Guide to Car Polishing like Pro:

Cleaning your car can feel like the chores but for a car enthusiast like car washing over the steroids, a search for cleaning perfections which goes beyond the brand-new quality. There exist various different levels of car detailing, hundreds of methods and theories and endless product list. The advice and methods often contradict each other. If you will ask professionals how to get a car the brand look, they will always ask you to go for three basic things: car wash, car polish, and car coating.

Car Polishing

Car Polishing

Proper car detailing is just all about the car protection as it is all about adding it a shiny and glossy appearance. Planning short trips to any car wash outlet or attaining knowledge of proper hand wash methods are amazing tips – but proper car detailing goes much beyond. As with anything much else though, just understanding where to start and getting to it actually is the toughest part. That’s why, Opti Coat India is here to guide you and get you off on the right track with a simplified guide on how to polish the car the right and proper way, with defined practical steps and approved methods, you can even achieve a shiny detail-finish worthy like professional.

CAR POLISHING: Add shine to your Ride

Car Polishing is one of the important segments of the car detailing step because it has a better effect on a car’s appearance. Most of the car waxes and glazes won’t wipe off the imperfections like hard water spots, swirl marks, and scratches—that’s why polishing a car plays a crucial role in turning a car’s paint clean and shine. After the car is washed and dried thoroughly, the goal of car polishing is easy to remove any of the imperfections in the clear coat of car which can lead to the dull look of the car paint.

The processes of car polishing and waxing of the paintwork of a car can make a big difference to the overall appearance of the vehicle. You should only step ahead to car polish as and when needed, usually during the complete detail once or twice a year or apart when required. We even advise using a buffer for gaining quality results, as this easily distributes pressure evenly more than the manual pad. A buffer even achieves the optimal car polishing results as you can bring change to the speed directly depending on the different segments of the car you are actually working on.

Hand Car Polishing vs. Buffers: Which is the Best?

Hand Car Polishing

Hand Car Polishing

Polishing a car using hand can sometimes permit car detailing professionals to get into the areas that are quite harder to reach than using a car polishing machine, but it’s a skill which takes time to gain mastery. In order to assure all the surface imperfections are thoroughly removed, it’s recommended generally to use a buffer. Once you are starting a career, you’ll get that car polishing with a quality buffer can even save you enough of the time. This is due to more pressure will be applied over the machine and you’ll be easily able to pass over the same segment much faster when compared to the traditional hand car polishing.

Selecting the Right car Polishing Job:

Buffers will even allow you to work enough with a variety of pads for various types of car polishing jobs. Pads attached are easily interchangeable, so you can easily use softer ones for better and finer polishes or the dense ones for getting a powerful polish over a car which has been neglected for short duration.

Choosing the appropriate car polish can be a bit challenging since there exist a wide range of auto polishes in the detailing market. Polishes can extend from non-abrasive chemical car cleaners to highly abrasive cleaning compounds. A good car detailing course will definitely teach you that car polishing products fall into various categories, and few of them include:

  • Cleaning compounds:

Cleaning compounds are among the most abrasive type of car polish and it needs to be used for treating harder stains and task. They are used typically to remove wet sanding marks, or so to polish any vehicles which don’t make the way to the car detailing shop very frequently. Since they’re quite strong, compounds leave usually some harsh markings behind onto the surface so they need be strictly followed-up using a proper combination of finer car polish and soft pad.

  • Cutting polishes:

Cutting polishes are required to correct the moderate or minor imperfections in the painted surface of the car. Cutting the polishes provides the most paint tasks a decent-looking finish, but it’s highly recommended to easily follow-up using a finishing polish once the marked imperfections are removed.

  • Finishing polishes:

Finishing car polishes are the less abrasive type of finishing products and are directly used for correcting light imperfections like a swirl mark. These car polishes provide car paint jobs a tidy, glossy look.

Get the Finish You Need with Buffer Pads:

Finish Buffer Pads

Finish Buffer Pads

Pads are held at a place by a plate placed on a buffer, and since these pads come typically in different sizes, most car detailing shops have many different plates on-hand. Just like there exist several different types of car polishing products, there’s even exist large selection of buffer pads so as to match them with:

  • Swirl Removal pads:

Swirl Removal pads also are known as compounding pads works easily with the compounds for tougher tasks and usually are made out of soft material like wool or foam. Just use these for removing any kind of scratches and imperfections.

  • Polishing pads:

Polishing pads are generally crafted from a softer foam material. These are best for applying car waxes, sealants, polishes or pre-wax cleaners.

  • Finishing pads:

These pads are typically quite firm, making sure that you may apply good pressure for removing any type of swirl marks once the car detailing process ends. They’re even designed to maintain glosses and sealants over the car painted surface, rather than strictly absorbing them up.

So, if you have got well information about car polishing, you must even know more facts. Before getting a car polished and attain the unbeatable result you need to get it to wash thoroughly. Three basic steps of the car wash, car polishing, and car coating adds a protective layer to your car that adds value and durability to the car’s life. So, waiting for what? Get your car professionally polished at the outlets of Exppress Car Wash. To book your slot, get connected to us on 80-100-44000 or visit website for more information.

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