Not washing your car regularly? It can cost you more. Know How?

Trust me!

When one talks about car washing, the first thing that strikes into the mind is it will clean your car and that’s true. However, regular car wash can benefit you in lot more different ways than you can even imagine. If your car is having a protection of car coat, then its boon for you to wash your car.

Car Cleaning

Car Cleaning

Not getting regular wash to your car can cause corrosion of car painted surface, which in short means your car will start to lose its value slowly. You might be thinking that its bad then let me tell you that its worst. You could end up in scratches, faded paint, chips and even corrosive rust.

Just like home, cars too need regular cleaning:

What you will think if you step inside a dirty home or see it dirty from outside? You will feel awkward and will get it clean as soon as possible. This blog is not focusing on home cleaning but if same is condition of your car? Then what you will do? What will be your next reaction? Definitely, you will get it cleaned either yourself or avail car cleaning services of car wash company.

It is fact about car owners that they don’t put enough effort to maintain their car. So, let me wake you up that if you don’t care your car, it will get sick and finally it will lose its charm.

Have a deep thought over it!

Your car is your best companion. It goes with you wherever you move. You get fresh once you are back to home but the germs inside your car multiplies so in short get your car healthy to be healthy. You can keep your car healthy with minor care like car washing, car polishing and the most important vaccination that your car is needing is ceramic coating. all this washing and car coating together acts strong together to care your car in best possible way. Your desire to maintain the resale value up can be up only by these small care and investment so as to prevent major investments of car replacements.

Car cleaning can reduce your budget Tension:

Car Cleaning

Car Cleaning

You might disagree with the things mentioned above and there is no offense in that. This blog from Exppress Car wash will explain you with reasonable answer to force you to agree that regular maintenance of car is important to prevent heavy investment in long run.

The truth is dust, dirt and other stuff that is allowed to sit on your car forms drag that means you are spending approx. 10 percent more over your fuel eve

ry year than someone who is owing a clean car. So, to consume this 10 percent cost over fuel, again regular car wash is important.

Just like other asset, car even reflects your personality. Owning a car can seem to be little for you obviously as you have better and bigger plans for future and car is just a part of it. But if going from emotional perspective, then car is love for the car freaks and car lovers and as our older generation marked that love is priceless so does our car is. In this fast pollution full environment, your car needs strong protection of ceramic coating which can be called as life saviour of your car.

Just imagine what impression you will leave on people’s mind if they see your dirty and patchy car. Surely a negative impression. In today’s time, what is dirty leaves bad impression either it be your ill behaviour or dirty car. So, to improve your impression on others, stop driving dirty car. Its psychological to relate dirty car to bad impression. Just chill and avoid the stigma what other will think and get your car washed at least once in a month and think fast of getting a car coat for your love.

Not just your investment over car maintenance will increase if you avoid regular car wash, after few days your health will be adversely affected. That point of time start when you start to investment on your medical and you are well aware that education and health both are too costly.

Tips for your car maintenance:

Car Maintenance

Car Maintenance

Once you are done with knowing negative effect of not maintaining your car, this blog presents you with ten basic tips that you can try to keep your car clean. To ensure that the vehicle stay remains healthy for many years, here is what steps you need to work on:

Understand your Car:

Just looking at the car washing and tyre pressure is not enough to keep your car healthy. Knowing how to perform basic inspection of the vital needs of your car will help you to cover long journey with your car. it is always recommended to go through the user manual before using any product on your car either it be shampoo, car polish or car coating. This step is important as it provides you information like know-how, feature of the product, tips for its maintenance, don’ts and certification along with warranty period.

Perform regular maintenance:

Going for regular car servicing is very important for your car health. Skipping this process will convert minor issues to major one and even costly one. Nowadays, car detailing companies also offer online booking system and even pick up and drop facility for servicing your car. So, there is no point in skipping the regular maintenance routine for your car. if your car is having a shield of car coating then you can think of skipping the schedule for once or twice as cleaning becomes easy when your get ceramic coating over your car. If your car is having hardness of ceramic coating, there is less chance of environmental factor affecting your body parts, even though doctor check-up is mandatory no matter how much vaccination you have taken.

Regularly change Oil:

A car runs over the road with the movement of thousands of moving parts that needs regular maintenance and lubrication. Lubrication of car parts is important to keep those movable parts healthy. The engine is the most important part which requires proper lubrication for quality function. Oil change is recommended by many detailers as it helps in keeping the car healthy for long without any issue.

Change belts and filters:

Consumables like belts and filters even needs to be inspected at regular time interval and needs to be replaced if any tear and wear found. Oil and air filter clogging results in power loss which adversely affect car care. Proactively managing the affected parts can lead to strong performance of car and decreasing the maintenance cost.


So, if you are thinking to make your car, car body and car coating spotless and healthy for long, get in touch with the professionals of Exppress Car Wash. If you want to know about booking your slot for car wash, car polishing or car coating, head over to our website or dial 80-100-44000.

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