Just got your car coated with ceramic coating?

Does your Car coating need Maintenance?

Let me tell you that maintaining the shine and glossy body of your car seems like an obsessive pastime especially for new car owners. Nevertheless, taking some steps as putting efforts in maintaining the look of the car paint and the coating done over it will surely pay dividends down when there comes a chance of reselling the car and maintain the resale value up. Most of the customers take care of the car not just for maintaining the look of the car but to keep the resale value up for a future scenario.

You know, your cared car coating will not only prevent your car from rust or corrosion but the shiny surface will attract lots of buyers and which will surely command better and higher resale value. When it comes to the business point of view, the first impression always counts for a lot.

Why Car Paint Care?

Car Paint

Car Paint

By seeing the weather condition of India, it is always recommended to take care of car paint. Washing is one of the most important steps for maintaining the car paint. If car paint is exposed to sun or frequently rained upon, it is much prone to fading so you need regular care.

On other hands, if you are planning to park your car for a longer time period then always choose a shady place like garage, carport or any underground parking. Parking car under shade is not a wise decision as they can provide shade but can cause more damage like a bird dropping, tree sap which leaves a sticky residue which hamper the look of your ride and pride.

Bird droppings are not only harmful but it is highly corrosive due to its acidic nature. Under intense sunrays exposure, dropping can soften the clear coating applied over car paint and can dissolve the car body paint leading to permanent damage if left unattended and untreated for too long.

Do you know a fact about car paint?

If dirt and grimes left on car painted surface for too long, over a period of time, dirt starts to bond with paint. This will definitely leave the paint surface with unevenness and roughness that will need enough of treatment using a clay bar. Bowden says, “washing is one of the basic steps in car paint maintenance as it keeps away droppings, dirt or any foreign residue from settling down on the surface and bonding strongly to car paint.

Car washing tips to care car paint:

Car Paint

Car Paint Tips

Can you be confident about car care using cheap products and sponges available at any roadside stores? Sponges can entomb easily and holds down dirt in its minute pores. These build up dirt in sponges can lead to leaving swirl marks over the car paint hampering the look of your love. The best alternative of the sponge is using microfiber towels as this material will clean up your car along with picking up the dirt. The best part of using a microfiber towel is it doesn’t trap any sort of dirt and which can be washed off easily.

Moving ahead to the usage of dishwashing detergents prevailing in the market. The commonly used detergents contain a higher concentration of chemicals and salt which is harmful to rubbers, paints and other segments of the car body part.  Always go for mild shampoo when washing your car as it will help in keeping the shine of car healthy for a longer time slot.

The best products for car wash are those having balanced pH formulation which is gentle on paint and doesn’t have any sort of strong chemicals. With a layer of lubrication, good soapsuds keep grimes suspended and protects the paint from any sort of scratches. Exppress car wash always focuses on delivering quality work done using quality products.

How often the car wash is required?

When asked to professional about how often an individual need to wash their car? Do car wash increases the risk of paint damage? So, the professionals of Exppress car wash assures that as long as the washing process is conducted through proper beforehand preparations and professional steps are followed, then there is approx. no risk of car paint damage even after multiple washes. In fact, the regular car wash will help you in cleaning your car thoroughly and taking care of minute details.

Ways of removing scratches from the car body:

scratch proof

Scratch Removal Tips

Marking a scratch on the car paint is not the end of road harshness. Depending upon the severity of the scratch, if the mark is not too deep then you can remove it or lower down its appearance with simple detailing process. For this, you don’t need to spend enough money on hiring a professional. Simple scratch remover, any wax or hand polish will work for you and trust me, its application very easy. You can be your own polish applicator. For most cases, the high and deep scratches are properly polished out using hi-tech polishing machines. This is something that a professional will do it for you in exchange for money. Polishing by the hands of professional will help you in bringing out the best shine of dull, faded and scratched car body paint. When a scratch goes deep through the base coat, then it is across the surface and you need to respray it. Your love needs proper care and maintenance to shine brightly for a long time as the car is a thing of joy, pride, possession, and standard setter.

Paint cleansing:

Car care is a failure step when you are lacking behind in preparations. A safe non-abrasive chemical cleaner will not create any swirl marks or micro scratches over the car paint. In fact, these abrasives don’t even harm the clear coating applied across the body. Instead, it will clean the car paint dirt deeply and remove the marks along with other defects over the paints. Using paint cleansing is not only clean the surface and leaves a lovely shine behind but it even prepares the car body for wax or any other sealant application.

Is Ceramic coating beneficial?


Ceramic Coating

Left for a longer period of time, dirt and grimes will certainly affect the car surface by producing marks. The clear vinyl wraps or any other coatings can be a better option for taking care of the front panel of car mainly when you are a new driver. Any car coating can perform a good job for protecting the paint of your car and can be a good option for the people who lack time for regular car washing and detailing. Never try to apply car coating by yourself as coating needs proper preparation and professional installation.


Caring your car is equally important to care for yourself so you must be very particular about products to use before application over car paint. Bit mistake can create a spot-on car leading to shattering car shine. Car paint protection is important as it an important part of maintaining your love. Always remember, either it is you or your car, beautification is a necessity to sustain in long run.

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