Is Car Polishing Easy? A guide for Beginners

Polished car!!

Very few things actually grow and reaches to top position of ultimate outcome. The desire of getting a polished car for removing any unwanted blemishes of the car, forming amazing shine and then restore the depth of scratch. A polished car actually adds fantastic appearance and makes a car owner a happy owner. Unfortunately, in this era of digitalization, many of us are victim of overloaded, fake information and pointless opinions regarding any car care products like what to do, how to do, related benefits many other.

Car Polishing

Car Polishing

When it comes to car polishing and buffering, the endless stories from misinformed persons makes things worst to understand. Let this Exppress Car Wash help you to know car polishing and other car detailing process from bit close.

Car polishing is a complete and detailed topic over which you can get lost of positive and negative feedbacks on some of its segments like best car polisher in market, best car care companies to get your car polished. Just other walks of life, car polishing have turned quite easy when compared to its origin and today. Science and technology have brought ease and variation in car polishing method. The car care industry has everything in terms of tools, products and their easy-to-follow instruction for professionals and experienced.

Everything to know about Car Polishing:

Have you every though, why car polishing an important step for maintaining the car’s exterior appearance? The answer is quite easy, car polishing step helps to prepare the car surface for waxing and other sealant application, remove car scratches and remove very fine contaminants from the exterior surface of the car. Car polishing process creates an ultimate shine base for installation of car coating like ceramic coating or paint protection film. It repairs minor damages caused on the car along with enhancing the vehicle’s beauty. In the mid of the event, if you think of reselling your pride, you can expect better resale value.

Difference between car polishing or car waxing:

Car Waxing Service

Car Waxing Service

Most of the people think that the car polishing and waxing process are somewhat same process and often interchangeably use them. In short, both the processes are different.

Car polishing is the process that turns up before the process of car waxing, not the other method around. This polishing process includes the product usage comprising abrasives to bring out perfection on the car’s exterior surface by removing imperfections like scratches and swirl marks. This process even ensures that no dust and other contaminants will be sealed if once you have waxed your car.

But what’s buffering then. Now that’s a process that comes before the step of car polishing. Perhaps this is the step where actually confusion turns up. Professionals put some of the wax quantity on the head of the buffer machine to facilitate the process and even prevent further damage to car body. This is why few people think that car waxing process turns up before car polishing.

Method of car polishing:

There is no method that fits all when you talk about car polishing. The prized possession is created of various components that require different car polishing techniques. Every material requires a dedicated car polishing product for bringing out the lost shine of the car surface.

Chrome surface of the car needs to be first properly examined to identify if the real chrome, painted, plated or coated. It needs to be thoroughly cleaned. Using a pressure washer to remove brake dusts, bugs and other contaminants if you are getting your chrome wheels cleaned. Alternatively, you need to steam clean the wheels. Buff, then polish and wax for achieving the ultimate result. Car areas crafted using aluminium can turn dull with the passage of time. That’s why it needs to be regularly polished and shined. There is an advice just like a precautionary step that aluminium is softer than the chrome, so you need to put an extra care when cleaning or polishing the aluminium segment. Car polishing is the only step that brings shine to the car while detailing it.

Now coming down to the plastic sections. Let me explain that plastic surface is quite easy to clean and then after cleanliness, its maintenance is even easy. But like other crafting material, with ages plastic can turn yellow and damaged if not properly cared.

Products used for Car Polishing:

Product for Car Polishing

Product for Car Polishing

With many car polishing products prevailing out there, that should you make investment and entrust the car with?

As an eco-friendly wash, most of the company use organic car polishing products. Not just they provide ultimate result, they even protect the shine and health of the car along with taking care of environment. These eco-friendly products don’t contain any harsh chemicals which damages the car paint leaving toxic residue in any environmental base like river, soil or other.

There are people who ask should I go for solid or liquid polish? Then the answer depends on your need and demand of your car. liquid spray polish is easy to use and can be evenly spread over the car surface. Most of the company prefer to use paste polish to attain ultimate result in glossiness and shine mainly in hot summer days. For car polishing, always try to use better quality of car polish and a proper tool like dual polisher and gloves.

How to get your car polished?

How to get your car polished?

How to get your car polished?

So, how do you get your car polished safely and efficiently?

There are two ways that you can conduct the car polishing steps that is manually and the other one is mechanically. Which one you need to use? This completely relies on the condition of the car paint so before application first check your car painted surface and get to know about issue. Are there any scratches, swirl marks, oxidation, chemical etching, dullness or yellowish headlights? If yes, try out car polishing process to restore the look of your old car. Below is method describing how you will polish your car manually:

  • Start the process by car wash ad then dry it thoroughly using microfiber towel.
  • Then start the claying process using the clay bar. This process ensure that the surface is contaminant free. Even the minute dust particle gets trapped in the polisher pad leading to scratch marks so to avoid it, claying process is important.
  • Put small amount polishing compound over the application pad of the car polishing Work on defining sections and then evenly applying.
  • At last wipe out the residue using a microfiber cloth to get perfect desirable outcome.

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