True Facts about 9H Nano Coating

9h Nano Coating for Car

For most of the viewers, this is for sure not the first time actually they’ve heard even of this scientific term “Nano Coating” or “Ceramic Coating”. Others are much skeptical – certain videos have been staged in one way or the other way? Will this car coating ruin the external painted surface of the car? And in reality, why do they appear so much expensive even when the product bottles are so small?

9H Nano Coating

9H Nano Coating

In today’s blog from Exppress Car Wash, we’re heading to look at certain realities of the Nano ceramic coating, if they perform what they strictly claim and help you in deciding whether it’s relevant for you or not. Undoubtedly, the protection provided by these car coatings offered is unrivaled, they do have some potential downsides depending on what you’re after.

Let’s take some time and spend on clearing certain facts taking from the fiction. This is exactly what this blog will be covering today:

  • Background
  • Explanation of Nano Ceramic Coating
  • More other paint protection options?
  • What actually they perform?
  • What does this car coating doesn’t do?
  • Myths related to Ceramic Coating
  • Conclusion

You desire that your car to look stunning and amazing as it was actually on the day when you drove it off the lot or showroom of the dealer. But despite your all efforts of car maintaining and professional washing, the swirl marks, scratches, and stains start to easily spread onto your car’s exterior and the paint begins to dull & fade from the sun.

Anything and everything is constantly attacking your car’s surface. Mud, dust, dirty rain, water spots, unsightly brake dust, grime start sticking to your car almost immediately after cleaning it. And let’s face it, having to wash your car is boring, monotonous and time-consuming. Snow, ice, salted roads, tree gum, bird shit doesn’t help either. Basically, designed for space and oil industry, this nano technology has expanded its wings into automotive industry and that too successfully. The reason behind the successful expansion is the effectiveness it leaves behind.

  1. Explanation of Nano Ceramic Coating

The best and easiest way to better understand 9H Nano coating is to think of them as a layer of skin or even a sacrificial protective layer over the clear coating of the car. They fully utilize nanotechnology that is essentially micro particles which forms a very thin, invisible from naked eye. Just because these micro particles are too small, when directly applied onto the car exterior surface, they strongly seal up all scratches, pores and making the surface water-repellent.  This Nano ceramic coating is also resistant to scratches, UV rays, chemicals, any anti-graffiti and extreme heat.  This superficial layer is completely transparent so doesn’t affect the appearance of the car.

  1. Any other paint protection options?

Yes, it is fact that Nano ceramic coating have geared up their hold and command in automobile industry now, but it is even a fact that they were present in car detailing industry since decades back. However, because of the prohibitive cost and less popularity, they have lagged behind in popularity and speed. Earlier they were only restricted to pockets of rich people but thanks to the advent of latest technology, now this protective layer of ceramic coating is in easy reach of any car enthusiasts.

  1. What actually 9H Nano Coating perform?

    Nano Coating perform

    Nano Coating perform

Often people ask why to invest in getting an expensive car coating onto the surface. So let me give many strong reasons to say yes to this nano coating. A lot many benefits goes simply unheard in the automotive industry, but no matter how good quality car coating you are getting onto your car, you will surely have to take certain precautionary measures. Are you aware of those precautionary measures? Few of the best points to prefer Nano ceramic coating are:

  • Dirt and dust repellent
  • Hydrophobic
  • Protection against rust? Oxidization/ UV rays
  • Improved durability
  • Scratch proof
  • Self-healing
  1. What does this car coating don’t do?

A lot many misconceptions is prevailing in market about what exactly the ceramic coating does not cover. Few of the mentioned points might be much logical, never the less, let’s begin off by defining this. “It really does not make your love bulletproof.” And more, they’re not few of the magic all-encompassing detailing product which will resolve all the potential hazards from the car surface it is exposed to. Another important fact about this 9H nano coating is that you cannot use it onto all the vehicles or in other language; it is restricted to vehicles and its crafted material.

Just because the car has undergone the car coating process or say professional treatment it doesn’t defines that you no longer require dusting it, washing it or removing the tough bird droppings. Still you will have to do all that. The real difference that exists is that maintenance of the car paint will need less elbow grease and comparatively lesser time. The addition of car coating protects your car paint from getting damaged not surely your car.

  1. Myths related to Ceramic Coating

    Myths related to Ceramic Coating

    Myths related to Ceramic Coating

I thought I’d round up some of the myths most of us often hear about, so that you don’t get cheated by the words of the salesperson or the advertisements if you move out in market for research.

  • Nano coatings are scratch proof.
  • Doesn’t require maintenance
  • 9H coatings are permanent
  • Easy to apply
  • This coating brings more shine and gloss than any good quality waxes and sealants.


So, this blog from Exppress car wash brings down all the points that you need to know about the application and investment regarding nano ceramic coating. All the pros, cons, myths, real facts about the car coating will help you to answer one question very easily and that is;

Is it worth to invest in Nano Ceramic Coating?

Is it worth to get your car coated with this transparent car coating?

Hopefully, the answer to both the question is yes. It is worth making a decision and investment. The only thing that you need to understand and follow is to not expect any kind of magic from the product. So, to get your car coated professionally with nano coating, dial 80-100-44000 or visit our website

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