Answers to Opti Coat Pro related FAQ’s:

We always prefer to provide the best car detailing service to our customers either they visit us for ceramic coating or PPF. 100 percent happy and informed customers stay with the company for the long term and even create good influence in the market. This blog has an assembled answer to all segment FAQ’s related to ceramic coating so that before visiting our Opti coat india outlet, the customer knows everything. Ceramic coating is a heavy investment car care method so every car owner wants to know more and more.

So, want to know and understand ceramic coating from bit close, let’s get together. This blog will act as a guide for you and if you are a new customer for Opti coat india, then trust me after reading this you will be our forever happy customer.

FAQ’s related to Ceramic Coating:


If you are looking for a permanent and best solution to maintain the health of the car, then always try to work on your car details. Look no further and choose ceramic coating which is available at the detailing stores. Wondering what ceramic coating can do for you, then let’s have a close view on related FAQ’s.

What is Ceramic Coating?

It is a clear coating that includes a liquid polymer which is applied over the car professionally. They form a layer of polymer which chemically bond with the car factory paint. Depending on the customer demand and needs, the ceramic coating can be applied to different parts including wheels, glasses, plastics, and complete car. The main composition of the ceramic coating is Silicon dioxide and is even referred to as a glass or quartz coating.

Why install ceramic coating on the car?

Ceramic Coating Price

It is a very good investment to get a shield for your car that permanently protects your car from any external hazard. This ceramic car coating secure car exterior from any premature damage and maintain the higher resale value. After this car coat installation, you don’t have to be more concern about your car maintenance and cleaning car turns to an enjoyable task. The best complementary deal that you will get is the ultimate glossy surface. if you are good in maintenance then you can keep your car shinning for years after ceramic coating installation. This car coating is the major component of the ceramic car coating segment and car owners prefer to get it installed. They trust our words.

How is the ceramic coating applied?

This car coating is applied carefully by the authorized applicator as it is a liquid in one that will cover up your whole car. before the application of the coat, the car painted surface is decontaminated and is prepared for ensuring the ultimate result of protection. Decontamination is important as the presence of any particle can affect the polymer bonding with paintwork resulting in the bad application of the ceramic coating.

Types of ceramic coating available in the car detailing market?

There are so many products sold in the market with the tag of the ceramic coating. the principle difference exists in two sections and that is the hardness of the ceramic coating and the amount of SiO2 content in the coating product. Some of the coatings is tagged as 9H ceramic coating and now you can even find 10H ceramic coating. Few of the car coating have SiO2 level of 5% as there are even products with 70% SiO2 level.


What does 9H hardness mean in feature of ceramic coating?

I hope, you might be known with the pencil test. If not then let me guide you with this. The pencil test is used by car detailing companies to determine the hardness of the product and 9H ranks highest over the hardness measurement scale. Now you can even find, companies highlighting 10H ceramic coating but if you want to get your car ceramic coated, prefer 9H as it is trusted and most prevailing in-demand market.

FAQ’s related to Opti Coat Pro Coating:


The product used at the outlet of Opticoatindia is Opti Coat pro. Every company has its own ceramic coating brand like if you are a good researcher then you will come to know two best car coating prevailing. One is the Opti Coat Pro and the other is a ceramic pro. Now you might be thinking what is Opti Coat Pro and other relatable questions. So, let’s begin with the certain FAQ’s related to Opti Coat Pro.

What is Opti Coat Pro?

Opti coat is a hard wearing, clear ceramic coating that is applied over the car to bring superior resistance to your car from any external hamper. It provides a complete solution for protecting your car from normal scratching to chemical etching and another environmental impact.

How long does Opti Coat Pro last?

The answer to this question completely depends on the environmental condition of your area and how you are handling your car. Even the life of this ceramic coating is also judged by the way it is installed that’s why the installation Opti Coat Pro plays an important role and then comes the point of maintenance. For instance, Opti coat pro forms a durable bond with car paintwork that lasts for multiple years if you maintain your car perfectly.

Opti Coat Pro, a ceramic coating type is resistant to chemical so it won’t be washed by any shampoo or other cleaning chemicals. No matter how good the ceramic coating is and how properly it is installed, if you are regularly washing your car aggressively that can even hamper the coating of the car.

What function this Opti Coat Pro perform?

This resilient car coating provides ultimate protection against the aggressive external hamper to the car paintwork. Harmful dirt, stone chips, UV rays, acid rains, mud, bird dropping, weather changing, and oxidation are few major enemies to your car shiny painted surface but this Opti Coat Pro prevents from all these. Apart from protection, it brings out glossiness and shines to the surface. your ceramic coating treated car will be easier to clean and maintain because of its hydrophobic property. The best part of Opti Coat Pro is its self-healing feature, which means if your car gets minor scratch injuries, this ceramic coating self-heal them with heat generated by the car.

Can Opti Coat Pro protect the Car Paint Protection Film?

Yes, this ceramic coating like a ceramic pro will protect your car paint protection film and vinyl wraps from any sort of external tortures. Opti Coat Pro is fully flexible and will not bring any adverse effect over your PPF or wraps. In fact, it adds an add-on feature of self-cleaning effects permitting the easy cleaning of wraps and bidding goodbyes to those costly cleaning agents.

Can Opti Coat Pro be washed off easily?

No, Opti Coat Pro cannot be easily washed off like other paint sealants and waxes. It guarantees long durational protection of 5 years. The removal of ceramic coating is very hard and can be removed using abrasive components like wet sand, removing compounds and polishes. You can get these abrasive products easily in the market dealing with car detailing business.

What are USPs of Opti Coat Pro?

Few of the basic features that are actually the USP’s of this ceramic coating are:

  • 9H scratch resistance
  • Resistant to chemical etching
  • Hydrophobic effect
  • Permanent Coating
  • UV-rays resistant
  • 2-3μ is the thickness

Final Words:

Hope this blog was quite informative for you and your car. If you want to know more about the ceramic coating and related products then do visit our website

Prepared your mind for getting your car ceramic coated, then contact 80-100-44000 and know best prices, packages and other Nano ceramic coating services. Not just this, but you can even get to know about the running offers prevailing at our outlets. If you have any car care related topics that you need to get information on, do mention in the comment section.

Have a happy day😊

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