Basics of TEFLON COATING for your car:

Owing your own car turns up with lots of responsibility and trust me, when you get into car care market, it will eat up your wallet. Starting from registering the possession, insuring it with car insurance to maintaining its shine and value by getting a car coating, every single process loosens up your pocket.

Teflon Coating for Your Cars

Teflon Coating for Your Cars

But one thing that Exppress Car Wash likes to share with you that we feel that irrespective of brand and section of car, each and every car needs to preserve the value longer and giving it small attention is simplest favour you can do to your car. Small attention includes proper cleaning, well maintaining and adding quality layer of car coating. You can get many different types of car coating in car detailing industry like the most prevailing one that is ceramic coating, Teflon coating and car paint protection film. The only aim of any of the car detailing process is maintaining the resale value of the car and its shine.

What do you understand with “TEFLON COATING”?

The best-known PTFE-based formulas is Teflon that most of the company uses as coating the surface. It is used for coating cookware and vehicles for protecting them from any external hazards. Again, here generates the question of what is this PTFE? The definition is, “it is a synthetic fluoropolymer of tetrafluoroethylene” which is used in many different applications. This PTFE coating is used as non-stick coating for cookware present in your kitchen. It is nonreactive and if used in cars it reduces the friction and energy consumption. Along with these features, why it is in demand is all because of its hydrophobic feature. This means, no matter what liquid you are using, it will repel it off in fractions of seconds so liquid doesn’t stay on the surface where Teflon coating is applied. So, say directly or indirectly it prevents oxidation, rusting or corrosion of the metallic surface of the vehicle.

Application of TEFLON COATING on Car’s Exterior Surface:

Teflon coating are applied over the exterior metal surface of the car and is used to provide a strong and protective finish to the painted surface of the car.  Teflon coating for cars helps in repelling the water and prevent dust from adhering to the car’s painted surface. this car coating process will take better part of day when you think of application but for sure it gives you years of services and even saves your money in terms of frequent paint application. As you think of getting any of the car coating application, it should be done on a sunny and clear day.

Steps of TEFLON COATING application:

Teflon Coating Process

Teflon Coating Process

Step 1:

Take your car to clear area where you can properly wash it off the traffic; the driveway would be an ideal location. Rinse off the dirt using spray method from water hose. Ensure that windows are rolled up all the ways before.


Wash down the car using proper solution of water and detergents. Use clean rag to clean up the car from outside. Proper scrubbing is very important. Get into seams and grooves over the car surface to clean all the hard to reach spots. Wash the complete exterior part of car including wheels. Even if you are not thinking of Teflon coating then even it is advised to clean car thoroughly. Once you are done over the washing segment, use clean towel to dry the car surface so that no water droplet is left behind. If there exist a single drop of water onto the surface, it will directly affect the application of Teflon Coating.

Step 3:

Carefully shake the bottle of Teflon spray so as to mix well the Teflon coating solution before moving ahead on application process. Gently pull the trigger and then spray the Teflon coating over the painted surface with slow back and forth movement. Continue spraying the solution till the complete painted surface is properly coated with thin layer of Teflon coating after proper application, leave the surface to dry without any disturbance. Drying time of Teflon coating directly depends on the brand of the coating and moisture in the environment.

Using of a clean rag for rubbing off the leftovers after drying of the Teflon Coating. This easy wiping off simply takes of the excessive solution that is leftover the surface after application.

ITEMS used for TEFLON COATING application:

  • Hose
  • Teflon wax spray
  • Rags
  • Car wash shampoo or soap
  • Clean microfiber towels
Advantages of TEFLON COATING:
Teflon Coating

Advantage of Teflon Coating

While Teflon has heavy demand in cooking industry, Teflon coating if done by many of the companies throughout the industries. The usage number for this coating is endless and when you talk about the outcomes of the Teflon coating application then there is always an innovative way.

Here are five basic advantages of having Teflon Coating Services:
  • The electrical properties are unparalleled:

In the case where you are dealing with certain frequencies, there exist no better sealant in market than Teflon Coating. it has high dielectric strength in spite of low dissipation factor.

  • Resistant to Chemicals:

Most of the detailing industries uses different chemicals, and if you get you get your car Teflon coated in this way you can get best car care from hazardous chemicals.

  • Temperature Fluctuation Resistant:

Not all coatings can withstand changing temperature like blazing hot and chilling cold temperature, but let me clear you that Teflon can work and survive temperature variations.

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