Things to know about CAR POLISHING

Car Polishing

Car Polishing

Car wax and polish are detailing products that help in protecting your car. There are many different car detailing products that are used step by step so as to achieve the ultimate result and protection. All of the products are professionally applied so as to protect the painted surface of the car. Car care is a very important to point to notice for adding durability and life to your car. You can apply both wax and polish at your own and can even make a habit as a part of car washing schedule. Both of them will help you in keeping the look of car fantastic and brand new.

Car Polishing:

This car polishing step is carried out using good quality of car polish. Any car polish is used before stepping ahead on the process of car waxing. This car polishing is important to remove dirt, grease, scratches, and scrapes which cannot be removed by normal car washing. This car polishing process creates a base for car wax application and any further car detailing process. If you go to any detailing outlets or any auto store, car polish is available in form of creams, liquids, sprays and constitute solvents which will remove the impurities for the surface of the car and allow the painted surface to shine brightly.

Car polish is different from waxes as these polishes will remove dirt and grimes but when it comes to protecting your love, then let me tell you that it won’t provide any sort of protection. Car polishing is used just before the waxing process and form an even base for that. To get an ultimate result, you can use bit large amount of car polish over the car polishing machine and start the process. While working with the polishing machine you need to move it in a circular motions. Most of the detailing uses electric car polisher to get best results. You need to be careful while handling the car polishing machine as if you are placing the machine at one place for too long, it can corrode the paint of the car.

Car Waxing:

Car Waxing

Car Waxing

Once you are done with the car polishing process, here comes the turn of car wax. It is the third step of car detailing and it adds a layer of slickness as well as protects against UV rays. In short, we can define it as a paint sealant. If there is any sort of dirt, grimes and stains over the painted surface, then the car waxing is responsible for sealing it over the car. Wax will protect your love from harmful UV rays and even prevent pollution from damaging the car. it even minimizes the moisture which comes in contact with the painted surface like water causing corrosion. Most of the population feels that waxing car can damage the surface but let me tell you that it is not true. If you are using branded and quality wax constituting natural ingredient. Using wax over the car painted surface will enhance the car’s life that can be helpful in the real sense. You don’t need to use an excess of wax as excess can actually damage the car painted surface. It is best to apply a thin and even layer using a microfiber cloth as to get effective result. The use of car polish or wax quantity and result depends on the demand for your car. If your car has enough of scratch marks or rust caused by oxidation then car polishing is the step you should go for. Waxing a car just helps to add a layer of protection to the car and generates high shine. You need to wax car at a regular interval of 3 months but if you talk about polishing, you can get it whenever you notice any spots or scratches on your car.

Ultimately you need to check out the car after washing process and before heading towards the waxing process to judge the requirement of car polishing. By getting to the scratches and nicks instantly you can reduce the caused damage. Scratches which are left untreated can start to harm your car by a rusting process which may eventually form tiny holes damaging the appearance of the car.


Car Polishing

Methods of Car Polishing

If you need to polish your car on a regular basis, you can widely improve the durability of the car’s exterior. This will add aesthetic benefits to your asset but even it will help you in protecting your investment.

Car Polishing Methods:

There are two most common methods for your car care which can be used when you have washed your car and dried it properly and you are ready to apply your wax:

  • CAR POLISHING done by hand:

When applying it manually, ensure you have car polishing pads like foam applicator pads. Put a small quantity of polish on the applicator pads and start polishing the surface in circular motion. This method of car polishing will consume some amount of time but it has its own advantage over machine usage. The advantage is that you can polish the car surface in segments that bring difficult to do when using the machine. Once you have the polish layer, take another microfiber cloth and wipe down complete vehicle.

  • CAR POLISHING done by machine:

If you are polishing your car using a polishing machine, ensure that the polishing machine has an attached foam pad attached to it. These foam pads attached to the machine are similar to those like hand foam pads. Put machine set to 3 or 4 which is the best setting point of car polishing machine. Rub a small amount of polish over your car and bring the machine to car surface before switching it on. Move the polishing machine side by side and then change the movement to front and back. Repeat the process for every segmented car part for polishing.

Older cars are more benefitted with the process of car polishing mainly of the finish has turned to fade or show up the surface imperfections. Stepping up on this process with a coating layer of good quality wax will help you in protecting the finish from any further caused damage. Regular car wash and waxing along with other car maintenance process will help you in maintaining the factory shine of the car and adds durability to the life by hiding scratches and preventing it from rust and oxidation.

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