do prefer to get is shielded with ceramic coating.

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