Which is the best for Car Care: Teflon or Ceramic Coating

Bring Big Smile 😀 to Your Face with Best Car Care

teflon coating for cars

Teflon Coating for Car

There are exactly a few of the things which brings a big smile to your face and among various reason, taking your new car out of the doorstep of any showroom is much different. Teflon Coating which works as anti-rust coating for car. It is a must have fact because you have invested the heavy amount to make a showroom property your own. The 2 pairs of shiny wheels running amazingly on road, is just a WOW factor to boast about. If you are a new car owner, you will definitely be a good explanatory who can define every feature of a new car in the most different way or say the explanation will be some sort of fantasy. The feel of a shiny car, the essence of sparkling interior and happiness of driving crystal clear steering, is not comparable.

Teflon Coating for Car Care :

The basic question that strikes your mind after owning a new car is till when it will the same. This same in terms of shine, gloss, and appearance even after years of usage. So, if you go deep and research better-updated features in terms of car care then trust you will get unlimited options of protection that will be beneficial for you. Every car care feature differently like Teflon coating for cars is different from ceramic coating when researching on best car coating product for your car. There exist endless options of getting your interiors and exterior treated with best possible touch in your country. Every nook and corner have few of the washing and car detailing outlets that take care of your car.

EXPRESS CAR WASH: Destination for Teflon coating/ Ceramic coating

ceramic coatings

Ceramic coating for cars

Before you step ahead into the factors of car care treatment, you first need to be very particular about what exactly you are looking for which company can satisfy your need for car maintenance and care. Exppress car wash guarantees you ultimate care to your car with proper step by step treatment. The very first step logically to start with is through car washing. There exist different in which you can get the car cleaned properly and first one that most of us try to do is appointing a car cleaner who reaches your venue every morning with a wet cloth and start wiping off the dirt and grimes present over the car surface.  the other way out is where you prefer to take your car to an outlet where car cleaning is done using a regular high-pressure washer. Then there comes up the third option which is driving your car to the doorstep of car detailing service provider where your car is treated well with professionalism. The final option to make your car free of dirt is availing a service tagged under waterless car wash.

Once your car is properly treated in terms of washing, wiping and drying, then comes the turn of creating a base for further car detailing process and ceramic or Teflon coating application is the process of compounding. What exactly this compounding process means? So, in layman’s language, it defines the process of car polishing or a segment of it using a dust cutting compound. The best idea is to free up the car from any scratches and swirl marks from the car panel and add shine to the car surface. the compounding process is quite simple in itself. All you need is to use a dual action polisher or rotary polisher for the application of cutting compound, waxes or sealants over the surface of the car and then properly buffing it off. Once you are done with the compounding process, you can look for the difference caused related to car shinning. This process makes sure that any of the cutting compound used over the car surface performs its work in best possible ways for removing the removal of the marks.


Once professionally done with the compounding process, there comes the turn of clear coat application either in terms of Teflon coating application or Nano ceramic coating. Getting into technicalities that Teflon is a fluoropolymer that has a synthetic wax base. If you properly research the car detailing industry, you will get to listen to n numbers of options in the name of car coating. When the Teflon coating is applied over the car’s exterior surface, to chemically bonds with the surface forming the clear coat over the surface which strictly resists the chemicals, water, dust, dirt to settle over the surface thus leading to a safer car’s exterior. This Teflon coating is highly resistant to chemical and mar resistant and another best feature is hydrophobic. So, to define it in the simplest version, this car coating adds an extra layer over the surface which even serves as providing high protection even against rust and oxidation process.


If talking about the price range of any car coating, then there is no absolute answer to this question. The fluctuations in the answer are just because there are many parameters that directly affect the price list. The pricing of the car coating first depends on the car you want to get coated. Every segment of the car has its own price range. Then comes the brand of the car coating just like the clothing price depends on the brand name. Another factor behind price fluctuation is the area in which you are living as every area has their people segment depending on their economic status and the last factor is the outlet you are visiting and package you are choosing for your car. So, all these factors collectively define the price of the Teflon coating. On average, the Teflon coating price ranges between 4 thousand to 7 thousand. This Teflon coating mainly prevents your car from rust that’s why in common language it is known as an anti-rust coating.

Getting your coated with Teflon seems to be a more affordable solution but if you want a long lasting solution of protecting your car, Exppress Car wash suggests you change your mind and get the ceramic coating. To be true, ceramic coating possesses more advanced features in comparison to Teflon coating. So, So, if you want best car care solution for your car visit us.

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