Exclusive Benefits of Using Permanent Coating on a Car’s Exterior Surface

A permanent coating of ceramic can keep your precious car as gorgeous as the first day. The nano particles of ceramic coating have a stronger bond between one another. These particles can put a thicker layer on a car’s surface and can prevent the pollutants from ravaging a car’s appearance. Even the powerful UV rays have difficulty penetrating through the barrier of ceramic coating. This type of coating lasts for five to seven years. Hence, it saves you from frequently visiting an automobile detailing center for polishing services.

The Exppress Car Wash of Manmachine Group brings the best ceramic coating for the car-owners of India.

Excellent Return of Investment

It is worthwhile to invest into the permanent coating available through the ECW. This ceramic coating can protect your automobile from all sorts of pollutants for seven years at a stretch. Within this period, your car may require no extensive cleaning or polishing services.

The ceramic coating prevents any type of airborne/waterborne pollutants, such as dirt or grime, from remaining on a car’s surface. It is impossible for the pollutants to stain a car’s surface. You can easily remove the loose dirt particles with a dry microfiber cloth without requiring any wet mopping, shampooing or professional cleaning service. Hence, this coating saves you from investing in expensive cleaning solutions or cleaning services for many years.

Damage Coverage

The first-class coating from ECW creates a two-micron thick layer of ceramic on a car’s surface. This thick layer not only prevents the dirt, dust or grime particles from landing onto a car’s surface. It can also prevent the sharp objects, such as road chips or gravels, from denting the car’s paint. This exclusive protection is not available through traditional paint sealants or car-waxes.

Shiny Exterior

The UVA and UVB rays not only steal the shine of your skin. They can also steal the glow of your car. The conventional paint sealants or waxes cannot give 100% protection from these hurtful rays. However, the Exppress Car Wash can bring the premium protection to a car with permanent ceramic coating. It not only prevents the UV rays from fading the car’s paint. It also prevents the rainwater from pooling on the car’s surface and creating unsightly spots. The shine of your car remains intact without spots and the color remains brighter without fading.


The transparent permanent coating also contributes to a car’s enhanced aesthetics. This coating does not become yellowish over the years. Hence, a car’s natural shine remains intact for years without any interference from the ceramic coating of Exppress Car Wash

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