Car Care Made Easy with Exppress Car wash’s Tips:

Professional Car Care Tips:

Car Care

Car Care Tips

Owing is a thing of the moment of proud and if it about owes a car, trust me it is the greatest feeling in the world related to materialist thing. Maintaining your vehicle shiny and scratch less, for many it seems like an obsession especially for them who are new car owners. Nevertheless, paying some effort in caring your car paint task will pay dividends exactly down the road when they are reselling it. Car care plays an important role in extending the life of your vehicle, so if you are longing to have better looking car for years, do take of your car professionally.

Not just a properly maintained car paint task plays its role in preventing the car from oxidation and rusting, but it even attracts many buyers and in return, it directly commands the higher resale value of your prized possession. Spending enough money for mechanical refurbishment will be worthless if the buyers are turned away by the torn, dull and old appearance of car first place. Being an end user, can you imagine investing in a car that has amazing interiors but scratched and patchy exterior? I hope the answer will be a big no. Just like you, other buyers too care for the appearance of the car than other things. In short, when it comes to the business line of buying and selling of any product, the first impression always matters and can bring more profit to your pocket.

Car wash: Most Important Step of Car Care

car care

Step of Car Care

If your car paint is exposed to sunlight or rain or storm, it is professionally recommended to get your car washed and waxed more often so as to protect it. Here in India, the frequent weather changes are quite harsh over the car painted surface resulting in scratch marks, rusting and dullness of the car shiny painted surface.

On the other hand, if you have to leave your car for a longer time in parking, the best-suited place is under the shade most preferably under the garage or any underground parking. Though the trees provide plenty of shade, at the same time, they turn into the reason of many more severe damages from bird dropping, tree sap, bugs, and other insects and others. The bird dropping acts as a blot on your pride ride that can be easily avoided. You can place your car in underground parking or any garage and add durability to the shine of your ride.

Bird droppings are not just unhygienic and unsightly but are even very acidic. Under extreme sunlight exposure, that can soften the car’s paint and the clear coating applied over it, the acidic composition of the dropping can dissolve the paint leaving permanent damage to the car paint and can be even more hampering if left untreated for long. When it comes to taking car care of car’s exterior, it is always difficult as you can stop or prevent accidental happenings and bird dropping is one of them that cannot be ignored. A gentleman quoted that car wash is among the important steps in caring the car’s painted surface as it washes away all the enemies hampering them like dust, dirt, bird dropping, and chemicals and doesn’t allow them to settle down for further hampering.

TIP: don’t permit any torture to sit over car painted surface for too long as it starts to bond with the painted car surface which at the end leaves the roughness over the car surface. This roughness then demands extra of care, extra of washing, clay treatment and even polishing.

Car wash tips for car paint:

Avoid using cheap sponges available at the nearby convenience store. The sponge is a product that easily absorbs, entombs and can catch dirt in its pores. These dirt particles in its pores can leave behind the swirl marks and minor scratches over the painted surface as you rub against the surface. Microfiber is a fabric that is recommended by professional car washing companies and detailers. It easily cleans the surface softly without adversely affecting the surface. These microfibers are used to dry up the car body after a thorough car wash. The best part of using microfiber is it doesn’t trap any dirt particle so there is no chance of a scratch and swirl marks.

While washing the car, always try to use mild car wash shampoo as many of the dishwashing detergents constitutes a high percentage of strong chemicals and salt that are harmful to car parts including rubber, plastics and paint in the long term. The best car wash products are the one with formulations which are pH balanced. This pH balance makes them gentle over car parts as it doesn’t constitute any strong chemical. Along with best car wash product have a small percentage of lubrication suspended that acts as a barrier between the car painted surface and dirt. These lubricated chemicals guarantee long term shiny and clean exterior car surface. The products used at Exppress Car wash are mild and pH balanced, assuring that your car doesn’t face any hardness and avoid any risk of paint damage.

Method of Scratch Removal: Polishing is Part of Car Care

car polishing

Scratch Removal Tips

Spotting a scratch mark over your car is not the stop. Depending on the depth and severity of scratch, scratches over the car painted surface can be treated and removed. If the scratch mark is not too deep or wide, you can easily free your car from it with simple hand polisher. For many of the cases, the scratches are best treated with good quality car polish and polisher. Some of the good professional car detailing will do it for you. But when scratches reach the base coat, you need to respray it.

Is car protection important?

Long left dirt over the car bonnet and other segments can be the reason for minor scratches. So to prevent your car with any sort of mark and damage you can visit detailing studio nearby and get your car wrapped with a ceramic coating or car ppf which is done after a proper car wash. Any paint protecting sealant can work better for protecting your car paint and can be the best option for the one who is lazy in taking their car to car wash outlet. Once you have got proper car coating, you don’t need a more frequent professional car wash and other treatment just wiping off dust with wet microfiber can even work better. Although most of the car wash and detailing companies promises to bring down highly durable ceramic coating an average life of any ceramic coating ranges from 3 years to 7 years.

No matter which option you choose as a part of your car care, this is important that you are caring for your car. If you are looking for any service-related car wash and other car care services, then book your appointment today at 80-100-44000. If you find this blog relatable to your real-life need, do let us know.

Have a happy day ahead😊

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