Professional Car Waxing Services & Products for Better Protection & Enhanced Looks

It is essential to routinely polish and wax your car to avoid permanent damages to the paint. The car-waxes prevent the acidic fruits or bird droppings from reaching the surface and etching the paint. The waxes also create a hydrophobic layer onto the car’s paint. It prevents the raindrops from creating hard-water spots onto the surface paint. The need for polishing services also diminishes in the absence of scratch marks or other spots. Hence, the overall cost of maintenance comes down after the waxing. The waxes also offer partial protection from UV rays responsible for the fading of a car’s paint. Your precious automobile enjoys protection with ultimate care after receiving the car waxing services.

Car Waxing & Car Polishing

Car Waxing & Car Polishing

Exclusivity of ECW

The auto-detailers of Exppress Car Wash use a proprietary liquid waxing material. The Super Wax uses a mixture of special surfactants. These elements create a hydrophobic film on a car’s body. This layer prevents the water from pooling onto a car’s surface and it improves the drying time. This waxing material also prevents corrosion due to rusting. The exclusive car waxing services of ECW can add a natural shine to the looks of any automobile.

Waxing Process

The auto-detailers of Exppress Car Wash uses pressurized jets of water/steam to clean the cars before waxing.

  • The auto-detailers dilute the Super Wax with water and spray the diluted mixture onto a car’s surface. They use a gun system to spray the mixture evenly onto the surface. This gun system is available with the proprietary pressure-washer and it sprays mild jets of foam.
  • The innovative solution of liquid wax from Manmachine Group does not require any application rotary machine. It takes only a few minutes for auto-detailers to spray the solution of liquid wax onto a car.
  • The foamy spray of liquid wax dries up quickly and creates a waterproof layer on a car’s surface.
  • The coating of liquid wax remains onto the surface for a few minutes to bond with the metal. This bonding enables the waxy particles to create a protective layer on a car’s paint.
  • The auto-detailers wash the foam of liquid wax using pressurized jets of water. They use a microfiber cloth to wipe off the remaining water and get a car ready for the road.

The ECW not only promises to protect your car against the attacks of pollutants through their car waxing services. They can also enhance your car’s shine and make her body feel silky smooth.

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