Being into a car wash or car detailing business, you are required to wash and wax cars at a regular interval of time and should be properly scheduled so as to keep proper time in hand to treat a car. A car treated professionally using proper techniques and with proper time is really unbeatable and this helps to maintain and shield the beauty and elegance of the car. the high-quality protectants are required so as to achieve the best shine of the car and enhance its look. In this context, the car protectant that you will come across or say is considered is car polishing to provide the car a shining gleam. All the cars are bombarded by various contaminants every day. To maintain a car in best look, you would have to know the best process of how to use a buffer for car polishing.

Car Polish

Car Polishing

To make the finish of the car looks great, there are few of the things that you can easily perform. Car polishing or buffing properly allows you to wipe away and remove various defects like scratches, etching, spots, and oxidation. This helps you in boosting the shine of the vehicle and smoothly prepares it for ultimate protection. When buffing out the surface of the vehicle, there exist various kinds of pads which are to be utilized. Add-on knowledge of complete car polishing process will help in maintaining the car in the ultimate state. It is easy to describe the essential steps for making the car look brand new. However, you require to think and consider a few of the damages caused to the car. If the damages caused onto the surface of the car is small you can get it correct easily without making any heavy investment by going for car polishing process.

Quality Car Polish:

car polishing

Best Car Polish

High-quality buffers are crafted to remove minor flaws or say damages in the exterior surface of the vehicle while performing the car polishing. This is done at the microscopic degree. Directly if will not hamper the quality of the factory paint. The cutting possibilities of the provided buffer are estimated by the paint quality which is finished and then further removed.

High-quality polishes create a wet-looking, glossy and deep shine. The low-quality polishes cloud the top surface of the paint. All the buffing polish is intended precisely for a certain reason and given professional application. While choosing a polish and respective buffer, you should consider first the type of gloss and shine that you might desire as an outcome. You even need to consider the hardness of the painted surface, condition, and its thickness. Along with it, you must go through the labels and present information over the products which you will be heading with the usage, being good in handling the process with proper car polishing tools. Check the workspace, the time to be given over the working along with the weather conditions just like the temperature, the storm is yet another factor.

Settings Speed on a car buffer

It is very critical to use the least abrasive car polishes to be able to attain an ultimate finish to the ride. Rumors and few of the advertisements advise that a single car polishing will give the best results already. This data is absolutely false. There exist some of the specific pointers that you are asked to know about certain processes over how the vehicle is to be properly polished and buffed.

Moderate to big scratches:

If you come across moderate to big damages over the car’s painted surface, light swirls, scratches or another serious error, you should use the high-quality buffing foam pad with a quality swirl remover. Further, set the speed of the buffer at the mark of five or six. This would guide you in proper buffing the surface of the car to the optimum level and surely in the best possible way. The speed of butter plays critical role in car polishing process.

Minor and normal damages:

If you need to easily remove some light and moderate water etching, oxidation, and regular swirl marks, you might need to use a finishing glaze and a light foam pad. The speed setting must be at the range of three to five, depending on the intensity of the scratches. This will ultimately result in the admirable finish to the vehicle after car polishing.

Very light or no damages at all:

In this very rare case that a car’s finish does not have excessive of damages or can even say no damages at all, you would still like to enrich the shine, gloss and set a better and cleaner exterior surface for the mentioned protectant. You require to make use of the pre-wax polish enhancer and further a high-quality foam pad to get car polishing done right. Set the buffer’s speed between one to three.

Car Polishing technique:

car polish

Car Polishing Technique

It is recommended that before you initiate working on the complete vehicle, it is actually best to choose a test spot or section on the wrongly-affected segment of the car. Along with this, you might also use the older car or a small segment of the scrap metal. You must always start with a product which is less vigorous, aggressive or not that capable. If you don’t look into it or get the desired outcome, select the more vigorous or stronger polishing product. Once you are done with the test spot and find the desired positive outcome, you head on to the car polishing over the entire vehicle surface. It is actually a trial-and-error method. If you still don’t find a positive outcome, try another approach in place it.

Professional Guidance first:

Naturally, the best and effective way to figure out which car polisher or sealants best fits the automobile is to ask a professional first and inquire them for the products. These include the well-known experts in car polishing or the specialists of the detailing product manufacturers. This is recommended highly as to reduce the trial-and-error step once you would be properly applying it to vehicles at your outlets and even helps you to attain and successfully meet the expectations of the customer.

Things to Remember:

Avoid dry buffing onto car surface. For best results, work as per the manual provided with the car polishing product. Ensure that the professionals are performing the task right, as this buffing process takes a good time. If the pad motion is too fast, the outcome will not be as good as you thought.

Do not apply too much pressure, as this might damage the car’s exterior paint coating. Never remove the polisher off the car paint when it is turned on. In the end, always remember to follow the guide and trust me it can work out well. If you don’t trust your effort, leave your car at the doorstep of car detailing company like Exppress Car Wash and invest in car polishing. Want to get your car polished, dial 80-100-44000 or visit us @


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