FAQ’s related to Car Cleaning and Detailing

The blogs from Exppress Car Wash always serve you better in understanding this car cleaning business from bit close. So, here are few frequently asked questions that will help you in understanding detailing service and it’s all faces in a better way so that you are not left with any kind of doubt in mind.

Car detailing

Car Cleaning & Car Detailing

Basic Questions of customers:

  • How much do you charge for a car wash?

This question is most frequently asked and we understand that proper answer to this question is important. Starting from clearing a doubt that we do not just provide the service for a car wash, but we are much more than that. However, we perform works to provide all car cleaning services to meet customer’s needs.

  • Do you provide under hood cleaning?

Yes, we provide engine cleaning using steam. We do not just care your car exterior dusting and cleaning but we believe in complete car care extending from maintaining car coat, engine cleaning to interior cleaning. it is a very good idea to invest in getting your engine bay cleaned for maintaining good health of the car. When professionals clean the engine bay, all sort of grease and oil packed with dust are strictly removed along with removing debris.

  • Spilled milk over the carpet, can you push off the smell out?

It can be tricky to say that complete bad odour of milk can be removed. The best way to deal with such bad odour inside the car is to take your car to car wash outlet as soon as possible and get it instantly treated. Exppress car wash can help you in removing spill out of the car upholstery and bring back the lost freshness of the car. But when the odour is soaked un the padding underneath, then treating it turns a bit difficult. You can give first aid to such odour yourself by having a properly equipped car interior cleaning kit before you take your car to an outlet for professional treatment.

  • Can you get car scratches out?

A good thumb rule is we can work on certain scratches and swirl marks but yes if you are having deep scratches over your car paint then you can take your car to our other cleaning business segment that is The Detailing Mafia that mainly deals with this paint protection techniques. There you can get various services related to car coat like 9H ceramic coating that is a shield over your car paint to hide existing marks and even prevent further external torture affecting your car beauty. Yes, we at Exppress car wash can prepare your car for these car coating treatments with the proper step of the car wash and clay treatment.

  • Do you “buff” the unevenness of the car paint?

Often, beginners’ hand and usage of the low-quality tool can lead to severe damage to the car surface. we use the buffering process but avoid using high-speed buffers as it can even lead to hampering car paint by causing deep scratch marks over them. We avoid buffing process but yes, we provide car polishing service as a whole or part-wise like body liquid polishing, tire polishing, and leather conditioning. Polishing is a car care method that one can do it on their own if they follow proper guidelines and instructions mentioned over the products. You can maintain the car cleaning kit of your own for caring for your car including proper quality car polish.

These are a certain question that generally all customers ask for but this blog even explains more FAQ’s that are strictly related to a ceramic coating. you might be thinking why I focused on ceramic coating FAQ’s. This because today’s car enthusiasts are not just satisfied with car washing so they demand better technology and product to maintain the shine of the car like factory look. If treated well, these car coating over your car body helps in maintaining the resale value of your car because your car will be healthy even when you are planning to sell it. All the types of car coating like ceramic coating, Teflon coating or PPF acts as a barrier between your car body surface and any external hazards preventing them to hamper the look of your car. So, few FAQ’s about ceramic coating are as follows:

Car coating Product-related FAQ:

Car Coating

Car Coating

  • Is Ceramic coating safe for my car paint or clearcoat?

Yes, ceramic car coating is scientifically formulated to be car surface friendly including paint part. Its usage will not damage the clearcoat or the car body paint.

  • Does this car coating fade, tear or wear or turn yellow?

No, don’t worry!

This 9H ceramic coating is hard and quality tested so it will never fade and turn yellowish. This coating product undergoes different laboratory test levels and even real testing over cars in adverse environmental conditions. You will be satisfied to know that this coating surpassed all level test.

  • Is ceramic car coating safe for any car part surface?

Yes, the best property of this product is versatility, adaptability and protective nature for any surface of your choice. Opti Coat has a coating for every part of the car extending from the painted surface to tires.

  • Is Ceramic coating an alternative to any car wax or other sealants?

Yes, you got it right!

It is the best alternative to make yourself tension-free of regular waxing routine. Once done with this car coat application, your car maintenance effort reduces much and you don’t need to use any abrasive products further.

  • Will this permanent coating protect the car from further scratches?

Yes, after coat application, your car is completely protected and you will be shocked to know that it has certain features that keep it out of the box like its hydrophobic nature, a resistant feature to chemicals, mar, and scratches.

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