Wanna Protect Your Car Wheels With 9H Ceramic Coating?

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9H Ceramic Coating

9H Ceramic Coating


Don’t you just like you and your car’s exterior body, the wheels too need attention and bit of care. An easy way to take care of your car wheels is the application of the ceramic coating.

Nano Ceramic Coating for Wheels:

9H ceramic coating is tremendously durable wheel coating strictly designed for protecting the wheels from any harsh drake dust and brings ease in cleaning them up. Use it on most of the wheel finishes comprising powder coat, paint, polished aluminum, chrome which helps to maintain the shine and gloss for the longer time duration. Application of ceramic coating is not recommended for the stain or matte finish wheels due to a high gloss.

The Reasons to Apply Ceramic Coating to the Wheels?

Below described are three main factors that define the proper reasons why you need to apply the ceramic coating onto the wheels of the vehicles. The three main reasons are:

  • Wheels are Vulnerable

Because the wheels of the automobile are the lowest segment, of course, they are mainly vulnerable to any sort of direct damage caused by the stone’s chips and road debris. Furthermore, the spokes of the wheel that literally inches away from the brakes. This defines that when the brakes pads are pressed against the rotors, the brake dust formed can bond easily to the wheels. These are certain factors that make the wheels an exceptionally vulnerable part of the vehicles and making it a justified candidate for protection of the ceramic coating.

  • Challenging to Clean:

When these brake dust bonds to the wheels, it is for sure not easy thing to clean off. Often the wheel washing techniques used for removing the contaminants from the other surface over the vehicles will surely be not sufficient enough to remove all the dirt, dust, grimes and other contaminants onto the wheels. Moreover, the wheels turn up will all sort of amazing shapes and sizes, making it difficult to clean up the area using brush and mitt. So, with the application of the 9H ceramic coating, you can avoid the regular challenge of cleaning.

This can definitely make the wheel cleaning bit easy and even save you from lots of frustration. So, if there exists a product which will keep the contaminants from bonding to the wheels and making it easy to clean. The Nano ceramic coating application will end up in consuming money and time over the life expectancy of the vehicle.

  • Significant Part of Car Styling:

Why taking care of vehicle so important?

Because the wheels play an important major role in the looks and styling of the vehicle. This defines that the amazing appearance of the car can be easily ruined if the wheels are not properly taken care of. So, don’t allow them to go unnoticed, as it can lead to more damages. Keep the vehicle’s wheels protected. But why this is important to do?

The answer is very simple, as the wheels play an important role in defining the look and feel of the vehicle. So, take care of the wheels using the proper 9H ceramic coating.

Nano Ceramic Coating Technology for Wheels:


This car coating gives the wheels with ultimate protection against any sort of contaminants like brake dust, road grimes, oil, tars, dirt and many others. Formulated using the nanoceramic particles, the Nano ceramic coated wheels blanket the car vehicles and adds a durable, high-gloss protective barrier which resists the building up of brake dust and keeping the health of vehicle while regular washes. A single application 9H ceramic coating lasts for long.

Nano Ceramic Coating

Nano Ceramic Coating

Result of Nano Ceramic Coating:

  • Extreme gloss
  • Self-cleaning Effects
  • Chemical Resistance
  • UVA and UVB Resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Super Hydrophobic Properties
  • 9H Hardness

Nano Ceramic Coating Technology for Wheel Protection Includes:

  • Wheels removal
  • Hand Wash & Microfiber Towel Dry
  • Remove Tar & Road Grime
  • Decontamination of iron chemicals
  • Removes the Environmental Fallout
  • Wheel Polishing
  • IPA Wipe down

At this point of time, the ceramic coating is professionally applied onto the surface of the car so as to add protection. This kind of car detailing service takes a few of the main techniques and needs extra time for proper care!

Does wheel cleaning give you mental tension?

Add the maximum protection to the wheels by applying nanoceramic coating directly onto the surface of the wheels. This philosophy simply enhances the protection over the wheels by adding a sacrificial layer or say barrier which possesses a hydrophobic property of the coating. This car coating installation is a great system of adding protection as the self-healing method helps you in handling any of the environmental torture very easily.


 Since the car wheels are directly exposed to few of the harshest level of contamination over the complete vehicle, the coating durability can vary greatly depending on driving style, driving, geographical areas, seasonal conditions, and road conditions.  In closing, these nano-ceramic coatings are very protective for wheels services which can be given to the clients for helping them further to protect yet another aspect of the car. The complete protection of the ceramic coatings properly combined with the sealants is much more protective and creates a better barrier which can be easily applied onto the wheel’s surface so as to take care of the wheels in best possible way.

For the proper application of the 9H ceramic coatings onto the surface of wheels, one must be: you need to clean and decontaminate the surface thoroughly, then is professionally polished using a machine, and then finally be prepped intensively so as to ensure the optimal bonding of the clear coating to the painted surface. Always take care of your wheel’s decontamination before the Nano ceramic coating application as a bit of carelessness can directly lead to harm to the alloy wheels. Lots of scratches and marks onto the surface can directly hamper the appearance of the wheel making it difficult to deal with. A thin layer of clear coating application will definitely add on complete protection to the car wheels. To take care of your car wheels get it detailed at any of the outlets of Exppress Car Wash by dialing 80-100-40000. To know more about us, visit us at http://www.exppresscarwash.com/.

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