Exppress Car Wash Tips for Car Polishing:

Polishing is a step that helps in extending the life and beauty of your car. Car long life completely depends on a healthy car exterior and its paint. Car polish is mainly an abrasive material which helps in removing the topmost layer the car paint which is hampered by any external torture like a bird dropping, chemical etching, sunrays exposure and stone chips. Of course, it works properly in a fine and gentle process so that it doesn’t cause any wrong to your car paint.

Car Polishing

Tips for Car Polishing

There are times when people forget the step of polishing the car in between the car wash and car waxing process. They consider waxing and polishing as same. If polishing is done properly it can revitalize the exterior finish of the car. A thorough car polishing can remove the contaminants and surface from the car’s surface. Along with removing contaminants, car polishing prepares the surface for wax application. To get a proper result from polishing, you can either do it yourself by having a car polishing kit or get it done by professionals. There are detailing outlets who provide car polish services that need add-on efforts and machinery. Professionals use polishing wheels to bring out the ultimate result.

Part 1: Preparation for car polishing

Prepration for Car Polishing

Prepration for Car Polishing

a. Park the car in shaded or covered area

The very initial step for polishing the car start from washing it and for that you need to place your car in shade. Direct sunlight can cause damage to the car and could even cause early dryness of soap on the painted surface that leads to a dull appearance. So, first, find a place to place your vehicle out of the sunlight exposure. Make sure that you park the car over a solid surface. avoid placing your car on grass or garden area as you might get mud over your car after the wash. An overcast day is a perfect time for washing and polishing the car as long as the weather is not rainy.

b. Remove other things from a nearby area:

It can be a messy process to polish the car. When you switch the car polisher on, it might spray the rubbing compound while spinning. Ensure that the pets, kids and other things are removed from that area as there are chances when they can get sprayed with loose polish.

c. Rinse the complete vehicle using a hose:

Spray water over a complete car for preparing it for a manual wash. If possible then use the water itself along with scrub or abrasive pads to remove debris that is stuck to the car painted surface. always start the car washing process from top moving down to the bottom section. Everyone is aware of the fact that the lower part of the car holds more dirt than the upper surface so this top to bottom cleaning is suggested.

d. Clean wheels first:

If you intend to go for car polishing and wheel washing on the same day then ensure you clean the wheels first. For cleaning wheels always use different bucket and sponge from the ones used for cleaning car painted surface. Rinsing the car wheel might also splatter the dirty water, mud and detergent solution over the painted car surface so it is recommended to wash wheels first and then head towards the process of car polishing.

e. Use automotive soap for car washing:

Get a bucket filled with water and automotive soap solution. Always prefer to select the automotive soap that doesn’t have wax component as its composition. Dunk a clean scrubbing pad or sponge in the bucket filled with solution and start to wash the car from top to bottom movement. After every round of scrubbing, don’t forget to clean your scrub as it could result in leaving the dirt and small contaminants over the car surface. further, it can lead to swirl and scratch marks over car painted surface when you start the car polishing surface.

f. Select proper pads and compounds for car treatment:

Any dark colour c  ars are more prone to swirl marks over the car painted surface when you are polishing the car. so, to avoid any marks, you can use a softer pad and mild compound when treating dark cars. You can use bit aggressive pads and cleaning compounds when treating your light-colored car. You can get quality products at any auto care store for treating your car better.

Part 2: Car Polishing

Car Polishing

Car Polishing

a. Use polishing wheels over the compound:

Take the pad for the polishing wheels and use clean water to clean it. Wring it properly so it remains moist but remember not soaking wet. The pad should stay moist using the polishing method for avoiding car paint damage. You must be aware of the fact that a dry car polishing pad can burn out the clear coat of the car. Place a clean water bucket and hose nearby throughout the car polishing method.

b. At a time, apply rubbing compound on body panel:

Apply a moderate amount of car polishing compound over the polishing pad. Then further turn on the polishing wheel and softly press it over car paint. You might even apply the polishing compound over the car body directly then bring polisher over it. Before starting with compound, always go through instructions mentioned in the manual so as to get the best outcome. Always polish the car segment wise as this will bring out best shine to your car. Car polishing is always the best solution to treat your car.

c. Move wheel back and forth with soft pressure:

It is very important to keep the car polishing wheel parallel to whatever car panel you are presently polishing and modifying. Always maintain a common amount of pressure over the machine wheels as you move them back and forth over the car panel as you are investing effort on it. Why it is asked to maintain steady pressure because it reduces the damage chances over the car paint. It is asked to have back and forth movement while handling the car polishing machine because the pad rotates in a circular pattern.

d. Move on after getting finishing visibility:

As you are putting your effort into polishing the paint over the vehicle, the polishing compound will slowly swirl and smear and then disappear the patches and marks. Once the step is completed, you will get to see a brilliant shine of the car paint. Here comes the need to leave the car paint segment and move to the next one. Just like waxing, you don’t have to hold on for the car polish to dry. Just for advice, don’t continue to polish the shiny paint as this might lead to the dullness of the finishing.

e. Rinse the pad at intervals:

As you are polishing the vehicle, the compound used for your car polishing starts to accumulate over the pad. Occasionally stop polishing so as to rinse the compound off the pad and strictly wring the pad out so that it remains damp and clean again. This polishing pad cleaning is required as it leads to compromised results.  After every wash, remember to keep the polishing pad damp.

f.  Be careful around the intricate trim edges:

The pad edges on the car polishing wheels move fastest and come in contact with less of the rubbing compound, so here generates the big risk of hampering the clear coating which is applied over the car paint. So, while working on the car edges, you need to be more careful. Take your time and work on polishing techniques and remember to avoid pressing the pad edges in any car segment.

Part 3: ensure that car is protected

Car Polishing

a. Wash and again rinse the car:

Once you are done with polishing every segment of the car, thoroughly clean the car polishing pad and set it, place the polishing wheels side. Spray properly complete car with the hose or say you need to wash the complete car again.

b. Wash and again rinse the car:

Once you are done with polishing every segment of the car, thoroughly clean the car polishing pad and set it, place the polishing wheels side. Spray properly complete car with the hose or say you need to wash the complete car again.

c. Car wax application:

To protect your newly polished car always used good quality automotive wax. This even helps you in ensuring a bright and quality shiny finish. Apply wax in a circular motion using the pad.

d. Polish wax using microfiber towel:

Once the applied wax is dried, buff the car polish off using a clean microfiber towel. Once you have properly buffed off all the applied wax, the car painted surface have a brilliant finish.

Final words:

Once you are done with an above-mentioned step, you will get the desired shine to your car. if you want this car polishing process to be done by the hands of professional then you can take your car to the doorstep of Exppress Car Wash where experts will handle your need properly. So, to book your slot visit our website http://www.exppresscarwash.com or dial 80-100-44000.

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