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Clear Coat is now trending for a few years now. This is something new in the market to five new vehicles a glossy look and shine. This is a 2-layer process. In which the first one is applied after the primer that is the basecoat or the regular paint to your vehicle. And the second layer applied over it is a clear coat. This layer with give your paint the gloss and shine and make it last longer.

In today’s time, car enthusiasts are much familiar to the ceramic car coating term. There are car lovers who purchase a new car, and directly take it to car detailers and get it properly  coated with a earthenware coating so as to protect it from any further scratches, mud, chemical hamper caused by an environmental factor. When the ceramics coating is properly applied on the exterior surface of the car, it chemically bonds to the factory painted surface and forms a polymer. Once properly coated, it can be only removed using abrasion and not by any sort of chemical reactions. If correctly done, the earthenware covering can have an extended life and if maintained it can be with your car forever.

What Is Vehicle True Clear Coat: Ceramic coating?

Vehicle Clear coat is a transparent coat applied over the vehicle paint. The clear coat is a layer applied over paint to give it a smooth shine and gloss. This transparent layer will not only enhance the paint but will also protect it from environmental damage. Protection will not be complete but to some extent. Let us understand this in deep.x

This clear coat is a protective layer which will save your base coat of paint. It also saves your vehicle from UV Rays, harmful chemicals, bird dropping, acid rain, and minor scratches.

It basically is a barrier between paint and the external environment. An unprotected layer of any paint can’t last long. It is going to spoil in a short span of time, which can spoil the look of your vehicle. The physical appearance of the vehicle is as important as the functioning of the part of the vehicle.

One most important question that a new car owner often asked, do we need earthenware covering on my new car, the answer to this question simply depends on every user. If you need to have your paint perfect forever, as glossy as possible and protected then the answer to all the question is yes. No matter whether you are the owner of a new car or an old car, there is always a scope of adding protection in the form of a covering.


Get Better Protection with Ceramic Coatings


Ceramic Coating

The best protection you can give your vehicle is from the earthenware coating. This is a Nano coating which gives a step ahead protection to your vehicle. We suggest you go for a ceramic covering immediately to a new vehicle. So as to protect and increase the life shell of the regular paint. Ceramic coating is highly recommended for your vehicle due to several facts about it.

Earthenware covering is getting really trending as everyone wants their vehicle to look as new as it was while the purchase. And the easiest way for it is a ceramic coating. It not only protects your vehicle also give the paint more depth and gloss. And this is something really cost effective as you need to go for it regularly. With one ceramic coating layer, your vehicle is good to go for years.

The two best ceramic coatings available in the market today are Opti Coat Pro and Opti-Coat Pro Plus.

Why Does Your Vehicle Need a Ceramic Coating?

  • Ceramic coatings offer superior protection

Ceramic covering also known as nanotechnology gives your vehicle superior protection by adding a layer on it. This act like a barrier between the external environment and the surface of your vehicle. This transparent coats files the pores and make the surface repentant of water, dust or mud. It protects the vehicle from minor scratches and damages due to an environmental factor.

  • Ceramic coatings make your vehicle look shiny and gorgeous

It not only protects your vehicle but will also additionally provides gloss and shine to your vehicle. That makes it look gorgeous and look car like new as it was. Regular work can also give the same effect but won’t last long as Opti coat. Opti-Coat is much thicker than a normal wax covering and will not be washed away or break down easily over time.

  • Ceramic covering require less maintenance

Ceramic covering form a semi-permanent layer and make a bond with the regular paint of your vehicle. This coat doesn’t require to re-apply over a period of time. You will require much less effort to maintain your vehicle and it would be clean effortlessly.

  • Ceramic coatings are extremely hydrophobic

    Hydrophobic Coating

    Hydrophobic Coating

Ceramic coating makes your vehicle hydrophobic i.e. repentant to water. The water will roll off from the surface instantly dragging the dust or mud on its surface. Being hydrophobic is that quality that will protect the paint. Only water but this layer is also must and dust repentant.

A ceramic covering is a layer against any chemical, bird dropping, and scratches. This will make the paint last longer and look it glossier and shinier.

If your car is need of proper care and attention, you need to take it to professional detailers. They better understand what your car needs and what treatment will suit the damage. Even if your car doesn’t have any damage then also you can be sure enough to get your car professionally coated with Opti coat, as it will act as a barricade for any further damage caused to the car. You can not handle the environmental hampering your car but surely you can prevent it. so, book your slot for ceramic coating @ 80-100-44000 or visit website If you have any idea or inquiry, feel free to mention in the comment box. Any idea is highly welcomed as it will lay a base for the next blog.

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