Know everything about CAR WAX:

Car wax was first developed in 1800 using fat of animals to polish carriage but now it has come a long way. Nowadays car wax is produced through a fine process which have started the usage of beeswax, oils, vegetables along with synthetic bases for protecting the car and adding shine to it.

What is car wax?

It is formulated by blending oils, waxes, and solvents that can be ethanol, crude oil distillates, petroleum, mineral spirit and etc. A wax compound simply adds a protection layer over the car paint and even bring out the best shine and luster to the vehicle. Waxing beautifies your car but the most important role of car wax is to protect the car. Good car wax will protect your car from moisture, fading due to sun exposure, pollutants, and oxidation.

Car Waxing & Polishing

Know everything about CAR WAX:

What are the Best Car Waxes?

As per the need of car and car owners, the best wax varies as you will get lots of option.

  • Natural car wax:

Natural car wax is generated using wax-base that occurs naturally like carnauba wax or likewise. Waxes can be segregated into finishing and cleaner wax as per your vehicle needs. Paint sealant is a product which is produced synthetically.

  • Cleaner car Wax:

It is even termed as one-step or all-in-one products. These waxes comprise chemicals and abrasives for cleaning car paint remove oxidation and polish and permits protection over car paint cover.

  • Finishing car wax:

It has no ability to cleaning your car. It is the last step of dedicated car care multistep process comprising car washing, interior cleaning, using compound, claying, removing swirls and then polishing. It can even be used to bring shine to the car body in showrooms. The finishing wax lends itself to mirror finish look and even bring an ultimate protective layer for car paint protection.

Paint Protection

Good car wax will protect your car from moisture, fading due to sun exposure, pollutants, and oxidation

How to wax a car:

  1. Collect the required equipment

  • Proper bucket
  • Clean sponge
  • Car washing soap
  • Microfiber towels
  • Clay lubricant and bar
  • Car polish
  1. Prepare the surface of your car

  • To remove the surface debris, you need to wash off the car. Ensure that you start the process from wheels for avoiding any dirt splatter over the surface of the car.
  • Further use the clay bar over a freshly washed off car for removing contaminants, grimes and pollutants. Simply rub the clay over the wet surface till the car paint is free of dirt and is smooth. This clay lubricant can be used for maintaining the lubrication of paint surface. If required, you can use another compound.
  1. One-step cleaning wax product:

  • Some of the above preparation steps can be easily accomplished using cleaning wax. Apply this particular step if required over your vehicle. Cleaning car wax needs few elbow greases as properly designed for cleaning the paint. Cleaner wax needs to work properly into painted surface. You will have to exert extra energy if the car paint is in bad condition.
  • The process may vary product to product as the cleaning products are available in the market as a liquid, paste or spray foams.
  1. Polishing the car:

  • Apply the polish in the small segment at a time, concentrating over a particular area where scratches, marks, and other damages exist. After a short interval, wipe off the residue of the polish.
  • Apply polish properly on the complete surface of the car. In the end, you will achieve glossy and vibrant finish as car polishing and car waxing will help in correcting the car paint and removing fine scratches ultimately bringing new shine to car paint.

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