Protecting Car with Ceramic Coating

Got a new love. Congrats!

Now looking up for paint protection and researched a lot in the market but still not satisfied with which option to go for. Well, don’t worry. Exppress Car Wash is here to recommend you about a professional technique that is prevailing across globe adding lasting sheen and shine to cars. Yes, I am talking about “Ceramic Coating.”

Car Cleaning

Car Cleaning

Let’s start with the definition of Ceramic coating:

It is a technique that is more efficient than waxes and other wraps. It is a liquid polymer which is carefully applied manually over the car’s exterior. This type of coating turns up in variations which permits the body of the car and undercarriage to be safely handled. It acts as caretaker of every nook and corner of the car including glass, trim, tail light, , and paintwork. The coating is properly applied in different process and stages. After application, it creates a semi-permanent and permanent bond with factory paint of the vehicles.

Why ceramic coating?

Ceramic coatings use polymer science and nanotechnology for bonding the coating with the paint. The level of protection, slickness, and durability gave by ceramic coating is unbeatable. It gives a guarantee of long-lasting paint protection and no environmental factor can hamper the look maintained by ceramic coating. Even the UV exposure cannot degrade the coating so the sheen and gloss level is retained for a long duration. You can vanish away the minor scratches and swirl marks.

  • A Deal of Good Investment:

It helps in maintaining the resale value of the car by protecting the interior and exterior of the car. So, it’s a perfect deal for the wheels.

  • New Forever:

The mirror effect, glossiness and color depth are incomparable of the ceramic coating. So it lets your car be new forever.

  • Less Maintenance:

Once done with the ceramic coating, your relaxing days starts as you won’t have to spend your mind in its maintenance.

USPs that makes Ceramic Coating different:

  • Best suited for any paint over your vehicles.
  • Most effective vehicle paint protection against any harmful elements.
  • Brings a deep and glossy look
  • Incredible mar and scratch-resistance.
  • Repels grimes and water droplets.

Ceramic Coating Application:

For getting the ceramic coating perfectly, you need to first remove the existing wax coat and dirt properly using a mild solvent. The initial step is then followed by claying down the paint’s upper layer carefully. Thereafter, apply the liquid coat using microfiber applicants completely including the trims and wheels. After every coating, you need to hold on for approx. half an hour for settling the paint. Between the top coat and base coat, provide at least eight-hour gap before it removes the error.

Conventional car waxing and Ceramic Coating: Which one to go for?

Simple and conventional waxing is a good option for protecting the paint of your love. If you are looking for regular maintenance then people often go for this as a trusted process. However, its short life and regular polishing can directly affect the top paint of the vehicles and can even add scratches.

If you are searching for ultimate care for your car’s paint, then the exact solution is a ceramic coating. The best feature of coating that is hydrophobic nature ensures long-lasting sparkle irrespective of what comes it in your way.

Hope this blog turns as a buddy for you in maintaining and protecting your car. Always go for best when it comes to making your love happy.

Great day ahead!

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