Car Headlight Restoration: Important segment of Car Care

Headlight Restoration for Car to Get Clean Visibility at Night:

Headlight Restoration

Headlight Restoration

Most the car owners visit a car detailing studios and file complain that they are unable to see things clearly coming in front of their car while driving. This situation is termed as dirty or oxidized highlights. Headlight lenses turn dull over a time frame that affects the appearance of the vehicle. More than hampering appearance, it contradicts your safety by lowering visibility when driving a car at night. In fact, oxidation or damaged lens can lead to diminished visibility by 70 percent thus lowering visibility visible light amount while night driving. Headlight takes enough of dust, debris, wear and tear, chemical tortures, sun rays damage so they need regular maintenance at least once every 6 months to a year. Some damages like chips or cracks may need instant replacement of the headlight, but foggy headlights can be brought to new-like look at the doorstep of car care studio. Once you take your car to any car care outlet, professionals start to treat them to bring back its lost shine. Along with headlight restoration, customers even ask for services regarding ceramic coating, car wash, interior car detailing and other services.

Damaged or oxidized lens over the vehicle has many of the negative effects. There are many reasons that lead to damage to a car’s headlight and forces customer to go for headlight restoration treatment. Few of the reasons are:

  • Heat released from the light bulb leads to plastic damage.
  • Not taking proper care of headlights leads to dullness.
  • Scratches and marks caused due to pitted roads.
  • Exposed to weather caused damages. Over a time period, the moisture accumulates inside the headlights and starts the process of oxidation.

As a car care company, we have customers complaining about headlight only when they face issues in driving the car at night. When oxygen comes in direct contact with plastic headlight lens, leads to the faded, cloudy and discolored headlight. If you are even experiencing the same, do visit any near exppress car wash outlet and get your issue resolved.

POINT TO REMEMBER: At Exppress Car Wash outlet, the headlight is treated externally as we don’t open up the headlight.

Things to know about headlight restoration:

Thing to Know About Headlight Restoration

Thing to Know About Headlight Restoration

Maybe you are thinking to do-it-yourself headlight restoration and thinking how the result will be different from the detailing process done by the car care professionals. Before you head towards getting the restoration done by yourself, here are few things to know which are described below:

  • Driving is secure with pro headlight restoration:

Any car owner tends to take the car headlight guaranteed and think it doesn’t need extra care till you are seeing the proper density of light. Even the car

Professional car detailing a person can restore your headlights to just like new. They use, well-tested car care products to polish and refinish the car headlights and restoring the former layered luster. Despite the efficiency of professional headlight restoration, most of the people don’t feel to schedule an appointment to get their headlight treated and in place, they are ready to invest more in changing old one to a new headlight.

There is a certain parameter that defines that its high time to go for headlight restoration like:

  • The headlight turns cloudy and hazy:

Headlight car formed using hard plastic professionally covered with a clear coat. Every day they get exposed to the harmful effects of dirt and UV rays. These environmental factors turn clear coat to yellowish coating. headlights are susceptible to this oxidation process leading to cloudy look. Being the end user, don’t try to turn problem more and get proper scheduling of for headlight restoration.

  • Cracks and scratches are noticeable:

Rock chips from the road can lead to the formation of scratches and marks over your headlight. It is not necessary to take your car to any mechanic or auto dealers to get scratches treated by complete replacement. You can even visit car caretakers of Exppress Car wash. Visiting any car care outlet will surely save your money and your car will be extra pampered by the hands of professionals. The treatment given in headlight restoration is sanding, polishing and refinishing.

  • Having problems in night driving:

Finding difficulty while driving a car at night due to the dull headlight. Not to worry as there is a treatment for everything. Exppress Car wash treats your car headlight and helps in removing the dirt and grimes from the surface of the headlight. Continuing to drive through roads at night or in foggy weather can lead to accidents. So, what are you waiting for, book your slot and get your car headlight treated?

Benefits of Headlight Restoration:

Benefits of Headlight Restoration

Benefits of Headlight Restoration

Everyone is known with the fact that headlight restoration enhances the visibility of the headlight by removing the layered dust and grimes. Apart from that it even adds spark to the overall look of the car as it is one of the important segments of car care just like ceramic coating and steam wash. Whether your car headlight has turned oxidized due to regular wear or tear or turned hazy due to a layer of dust, it would be the best interest to contact with the car wash center where they have services for restoration of the headlight. To avail the service of headlight restoration, you can visit any outlet of Exppress car wash and get your headlight cleaned. As mentioned above, we clean your car’s headlight just exteriorly. Most of the car’s headlight in present time is polycarbonate, not the glass that adds more durability to its life. However, this material turns dim or yellowish over a time period that is where the demand for headlight generates. Since you don’t want any mishappening touching you due to dim light while night driving, be sure to contact us before problem turning worse.

As described above, getting your headlight treated is not just important for aesthetic appeal but for safety purpose. So, in gist what restoration process can do to your car:

  • Removes scratches
  • Restore dull lenses
  • Help in maintaining the value of the vehicle
  • Increase visibility
  • Maintain functionality
  • Increase safety
  • Saves money
  • Helps in getting near to new look.

These benefits help highlights how important and pocket-friendly is this headlight restoration process. To learn more about this service and other car care services including car wash, please contact the customer support of Exppress Car Wash!!

To get your slot booked, dial 80-100-44000 or visit our website If you have any query or suggestion related to this topic of car care, do write to us in the comment section below.

Have a happy Day ahead😊

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