Complement Paint Job with Car Waxing and Car Polishing

You want to get your car on the road in a show-ready condition. Good condition of the paint is necessary to optimize the vehicle appearance and now you can achieve high-gloss luster with car waxing. Here is what the professionals suggest for perfect waxing job on the car.

Cleaning the car

This is the first step and involves hand wash or professional attended car wash with soft towels.

Car Wax

Car Wax

Choice of the wax

The experts use only the best quality material to optimize the results for their clients. This includes products in paste or liquid form with the wax offering greater shine as paste. The liquid variety lasts longer.

Using appropriate tools

Along with the right materials one need to use the required tools as well to get the best from the process of waxing. For the application and the removal of the waxes, clean and soft cotton material is perfect. Professionals might use the mechanical buffers as well, but traditional methods are still popular.

Perfect car shine

The job of the wax is to protect the appearance of the car. After the thorough cleaning of the car and its full drying, the experts use polish for getting desired shine. Medium-grit polish is for the scratches one can feel with the hand. When deeper scuffs and scratches are present, use of rubbing compound is popular. One can also use grit fine polish.

Trim detailing

This is another part of waxing and car polishing process and before one can apply the actual wax on the body, the experts take some time to wipe down trim unpainted bits with quality protectors. This step facilitates easier wax removal when it gets upon chrome trim. The process involve direct spraying of the protector on the sponge, followed by wiping on, and use of clean cloth to wipe this off later. According to the professionals for the application of wax, less tends to be more. They apply thin wax layer over small car section as getting off thick layers is difficult. The thin layer is enough to seal out dirt or water.

Working upon sections

Application of the wax is a time-consuming process as in order to get the best results one has to work on individual sections until they achieve the full coverage. Removing the wax as it dries becomes quite hard so when you work on small sections at a time rubbing out the thin layer is easier before the drying process begins.

Waxing in the shade

It is always a good idea to undertake car waxing when the vehicle is in the shade. Wax application and removal tend to be time sensitive and often you need to remove them immediately after the application. In direct sunlight it will dry quickly and fail to give the desired result, so experts do it in shade.

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